kill la kill 19

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head


Oh gosh, so adorable. I’m 100% sure if Trigger were still part of Gainax, that stuffed pig would have been a stuffed Boota-kun. I like how despite how careful Satsuki normally is, she totally missed the fact that hey her dad gave her this awesome kamui. Then Ryuko shows up with a similar kamui. There just so happens to be two people who know about life fibers and can build a kamui, right? Or maybe it’s the same dude. For a girl who had such insight in conquering a good portion of Japan as a kindergartener, I feel like it’s a big oversight.

(Also, what does this say about the Kiryuin/Matoi family? The mom enjoys ImoCho-ing her eldest daughter. The dad likes making stripper outfits for both daughters.)


Then again, both Ryuko and Satsuki are more covered than the new Nudist Beach x Elite Four. And these costumes still look better than the live action X-Men movie costumes.

(I enjoyed this episode in that it showed the resolve of the remaining characters. I think I would have liked the episode and the concept of this resistance more if we didn’t get some of the earlier sillier episodes. Like Gamagoori learning to drive and the obstacle course to get to school seem really out of place when compared to what is happening now.)


“In Heaven’s steed, I smite clothing!”

Second best line of the episode. Gamagoori is like a big, fluffy, sadist teddy bear. You have to appreciate the joys of a sizeless Gamagoori.


“If I were 20 years younger, I’d wear you in a heartbeat.”

Dramatization. Best line of the episode. Now that Ryuko has gone tsundere for Senketsu for the 15,532nd time, I am definitely rooting for Sukuyo to don Senketsu and lead humanity over Life Fibers. Life Fiber Croquette attack!

(Speaking of great lines, I caught a dubbed screening of The Wind Rises yesterday, and there were quite a few gems, mostly spoken by the creepy German guy at the summer hotel where Jiro stayed at, but the best was from his boss, “You youngsters just don’t appreciate the joys of extruded aluminum!” I don’t think there was ever a doubt that Miyazaki is huge aviation otaku, and this movie is a long song to all aviation otakus. I get the feeling that Miyazaki wanted to put another twenty minutes of discussions about struts into the movie. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, and it was refreshing to get an engineer as the lead character.)


Finally. Someone other than Ryuko notices Aikuro’s guns.


I think Satsuki’s backup plan of destroying the school is quite flawed. She basically destroyed their best facility (now they are hiding in a crippled Nudist Beach outpost), and she handed over most of the students that she worked so hard to train and prepare for (i.e. sewing club). What she should have done is have a backup plan for protracted guerrilla warfare. Basically, distribute and hide students and star uniforms all around Japan. She should also have definitely made more than just one three star uniform for her Elite Four. While none of the four are powerful, they are at least consistent, and they can stall until you and Ryuko get your act together. You don’t hear Gamagoori going into full emo mode and refusing to done his regalia.


I wonder how much of Gamagoori’s development has been influenced by the community and his early development. Did Trigger intend on multiple size Gamagoori in the beginning, or was it bad animation that has turned into an in-joke turned into actual part of his character. And also a few casual scenes early on with him and Mako has suddenly turned into a huge one-sided crush on Mako by Gamagoori. As a Gamagoori x Mako supporter, I am happy about this development. It’s been the only natural relationship of the series that doesn’t seem creepy or forced.

(I like how Guts is using Gamagoori as an agility course.)


Been a while since mother-daughter incest played a central point in an anime series.


“A weapon combining offense and defense!”

From Gurren Lagann with love. All we have left is a Junketsu x Senketsu combining sequence.


Guts is quite adorable in patrolling on top of the shack. I’m having a hard time deciding between him or Apollo as pug of the moment. He is also wearing a hoodie, which I hope isn’t made by REVOCS.


“‘DTR.’ Got it?”

Three MVPs…

1. Mankanshoku family.

2. Elite Four.

3. Theron Greyjoy.

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  1. You know a relationship is getting serious when other characters comment in it.

    No word on Mako this ep?

  2. Best part of the episode is makos moms wandering eyes

  3. Been a while since mother-daughter incest played a central point in an anime series.

    By all means, do refresh my memory.

  4. Nudist Beach Nonon is best Nonon

  5. As with Shaq and his girlfriend one needs to question the mechanics of how teir 15 works for Gamagorri & Mako

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