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Okay, it’s official. Yuji’s mom just won the Omega Best Mother of the Year award. Not only did she dress and bathe Shana in the previous episode, now she’s giving advice to Shana to try and jumpstart her relationship with Yuji. And then she matches wits with Alastor on the issue and wins. Great performance. I can’t wait for her encore where she books Shana and Yuji two hours at the local love hotel.


Shakugan no Shana 11 continues to deal with the feelings between Shana and Yuji, and whereas Shana is already thinking about first base, Yuji’s still stuck at the plate. Shana’s complete denial of her feelings toward Yuji reminds me of Suiseiseki, when she kept refusing to make the bond with Jun. While Yuji… well… he’s providing me of some painful flashbacks from Ichigo 100%… and that’s not a good thing. Please, just invite Shana and Yoshida for a threesome and work things out the Holden McNeil way.

The episode also provides ample melonpan fanservice, gym shorts fanservice, nakkid shower fanservice, and the seemingly trendy twincest fanservice. Speaking of which, the further introduction of the twincest-lovin’ Aizenta and Aizenji provides an inkling that the series will return to Guze hunting soon. Apparently, they are specialized Guzes who hunt Flame Hazes… oh, the irony! Maybe a melon bread will hunt Shana!

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Shakugan no Shana 11 Fetish List

Energy Transfer Fetish


When you have to hold hands to transfer power, is it inevitable that Shana will adopt FSN‘s energy transfer protocols?


GET A ROOM! (With a webcam, of course.)

Body Purification Fetish


I’m liking the progression of how Shana goes from “being purified by Alastor” to “enjoy taking bathes” to “showering in the gym.” Maybe next time it’ll be, “playful antics with Yoshida in the shower.”

Melon Bread Fetish


Yep, I knew they existed: blogs devoted to melonpan. Then again, AoMM is a blog about a ficitional charater eating melon bread, so… ah, let’s move on.

Bookworm Fetish


We demand megame Shana sometime. Quit teasing us!

Badass Shana Fetish


Her badass look is growing on me, though with this shot, it seems like she’s going to carve a “Z” somewhere.

Dodgeball Fetish


“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

Gym Shorts Fetish


Always popular and welcome. Sadly, do they even wear gym shorts like these in Japan anymore?

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  1. Shakugan no Shana Episode 11 – What women want


  2. its a very good anime i like it i havent got really far though but its good stuff.

  3. i love this anime, its pretty intersting.

    currently watching it from youtube. they only have till ep8 so now im downloading it from torrents.

    i can’t wait for the movie.

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