shakugan no shana wallpaper red tag sale

Five Shakugan no Shana wallpapers today. Enjoy some toasty melon bread with Flame Haze hawtness this cold winter.


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  1. thank you very much. ^^

  2. Cool~

  3. Wow I Love It ^-^

  4. hello !!! xDDD nose mas ingles xDD


  5. the …second to last… thats..just creepy!! >

  6. O__O i agree with kittykitty!! fanboys are creepy!

  7. I processed the fourth wallpaper.
    However, the quality of this is low.
    This wallpaper was beautifully corrected. If possible, please replace
    it with the correction version.

  8. I’d be happy to put up a better version, but the link is dead. Can you either email to me at jason at blogsuki d0t com or upload to imageshack? Thank you.

  9. Upload was done to imageshack.

  10. Done. Ty.

  11. SOOOO AWSOME thnx so much^^

  12. this one is so cute!! thank you!!

  13. I Love Shana !!!!!!!!!!!
    :) Muach Muach
    When Shakugan no Shana 2 released??????

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