mahoraba chapter 39

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The Hiyoko no Gao team is doing a great job translating Mahoraba manga, but after seeing the preview for the next volume, I couldn’t wait. So many possible things could happen… Kozue could have turned into Saki and decked Shiratori… or became Nanako and dry humped him… or Tamani starts a killing spree a la Elfen Lied‘s Lucy… or it turns out Shiratori is the one with the MPD… or I mean, the possibilites… or it could be like Midori no Hibi (I have Midori spoilers a while ago) and signal the end to the Narutakisou gang’s stories. See? I just had to know.

Yeah this preview is technically a spoiler, but screw it, since I saw it, you’re seeing it too… =P

So I ended up picking up volume 8 just to see what happens… and you can pick up my translation here.

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  1. what the, is that possible, god yes, wow.

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