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A Loser I Can’t Hate

(Holiday season is approaching. Going to be busy and not writing as much.)


This episode went pretty much exactly how I expected it to: Mako and Ryuko come up with a scheme trying to exploit the school, Satsuki lures them into a trap, Mako’s family rises to the top, the rise destroys what was great about the family, Mako and Ryuko face-off, Ryuko “loses” to regain Mako, and Mako’s family realizes the importance of family over material goods and being popular with the opposite sex. What is this? An after school special? This doesn’t happen in real life. Real life has the situation escalating to the point where Guts is going lines off of a poodle’s belly or Mako’s dad poisoning Ryuko because he needs another $2,000 bottle of vodka at a hostess club.

(Still, the whole episode has a whole throwback to the 90s feel. Then again, this series in general has that feel of a throwback anime series. It feels more in line with Outlaw Star and Bubblegum Crisis than with Outbreak Company or Meganebu.)


I like how there is a golden statue of the dad in the dining room. He did jack shit to get them there, and he’s the one with the statue. I also like how a whole two days has passed, and the family has already gone bonkers with their new found wealth.

(The whole episode felt like a filler episode at first since as fun as Mako’s family is, there are best as comedy support. There is no questioning of their love and acceptance, so forcing the issue like what this episode tried to do is a bit… predictable. But the episode mainly addresses why there are so any ridiculous clubs at the school, and why Satsuki allows this system. The foreshadowing at the end of the episode seems to suggest that we are going to be over the crazy club gimmick thing… until the preview where Gamagoori takes driver’s ed. It’s either going to be awesome or terrible. No in-between.)


Who put Shaft in charge of the architecture? How did that car get there? Where is the driveway? Did it drive on the slanty metal portion of the structure? Or is the car purely ornamental?


Which seems to be the case since Guts is here still parked in front of the house with his bitches leading the pug life.


This shot sums up the episode nicely. Mako is like a madam whoring Ryuko out at this point. Mako is dressed as an upperclass business lady while Ryuko is dressed quite revealing… Mako takes Ryuko to her next appointment with a bunch of guys… Mako gets most of the money from said activities… how is Mako not going full pimp mode and wearing gold Mako bling gear?


Oh. The small touches make this show. Bling bling Mako. #420swagnoscopeyoloselfieatgrandpafuneral


Three MVPs…

1. Nanjing Lily Club President.
2. Knife Throwing Club President.
3. Origami Club President. Especially Origami Club President.

5 Responses to “kill la kill 7”

  1. The car is there so you can drive from the first set of stairs to the second set of stairs. Duh. #effort

  2. I agree, there is way too much filler. Next episode is definitely more filler. I actually quite enjoyed the last episode, however, despite the fact that there were few who commented on it.

  3. I actually liked this ep. “how ez is it to make you do what I want with money?”. The “bad guys even voiced the thought of maybe she can become one of us”. Tactics. Sure it is a “yawn, seen it b4”. But its the most common manipulation tactic used “meatside”.
    I was somewhat entertained. I was more looking at how im also whoring for my goals. It was a nice reminder.
    I am thinking of cooking for you guys tho. I can fry like i was iron ogichan. Panko for everyone!

  4. It’s filler, but I see it setting up future story. It shows there may be more to Satsuki than a power-hungry bitch that the show’s made her out to be at times. Just look at how she took this particular defeat: Nonon and the others don’t seem that happy, but Satsuki… seemed to take it pretty well. It’s like she doesn’t mind being proven wrong about the seething masses being animals driven solely by their desires.

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