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Such a Gurren Lagann moment. If anything, KILL la KILL is at its best when it acts like Gurren Lagann… no, I’m not talking about plot-wise or even character-wise but just how it takes a small concept and then runs wild with it. For example, Nudist Beach. Okay, it started with just a teacher with a weird habit of Hosaka-ing himself. Then they added mohawk dude. Okay, I’m with you. Suddenly, wait, why is everyone naked? Why are they holstering their guns on their penises? Glowing nipples? Naked Sol? EVERYTHING IS NAKED?! It’s just where Trigger took the concept from “Okay, seems normal…” to “… I can’t live without Aikuro’s glowing nipples anymore.” That’s like how the original team took “Okay, this robot grows up…” to “… be bigger than the known space-time universe.”


And this Mako girl? Okay, maybe comic relief from the srsbzns Ryuko. Okay, maybe she’s Ryuko’s human side and heart and soul. Nope, nope, nope. She’s the heart and soul of the series. Still… nope. She’s the heart and soul of humanity. Look at her! She is nothing but concerned about her friends, her stubbornness over her friends is stronger than Pikachu and Ash, and even though she has no innate powers or intelligence, she bulldozes all her issues with sheer determination, croquettes, and monologues.

(Only happy ending I’m rooting for now is Gamagoori taking Mako to a drive-in movie with that sweet car of his…)


Loved this infographic. I liked how the “head” stat stayed at 0000 the whole time while everything else got boosted. I’m disappointed that the infographic didn’t take into account croquette boosting.


Blade Regalia: I like how the transformation sequence features a makarova-like montage of the previous Blade Regalia. They actually shrink with each generation, which is the opposite of Gurren Lagann. The final version also has exposed skin, which is a serious motif of the final three star uniforms, which I guess symbolizes skin and clothing living in harmony. And props to whomever is editing KILL la KILL‘s wikipedia entry. Sanageyama’s entry was already edited that he regains his eyesight when I went to wikipedia after watching the episode.


Symphony Regalia: OH WTF TRIGGER!?

(Combined her Jakuzue’s line of, “Look at how much I’ve grown, Aunti Raygo!”… oh anime.)


Probe Regalia: I like how Inumuta pops out of an SGI supercomputer cluster. Just to reinforce the fact that he’s the elite superhacker of the group. I also like how similar it is to Symphony Regalia, except he doesn’t have a heart covering up his man bits. It’s almost like an outfit suitable for Free season 2…


Shackle Regalia: Fuck Yeah Gamagoori! He looks like Cyborg from the original Cartoon Network version of Teen Titans (not the inferior Teen Titans Go). Though I am highly disappointed Trigger didn’t give a shout out to Nudist Beach by having either Gamagoori or Inumuta having glowing nipples. I mean, at least for Inumata, maybe his nipples can light up when he’s accessing a hard drive or a network connection?

(I like how right after the Elite Four get their new uniforms, they go right into shouting their spirit animals. Finally! We all knew they were animal based, and Trigger finally let us have that. If only we can get our Gamagoori x Mako ship sailing too…)


“Don’t break the cups. We do not go to our deaths.”

A nod to kamikaze fighters.


A pug pigging out and farting? Totally accurate. I wonder if any of Trigger’s staff owns a pug.


I miss the silky smooth animation of the first three episodes. I can only imagine how great the battle sequences are if they weren’t just posing followed by explosions (KILL la KILL directed by Michael Bay). I hope they go back and at least smooth out some of the animation sequences for the BD release. The show deserves that.


And the whole Ryuko and Satsuki against Raygo fight has to be the most boring part of the episode. The fight isn’t that great, and there’s none of the enthusiasm of Mako or the ridiculousness of the Elite Four. It’s just literally Ryuko and Satsuki colliding into Raygo, who barely moves. What happened to the epic Satsuki vs. Ryuko showdown from the beginning of the series? We still haven’t had a fight sequence that surpassed that. If only Trigger’s time management wasn’t at Andy Reid levels.


Why isn’t Iori considered an Elite Four? He’s like Inumata on the back lines, except he’s responsible for sewing all the uniforms. He even has the fifth three star uniform. I think the Elite Four plus Iori would make a great RPG party. Gamagoori is the tank, Jakuze is the ranged damage dealer, Sanageyama is the melee damage dealer, Inumata is the crowd controller, and Iori is the healer. It all makes sense now. Oh man, do I want a fantasy anime featuring the five of them as they try to rescue Mako whom was captured by dragons? Yes, yes I would. Trigger, get on this after my Gamagoori harem anime idea.


Three MVPs…

1. Mako.

2. Elite Four.

3. Trigger, not for dying and actually delivering episodes. I cannot wait for the finish. Don’t lose your way~

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  1. No comment on final form Ragyo?

    Every week, it goes up… and up. At least for the last two or three weeks. The show is at it’s best when they push the story to the side and kick reason to the curb.

    Also, a smiling Satsuki is incredibly cute. I don’t know how Jason forgot about that.

  2. “Don’t break the cups. We do not go to our deaths.”

    This is also interesting in light of their toast before the Honnouji Academy sports festival, where they did dash their glasses to the ground. The Elite Four and Iori clearly expected this to be a rerun of that toast and probably with the same message but apparently Satsuki has shifted her views.

  3. Wow, I must’ve been blinking during Mako’s monologue scene this episode, because I did not see that shot.

  4. it’s actually a pretty long running gag in anime that whenever an elite ‘four’ is mentioned that most often then not there’s actually five in the party

  5. Good job, Mako and Elite 4. Their latest uniforms are a great combination of Academy and Nudist ideals. Happy to see that Sanageyama can see once again too. Loved Satsuki this episode too.
    I always wondered why Iori didn’t have a three star uniform himself, even though he makes the things. I guess he prefers working behind the scenes. That party setup sounds solid to me!

  6. Has anybody noticed the homages to Kurosawa’s films? First, Ryuko’s house looks like the ragged city gate in Rashomon. Second, Mako was shown scribbling on the dirt before the raids, which recalls an early scene in The Hidden Fortress.

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