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Past the Infinite Darkness


“Sailor uniforms are meant to be grown out of.”

I think even my puppy cried during this scene. My gosh. I think part of us knew Senketsu wouldn’t make it, but this line… this perfect line… this team at Trigger. They know impactful death. Kamina? Kittan? Nia? Senketsu? My gosh. I’m just glad Gamagoori and Mako weren’t added to the list.

(Yes, Senketsu’s death totally parallel’s Chambers in Gargantia. And Arnold in Terminator 2. And Misato in one of the Eva endings. And Nia while we’re at it. As usual, I have no point… SENKETSU!!!)


Yep, totally Nia disappearing while in orbit around the earth.


Triple girl date? With the Elite Four spying? And short-haired Satsuki? Much, much better ending than seeing a 98 year old Simon trying to dig a hole. Big improvement. Ties up the series (they are wearing cute clothes they choose to wear), ties up the most important bonds (Mako, Satsuki, and Ryuko have each other as family), and gives me hope of a second season where it’s a harem comedy featuring Gamagoori. Trigger. Please. I’ll bring In-and-Out burgers if you do this and show up to Fanime.



I thought Gamagoori bit it here to meet Imaishi’s criteria of killing off at least someone. I always like Mako and Satsuki since the beginning of the show, but Gamagoori grew (HAHA) on me as it went on. He’s just a fun character. He is charming in his own way, doesn’t take himself as seriously as he takes his job, and he is just a bad ass. Kogarashi would consider him an equal. If there’s anything Nakashima knows, it’s impactful male leads. Everyone else (especially every harem anime out there) take note. And, yes, Gamagoori harem series, Gamagoori joins the Recon Corps, Gamagoori wrestles a bear, Gamagoori guest starring on Portlandia, Gamagoori assembling Ikea furniture, Gamagoori headlining the remake of Sailor Moon: we need all of these things. Or at least a KILL la KILL hot springs OVA.

(Come to think of it, Nakashima has done two original works: Gurren Lagann and KILL la KILL. That’ll do. I just hope his next series doesn’t involve evolution…)


This isn’t a screencap from KILL la KILL. It’s actually from the trailer for Free S2. Rei and company are going to get some serious competition this summer.


And, of course, a Gurren Lagann reference.

(Going to totally overlook how Gamagoori goatse’d the shield, then the two most flaming characters launched their DTRs into the newly opened hole.)



Satsuki-sama said this too early on. Hun. Circular reference…

(And, of course, I hope this is a throwback reference to Evangelion, where most of the team, especially Imaishi cut their teeth, as it was looking shaky that Trigger could pull off the final episodes. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they just submitted a pencil flipbook at the end with a lot of awkward black scenes. Though they fucking came through. The animation of the last episode was noticeable better than the last… twenty? Okay, I’m just glad they made it on time.)


Reminds me of FLCL action scenes.


“I’ve had enough of your shtick.”

I hate Nui. That is all.

(Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the music in this show? All of their character themes are distinct and catchy. With that said, how can Mako get two monologues, and zero HALLELUJAH!?)

(Can never have enough Mako.)




Good gosh. Again, so good. That’s exactly how I sum up this show. Just a bunch of nonsense (come on, it’s a show about fabric)– but fun nonsense– thrown together and has a story with heart and enjoyable characters. KILL la KILL is the most fun I’ve had watching an anime series in a while, and it reminds me of everything good that comes from anime…


… like the wild sex orgy with nubile high school girls (and a pug) ending. Isn’t this the standard anime harem ending? Isn’t this how Nisekoi and Free are going to end?


I like how Senketu’s final form (Fashion Week?!) finally unleashed his second eye as well as mixed his top with Junketsu’s bottom. I also just like how ridiculously over the top it is. It’s everything that a final form should be. Two space fashion butterflies fighting it out in low earth orbit.



If Gamagoori is the most improved character, Tsumugu would be the exact opposite. What happened to the bad ass guy who only tells you two things? He got beyond neutered as the series went on. Now he’s just DTRing around with Aikuro.


Looks like the two sisters found their way.

(Still, I’m totally baffled by the episode where they had to race to school. As well as Gamagoori’s driving lesson. Those episodes felt like some sort of internal debate at Trigger where they couldn’t decide if the show was to go serious or full wacky. They decided on a middle ground that surprisingly worked.)


Everyone fit in the scene, even the origami class president. Can’t forget him.


Totally doesn’t look like a condom on a penis…


… as it swells up from the balls up…


… into life fiber jizz.


Docking centipede?


Going back to the original ending, doesn’t this look like the life fiber plan to envelop the world?


Crepes! But with friends! And I like how they’re wearing normal clothes, as well as forcing Satsuki to try on other clothes. Throughout the series, their clothes have been tools. It’s the first time Satsuki and Ryuko wore clothes for themselves.


That last look at a sailor uniform? WHY TRIGGER WHY? SENKETSU!!! But, sadly, sailor uniforms are something to grow out of. Great ending. Great show. Great job by Trigger. Goodbye Senketsu.

13 Responses to “kill la kill 24”

  1. What a satisfactory ending. I was afraid of it not wrapping up well, but this was a last episode that really ended the show well. The only problem I had was how “easy” the antagonists became. That Senketsu line had me feeling all the feels. Of all the characters, why did he have to go? ;_; I don’t know about you, but Senketsu was totally cute. Ryuuko had no outfits “way cuter than [him]” :(

    I agree with you. “Great ending. Great show. Great job by Trigger.”

    Cheers to Trigger and I wish them the best!

  2. Yeah that ending was a culmination of bullshit, awesome bullshit, it’s like who really cares WHY things happen. Dues ex Machina? Do it.
    I found it funny how Trigger started doing censoring steam, lights, etc. and then just ignored it all eventually and had everyone look like a Mannequin. Weird? Yes, but I’d rather not see lines everywhere.
    Thumbs up to you Trigger, may your next work be anywhere near as good.

  3. Don’t forget, there’s an OVA episode coming later this year.

  4. I really liked Ragyo’s character. Never before has a bad guy been so…so…colorful. Romi Park is like the female Norio Wakamoto. Her voice simply oozes flair. And what a way to go. Ripping out your own heart and crushing it with your bare hand? Most villains only wish they could be so badass.

  5. THAT.FINAL.DASH. The craziness, the references, the full-circle moments, kicking reason and plot devices to the curb. This show is definitely on my favorites list. Very nice Trigger, very nice. Now I’m looking forward to the OVA (graduation stories), and LWA 2.

  6. Man since this is the only thing going in anime right now wonder what you’ll blog about next? Used to read your blog a lot around 2008 to 2011 and came back to read your KLK posts, hope you find some new gem to blog about! Stopped watching anime for a while around the time I stopped reading this site, but Steins Gate and KLK have got me back into the mood, hope you can find some new awesome show for me to watch!

  7. It’s quite some time, since I shed some tears in Anime, but the Senketsu scene surprisingly did it. Since episode 4 or so, I wasn’t even sure, what was comedy, parody and what was serious business.
    Also liked to read your blog posts after every episode, adding some meta comedy.

  8. Wonderful. I was worried after the first few episodes that Kill la Kill wouldn’t be able to keep it up, but it’s been a crazy, ridiculous, funny, full throttle ride all the way until the end. It felt very fresh amongst the sea of dross that’s been the last couple of seasons, and other studios should take note.
    There were so many great characters, Sanageyama, Gamagoori, Inumuta, Mako, Senketsu, post-rebellion Satsuki, and Ryuko. The ED was a great send-off for all of them, a date-o with the relaxed main cast, and the Elite 4 stalking them. Love the small touches like Inamuta gathering data, and Gamagoori seemingly getting ready to propose.

    With that said, how can Mako get two monologues, and zero HALLELUJAH!?

    She did! It’s when she asked Ryuko on a date.

  9. Gotta love that final ep. Things wrapped up nicely.

    I don’t see the reason for the Nui hate – they had to have a villain minion who was a sub-boss, and Nui fit that role just fine. And she had some real nice crazy faces going, too.

    Did expect Jason to crack a Mai Otome reference, given the falling from orbit, then the “girl catching another girl as she fell” thing.

  10. off topic. was TT sold? anyone else getting the $9.99 a month sub popup? crunchyroll wtf?

  11. oops i set the alarm too fast.
    its april 1st there.

  12. That can’t be a shot from a Free S2 preview, it has a naked girl in it…

  13. Can’t help feeling a little sorry about Nonon. That NTRed expression in that one screencap right there says it all.

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