gundam seed destiny 47 follow-up


Two weeks ago, I made a prediction. I guess this goes back to the Rules of Gundam.

1. The main hero(es) will always upgrade their Gundam halfway through.
2. There will always be some mysterious figure wearing shades or a silly mask who is also interrelated to a good guy.
3. If the episode is named after a character, that character dies in that episode.

Hmmm… I think Athrun’s current harem of Cagali, Meyrin, Meer, and Kira is far superior to Kira’s old harem of Lacus, Cagali, Fray, and Athrun.


By the way, 47 is really a recap episode with only about 3 minutes of new footage. Egads. Destiny is limping badly to the finish line.

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