kill la kill 14

Ride Like the Wind


Aikuro always delivers the goods. If I ever start my own rebellion, I will definitely name it Nudist Beach and have everyone get purple LEDs embedded into their nipples. He is definitely the love child of Hosaka and Haruka Minami.


“Do you believe that such armor can handle our ironclad rules!?”

Gamagoori is the best. How can you defeat logic this sound and, uh, logical? With meat armor? Gamagoori’s logic laughs in the face of your meat armor.


I enjoyed Ryuko’s dirt biking skills, and the way she rolls. Still, I am a bit disappointed that with so much build-up, the Tri-City raid has gone quite fast, and Ryuko has gathered 99.9% of Senketsu already. Feels like the show is both going too fast and trying too hard to fill up two cours of material. I wonder if the show would be better served if it had two cours with some time separation. Senketsu being destroyed would be the end of the first season, and second season is about Ryuko building herself back up. Nope. Balls to the wall. Always.

(I wonder who will stitch Senketsu back together?)


Total Rob Liefeld pose. How is this pose supposed to work? Hawkeye Initiativeget on it.

(Is it just me, or does Ryuko have typical junkie behavior in this episode? She loses Senketsu, and like an addict wanting another hit of smack, she goes around and does everything possible to get Senketsu back. She


Hallelujah! My favorite part of the episode. Also the worst background drawn background art ever… seriously, Trigger, did you just MS Paint Mako’s trip to the food court? I feel like it should have been a major highlight. Look how derpy the hot dogs and boba tea look. And is that a cat? Or a dog? Or a dogcat? WTF is it? I guess that’s another argument against have a two cour season when you can’t handle it. In fact, how many studios these days can be counted on to keep production values up across two cours? Kyoto? And PirateKyoto? And MustacheKyoto?

(I also think Trigger has some sort of multi-arm fetish going on this episode. There are a lot of fast hands.)


2016 Republican National Convention.


Three MVPs…

1. Mako.

2. Aikuro’s nipples.

3. Ryuko’s bike.

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  1. I suspect that was a deliberate choice in design, to dotted Osaka like it came out of an old manga. Plus, it showed Sanegayama is useless… again. Gamagoori had no issues, and neither did Jakazure once the spirit beasts were dealt with. Mako was more effective than Sanegayama’s forces.

    For some reason, I saw Simon when Ryuuko revealed her outfit.

  2. Let’s not dis MS Paint, since you can create the Mona Lisa in MS Paint.
    It’s not the tool that makes the artist. That being said, I don’t see the need for much detail in a lot of scenes, particularly Mako’s scenes. They’re 120% comedy, and it gets that point across just fine with minimal effort. Nobody complained about the startling lack of detail in the Looney Toons, because it was a content-driven show rather than a spectacle-driven show, much like Kill la Kill. Not to say that there isn’t any spectacle because there are many very spectacular moments. With a fast-paced action show people hardly have any time to stare at the backgrounds, so putting lots of attention into them is pointless. Unless you’re catering to the “frame-by-framers” who’d rather watch a series of hi-res stills than an actual show. Or the KyoAni crowd who like to ogle at all the keyframes that can be crammed into a single moment even though nothing’s happening other than some person eating a bowl of noodles, or reading a book, or some other inane everyday activity. Really, what’s the point? Dog or cat? It could be a squirrel with Down-syndrome for all I care. It was in the frame for like 3 seconds divided between Mako’s cap, the stands, and the subtitles, I’d rather stare at the cap. I like that cap.

  3. I don’t know about everyone else but I am getting less and less interested with each passing episode. I just hope it picks up some kind of narrative instead of just being wacky.

  4. Nudist-sensei: love child of Hosaka and Kamina…

    I figured Mrs. Mankanshoku would take care of the Senketsu Reassembly Project. (Her Emergency Surgery mode was one of my favorite comic moments in the show so far.)

    Mako continues to be awesome, and OsakaNoMako (say that 10 times fast) is even awesomer.

    The final screencap seems very Akira…

  5. “Kyoto? And PirateKyoto? And MustacheKyoto?”

    You forgot AnimeSucksBallsWithoutMeKyoto.

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