lazy manga days

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I have this week off, and I did basically nothing yesterday– got up, played some golf, and then shopped around for Chobits GN 5. I stopped by Legends first, but they didn’t have it… just Chobits GN 6, and then I went to Borders. Then I spent the rest of my day reading manga, losing at Warcraft, and working on the site.

Borders, interestingly enough, now has a huge manga section that is larger than their Star Trek and Lord of the Rings sections combined. They even had something called Warmth in stock… maybe someone will know what I’m talking about here. There were also a lot of people browsing the manga, and one lady was already reading some Chobits, and someone else was flipping through Mystery Child in the corner. Borders even had manga on display on those tables that greet you when you first enter the store– that’s how you know it has a hold of the American populace– when you see Chii next to Harry Potter.

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