beaten to death

Should I feel guilty for laughing while watching Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan? Is it wrong to chuckle each time Dokuro starts reading some perverted take (i.e. introducing beastiality) on classic novels? Is it wrong to enjoy each time Dokuro and Sabbot one-up each other in their quest for most disgusting loss of bodily function? Is it wrong to giggle each time Sakura gets beaten to a pulp in a way that would make Sub-Zero and Lucy cringle?

“Sakura-kun no baka!”

For people who haven’t been corrupted by Dokuro’s cute face yet, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan is an eight (?) part OVA loosely based on the manga of the same name. It is about a “normal” guy– Sakura– enjoying his school years… until Dokuro popped out of his desk a la Doraemon. Apparently, Sakura grows up and invents something evil, so the future sends back Dokuro to kill Sakura. But she has a “nice” heart and means “well” and can’t do it… instead she does her best to distract him from studying either by inflicting pain or seducing him or a twisted combination of the two.

None of the concepts are highly original, but I suppose the series is more of a parody on magical girl type shows… and, uh, I don’t think anyone watches this show for character development. While very enjoyable, the series does contain a copious amount of adult themes and blood. So for people a bit blood-shy, maybe Mahoraba is a better viewing choice.

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  1. New reader (or..whatever you call people who watch this), found this from a google search for Elfen Lied.

    I found Dokuro-chan *incredibly* amusing. So you’re not alone. =p

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