myriad colors phantom world 1

“Is this really going to help seal the phantoms?”

I just want to know what inspiration and reference material Kyoto Animation used to draw this scene. As usual, they did a great job. Did they scour YouTube for videos of boobs bouncing? Did they hire a model to limbo while bouncing her boobs as they furiously drew the scene? Did they rent a bunch of AVs, have a few beers, and celebrated the scales of Hibike Euphorium… and then got drunk enough to animate this scene? Inquiring minds want to know.

(The whole limbo dancing thing was fantastic. It seemed like something Undertale would have done. I might have punched a throw pillow if I had to watch yet another anime featuring high school students with magical powers fight ghosts.)


I am glad for Amaburi because for a short while, it brought back the old Kyoto Animation fanservice. Let’s see what Kyoto has done… a whole episode devoted to the Full Metal Panic ladies at the hot springs, filled with Austin Powers-like gags where random objects covered body parts… the Tess OVA where she fails at waking up and fails at taking a shower… Xia Yu Fan and Xia Yu Lan changed from twin men to twin girls with shower scenes added… the entire The Second Raid episode that was a Lupin spoof featuring Mao seducing a poor guy… and, of course, Gates pleasuring himself to pictures of cats on the internet.

Oh yeah, Nayuki’s strip scene in Kanon, this whole Haruhi Suzumiya thing, trapped in a closest with Kyou, MIO MIO MIO… we’ve been through a lot, Kyoto Animation. I really should write a coffee table book: 15 Years of Animated School Girl and Terrorist Skin with Kyoto Animation.


I guess I’ll just have to momentary settle for copious amounts of bouncing boobs. Beggars can’t be choosers.

(So Mai activates various elements of her powers by crossing her hands across her body and rubbing them up and down? This is both really specific and genius. Maybe Gangsta should have used this method for activating Nicolas’ power.)


“This is turning into a super cliched dating sim encounter.”

If I have to watch yet another sad male lead collide into a female lead thus resulting in him copping a feel, I might have burnt a throw pillow. I just want one of these shows to eventually do this: Sad Male Lead collides with Female Lead. Sad Male Lead has hand either over Female Lead’s Breast or under her skirt or has his head on her butt. Nearby police officer witnesses scene. Police officer drags Sad Male Lead to jail. Sad Male Lead replaced with Shizuru from Mai Hime. All is well.


This is one amazing bedroom. I watched Haruchika, and the sad male lead in that show likes dropping random knowledge bombs. He knows the exact years of when Edgar Allen Poe wrote certain stories. Um, who the fuck knows that? I don’t even think Cumberbatch’s Sherlock bothers to remember obscure facts like that. I can believe Sakurako’s random facts about bones and death since she’s a bone otaku. But for a random Japanese high school boy to memorize and instantly recall Edgar Allen Poe’s timeline? I don’t think so. Haruchika should have just had him wiki it on his smartphone to keep it real.

Now for Myriad Colors, Haruhiko also knows a bunch of random facts. That is at least explained that his power is that he devours books like a madman and can memorize them (like his explanation for jamais vu). At least come up with some lame reason why a character would know an obscure fact.

(I’m not saying this show isn’t full of coincidences too… at one point, Mai points out that they need more members. The next scene? Haruhiko catches Reina gorging on phantoms as if they were chicken fries.)

The animation quality… I just hope it isn’t wasted on a disappointing show. I think right now my gut reaction (thin slice if you will) is that the high bar is Kyoukai no Kanata. The low bar is Chu2. I think it is just because there’s way too many shows about magic, high schools, battling, and ghosts these days. You know what there isn’t a lot of anime about? Amusement parks. Brass bands. Mochi shops. Swim teams. Heck, even global organizations with powerful mecha aimed at stopping terrorists from using their mecha to blow up 747s in flight.

Myriad Colors is well made… there’s great parts to it… it just kind of feels like it lacks Kyoto’s typical magic. Free, Amaburi, Tamako, Hibike, K-On!, Hyouka… they all had some sort of magic. When that magic there like for Eternal Summer or the awful Chu2 sequel, the shows feel a bit lifeless. I don’t know. Maybe I just want to see Kyoto Animation try something other than high school students with an after school club.


“Have you heard of Gaius Plinius Secundus? Also known as Pliny the Elder… there’s an animal called ‘the manticore’ in his book!”

Gaius Plinius Secundus, Pliny the Elder, and The Manticore are all great names for a penis.


I don’t understand the purpose of the genie girl. She feels like a throwback to 90s anime. Maybe it’s how she has both a normal and a SD version.


Three MVPs…

1. Limbo!

2. Limbo?

3. LIMBO!!!

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  1. So, the heroine, who has big boobs (as the show, its characters, and even its scenarios take pains to point out) has to fondle herself to activate her magic powers. There’s precisely one male character of note, and about half a dozen heroines each with her own set of stereotypes, one of those being a superfluous fairy companion. There’s two ecchi collisions.

    This is feeling uncomfortably like a magic high school level premise/source material combined with Kyoto level animation prowess… total dissonance. Still it’s nowhere near as bad as Kyoukai no Kanata.
    I can’t help but wonder though… Mai clearly isn’t wearing a bra what with all that bouncing… but what mystery fabric are her two tops made out of to give such… pliancy?

  2. Mai’s elemental powers are obtained from her lungs, kidneys, spleen, liver and heart. She touches the specific part of her own body to get the right element.

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