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I recently got a fully modded PS2– it’s originally a region 3 (Taiwan) unit, but it can now play all region games and watch all region DVDs. So I’ve been spending my free time (roughly, oh, 2 hours) the past three days playing FFX-2. The graphics look a lot better than the previous game, but maybe I’m just biased since the entire cast is just more scantily clad.

The game opens up with something straight out of Charlie’s Angel’s introducing the three main chix0rs– Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, and then it re-introduces the three again as the amazing singing trio Yuripa. The starting CG is basically footage from the Koda Kumi FFX-2 video, and there’s no hint of plot or Tidus just yet (isn’t the game supposed to be about finding Tidus?). Though Paine looks way too butch to be in that group, and no story is really given early on as to why she’s with Rikku and Yuna. Rikku has developed a severe back problem– she’s like the Hunchback of Notre Dame now, just in a bikini.

Combat is kinda turn-based in that you have to wait for this little green meter to charge up before attacking, but you can cascade attacks from the three girls to form stronger attacks. In reality, it feels more like Baulder’s Gate than FF. The dress-up system is more like DOAX though– if you thought watching summons in FF7 took time, it takes each girl a long time to change outfits, but at least you’re treated to semi-nudity in the process. Each girl can be a different class depending on their outfit, and some girls are more suited for some classes than others. Like Yuna excels in the fanservice and white mage classes. Still, black mage Rikku is the kawaii!

The scenary and levels are ripped straight from FFX. In fact, I haven’t seen anything new yet. The game feels like FF but it also does not. FF games do not only feature female leads nor feature panty shots(that’s DOA, thank you very much). As for leveling up, etc, I haven’t really been able to make sense of it with the dense kanji and the fact I have no instruction manual (like that would help). RPGs are just not something that’s great to play in another language. I also am disappointed that my whole party is nice and wussy. Rikku does like 7 damage a turn in the beginning, which is off from the 50k+ she was doing in FFX. In DMC2, Dante starts out pretty buffed, retaining a few of his key skills from DMC1. Did Rikku and Yuna just lose themselves feeding strawberries to each other so that they no longer can fight effectively?

Sadly, most of the games that I got are RPGs– FFX International is the only one with a complete English track, but I kinda loathe to play it since I have already pumped 60+ hours into the NA version.

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  1. You must get some kind of sick sick enjoyment knowing that you can see Rikku and I can’t. =(

  2. Ah yes… the infamous “MegaMan Syndrome” – in the next adventure, you lose all your cool weapons and powers from the earlier one.

    Quite disappointing, but I suppose it’s required for the “challenge” factor…

  3. yipee