tv guide summaries of little witch academia 1-6

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Little Witch Academia 1: A New Beginning
Original Release Date: January 9, 2017


A muggle tries to learn magic and ends up blocking the mystical highway to Witch Academy with an angry bird. A legendary staff belonging to someone both far and close is found. Friendships are born. A journey starts.

Little Witch Academia 2: Pappiliodya
Original Release Date: January 16, 2017


When star-student Diana activates a trap card, can Kagari save her in clock card time? She can if she believes in the heart of the cards! Trigger’s latest spell-binding hit isn’t a simple magical hat trick. It’s a polymerization of classic shoujo and modern storytelling illuminated with revealing light.

Little Witch Academia 3: Don’t Stop Me Now
Original Release Date: January 23, 2017


All’s fair in love and broom racing. The annual Broom Relay brings out the competitive nature of all the little witches, but Kagari has yet to learn how to fly. Will she be able to learn before the competition? A very special episode with special guest star R. Kelly performing I Believe I Can Fly. Special effects provided by the White Rabbit Project.

Little Witch Academia 4: Night Fall
Original Release Date: January 30, 2017


Lotte goes to a convention and proves that all conventions– not just anime, gaming, comic, furry, steampunk, Homestuck, EDM, MLP, porn, MLP porn, tattoo, Tumblr, bodybuilding, and hempcon– are full of hikikomori weirdos who probably should channel their energy and resources for the greater good. Esteemed guest writer Stephenie Meyer introduces a new, magical love triangle to Luna Nova. This episode is presented commercial-free thanks to Beats by Dre Apple.

Little Witch Academia 5: Luna Nova and the White Dragon
Original Release Date: February 6, 2017


Excel spreadsheets! Volatility charts! Moving averages! Volume indicators! Torts! Deeds! Bankruptcy! High-level dragon conversations! Catch the procedural excitement of Little Witch Academia as the two most exciting witch magic majors– property law and day trading– collide!

Little Witch Academia 6: The Fountain of Polaris
Original Release Date: February 13, 2017


Prince Andrew arrives at Luna Nova to select a bride! Will he choose the noble and definitely-not-a-lesbian Diana? Or will he choose the Mushroom Lady? Or will he choose the one who keeps snacking on potato chips? Or the muggle Kagari? Or will he choose his horny best friend Lance?

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  1. 2) I remember watching my first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh on the CW and he was fighting a werewolf. He was doing some sort of attack, and the bad guy was “You can’t beat my werewolf!” and Yugi said “I’m not targeting your werewolf, I’m targeting the moon!” ( some moon card was out and buffed the werewolf obviously. ) . Also obvious, I though “Blow up the moon?? Cool…”

  2. My hero academia is one of my most favorite anime series.

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