shakugan no shana 3


The irony, of course, is that I don’t like DearS.

Shana is the re-incarnation of Urumi Kanzaki, and that’s what makes her so likable. Well, at least to everyone watching the show and not in her class and not teaching her. For people who remember GTO, Urumi was a way too smart student who enjoyed tormenting her teachers until Onizuka straightened her out in his own way. The scenes where Shana pwns the teachers reminded me of Urumi, but her “This idiot flame is annoying” nails it as Urumi had the same “This idiot teacher is annoying” feeling concerning Onizuka at first. Then the two of them were found nakkid at an artificial ski slope… and let’s just move on.

One thing I don’t understand is that Yuuji remembers Hirai differently than everyone else since he remembers the real Hirai and that she flamed out. So when Shana takes over Hirai’s existance, everyone now considers her Hirai, except Yuuji. Why hasn’t his memory of Hirai be overriden? Is it because he knows the true nature of the world? Because he’s a flame? Or because he’s a special flame?

I’m enjoying the series, and I’m anxiously waiting for the meido to appear. Until then, I’ll settle for episode 4.


Oh, I was going over the offical site, and it has a spoiler-rific character chart. Uh, great, I know a character that isn’t even introduced yet likes Yuuji. And, if you’re going to put an arrow between him and Shana with a question mark, don’t color it in. All was forgiven, though, when I found the next episode preview on the official blog.

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