firefox 51%

For the first time ever, the majority (51%) of visitors to AoMM and ABT used Firefox. Keep it up, and we’ll cute back the web. I think it also says something about the techinical proficienies of people who like anime. Yet another reason to use Firefox? The Rikaichan extension, which translates Japanese by mousing over it. Great for browsing those hentai Japanese news sites.

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  1. :o

    I’ve always been so behind on my Firefox plugins… and now I love you for showing it to me.

  2. That extension is seriously awesome. Thanks

  3. Go Firefox! Roughly 80% of my workplace uses it (the others use Opera or an IE mod)

  4. Thanks for the extension info :D. I’ve been using google translation + jap dictionary all this time :p

  5. Congratulations. With these new plugins, we can fuel the community’s need for Japanese websites.

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