kill la kill 18

Into the Night


None of this development is unexpected especially considering how opposite Ryuko and Satsuki are. Ryuko’s hot-headed but has a humanity towards her. She works with Senketsu. She has friends. She wears shimapan. Satsuki’s cold-as-steel but has a mechanical edge to her. She uses Junketsu. She has subordinates. She wears boring white undies. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Satsuki can never win. Since when in anime has the cold, mechanical character who seems herself as above others win over the human, emotional character that the other characters grow to love? It doesn’t. Code Geass almost pulled it off, and, guess what? The survivor is the more likeable Spinzaku and not the cold, manipulative Lulu. Even in something like Daughter of Twenty Faces, the cool, mechanical Twenty Faces gave way to Chizuko. The story almost has to go Satsuki getting in over her head, and Ryuko bails her out. And then the two find a middle ground and save the world from Life Fibers. If there is any other ending, it’s going to be a Nice Boat.

(The imagery of this episode… wow… just wow… this puts Penguindrum‘s Child Broiler to shame.)


I like how somehow Ryuko’s and Satsuki’s dad turned morphed from a lean and tall Legolas to a short and stout Grimli over the years. The lesson is, as always, don’t stick your dick in crazy.



(I’m glad that Trigger hasn’t gone totally low budget for animation. They at least still spend some money on battle sequences as well as animating Aikuro’s man parts. I hope they go back and improve some of the more quality scenes for the BD release.)


So that’s what the red splotch on Ryuko’s hair is for. And how bad-ass is it to grab and rip out an alien parasite brain slug from your brain? I


“Right now, you and I are one!”

Senketsu and Ryuko have gone farther than most male and female protagonists in harem anime. I am hoping for at least one more bad-ass transformation out of Senketsu. He still needs to debut his final form. We’re also waiting for the two halves of the scissors to combine and be the scissor that cuts the life fiber of the world.


Yes, there are a lot of issues with Satsuki’s plan. You’re going to use life fibers to defeat life fibers? Isn’t this what Saren attempted in Mass Effect 1, and it got him indoctrinated? Wouldn’t Satsuki realize it would be very easy for their life fibers to be perverted by Raygo or the Life Fiber Prime? Wouldn’t adopting more of Nudist Beach’s technology make more sense? Guns and bombs that dispense jamming needles or a huge ass jamming needle sword makes too much sense at this point. Satsuki already has jamming needle cannons in her stadium, she just needs to point it at her mom.

Besides a final form for Senketsu, other things I’d like to see before the series is over:

1. Mako and Gamagoori shipping. I mean, they don’t need to become a couple or hold hands or anything, but Mako saving some takoyaki for Gamagoori? Yes, please. They’ve been the best anime couple this season… which isn’t saying much. I guess maybe Arararagi and the blonde shouta in Noragami are in second.

2. Ryuko’s and Satsuki’s dad not coming back from the dead. Let the dead stay dead.

3. Let Tsumugu kick ass one last time. He hasn’t done much recently, and he needs at least one more bad-ass fight scene culminating with, “Let me tell you two things.”

4. After everything is over, Ryuko wakes up in Aikuro’s care. He’s naked, of course. And maybe a fanservice hot springs episode…

5. Senketsu and/or Junketsu doing their best Chambers impression. Oh gosh, is a second season for Gargantia a terrible idea or a terrible, terrible idea?


If Aikuro is from Hosaka’s bloodline, Shiro must be Kogarashi’s bloodline. He is one hell of a butler.


Three MVPs…

1. Ryuko.

2. Elite Four. Hey, they are trying!

3. Life Fibers.

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  1. “an alien parasite brain slug from your brain”
    This makes me think Yeerks, which makes me think an Animorphs anime would do much better than any of the Marvel anime.

    Also, it could be possible for Satsuki and Ryuuko to have the same mom, but a different dad. That said, my kingdom for a Maury-style “you are not the father” scene.

  2. You know there are a lot of people out there who think that Lulu is still alive. Trying to tell them it’s better for the story that he’s dead is a horribly uphill battle. Like trying to convince someone of climate change, really.

    But if Ryuko and Satsuki’s dad comes back…

  3. Actually, this made perfect sense – they both have the same iron will Dr. Matoi displayed in fighting Nui while being totally outclassed. Plus, it fit with the “wouldn’t it be ironic if they were sisters” idea I had kicking around back in ep 3.

    And as far as shipping, font you think Gamagooti speaking of or to Mako every ep not shipping fodder enough? He barely talks to any female other than Satsuki, and now he’s asking her to go to safety. Personally.

  4. Brain. Bondage.

    I have nothing more to say.

  5. Somewhat predictable yes, but damn, I loved the execution of this episode, and the last 5 minutes of the last.

  6. I can totally see the ending now. Ryuuko with her half and Satsuki with the other, combine for hotly intense scissoring action along with an army of nude people and their War on Clothes. But then it turns out that the Original Life Fiber was just trying to protect the Earth from the oncoming doom of the intergalactic Anti-Life Fiber. And thus, Senketsu fuses with Junketsu and does a Double Life Fiber Ultima Synchronize while absorbing the Nexus Thread of the Original Life Fiber to become Fabulous Max Senketsu allowing Ryuuko, Satsuki, Mako, The Four Devas, and Ragyou’s re-animated head to combine forces to cut the very FABRIC of the Universe!

    But not before Ryuuko takes out Harime Nui’s other eye for blind justice.

  7. But turning the enemy’s weapons against them is exactly what I had been doing in XCOM.

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