kamichu 2

Random Reason #351 why I like Kamichu: Yurie being forced to go on tipey-toes to use the microphone at the end. Kills me for some reason.

Things are not going great for the new god Yurie, who still doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do as a god, nor for Matsuri’s shrine, which has fallen on hard times. The town’s god, which resided at her shrine, Yashima, has gone missing, and without him, there are fewer donations to the shrine, so Matsuri encourages Yurie to help her out on two fronts: one, to make Yurie the star of a new shrine festival and two, to have Yurie help them track down and bring Yashima to justice. Okay, maybe not that dramatic… more like “stumble around hoping to bump into Yashima.”

Random Reason #631: How can I not make a Jigoku Shoujo joke here…

This episode goes into overdrive with imagery, and the scene where Yurie gets ferried into hell the god recreation center smacks of inspiration from Sen to Chihiro. The resolution of the episode? No big fight, argument, or anything in that nature… Yurie convinces Yashima to return by the strength of her glowing and loving words of the town. You want different anime? This is different.

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  1. Loving it! Along with Pani Poni Dash and Mushishi it’s my current favourite. Yurie with the maracas in the end credits cracks me up for some reason.

  2. It IS my favourite anime. No contest. Yurie is, in my opinion, possibly one of the cutest characters in anime.

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