pani poni dash 4

Becky continues her neck and neck battle with Ana for kawaii-supremacy. Though I am finding it next to impossible keeping track of all the students… introducing like 30 characters in the first two episodes was not a good idea.


There’s still really zero plot and too many gags that completely escape me. Yet, I keep watching for when I do understand a gag, like it’s a secret club… “Oooh! I get that!” And then give myself a Scooby Snack™. Episode 4 starts out with Becky telling the class that they have an exam the next day, and “exam the next day” loosely translate to “excuse to put the Kashawagi Twins in lingere, show an Fumoffu-like bath scene (complete with Tessa’s ducky), and have Becky prance around in adorable PJs.” Somehow, they fit in a Drifting Classroom parody, which brought back memories of the semi-popular Azumanga Drifting Classroom parody a few years back.

(For people not familiar with Drifting Classroom, it’s a manga series about an elementary school mysteriously warped many, many years into the future into a world devoid of any life. The school then descends into utter chaos as the students and teachers deal with their new situation, and they eventually divide into groups based on their goal to return to their original time or to repopulate the globe or to kill everyone and end it all. For people not familiar with Azumanga… what are you doing reading this blog?)

What’s up next for Becky?

Episode 7: Underaged girls in swimsuits! Tempted to toss in an inappropriate Welcome to the NHK joke here.

Episode 8: Behoimi the bomb defusing mahou shoujo spectacular. Becky >> Behoimi. There, I said it.

Episode 9: Nekomimi Mode Becky. BTW, same seiyuu as Hazuki.

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  1. Nice to see I’m not alone in not getting all the jokes, though I suspect I’m far behind you, not having watched too many shows yet. =)

  2. the series i downloaded the translater was kind enough to put in notes at the top of the screen. (yay me)

    but what the hell is up with maho?

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