best of 2005: meido

Since 2002, AoMM has posted its “Best of” awards during the holiday season. This year, instead of one large post, I decided to break up the awards over ten separate posts spanning ten days and give more attention to each category in the process. Everyday from now until the end of the year, a new category will be revealed, with “Best Anime Series of 2005” being the last category. Of course, these are subjective (but not as fixed as Spike TV’s VGA), so expect very little shoujo with a healthy amount of Shana, and a lot of making fun of GSD. Though, I think it’ll be my New Year resolution: stop making fun of GSD.

Past awards: 2002, 2003, 2004.

So, let’s get started… in 2004, I ended with this category, so maybe it’s time to start with it:

Best Meido of 2005

Winner: Anna, Izumi, and Mitsuki, He Is My Master

Yoshitaka is my hero.

Gainax has been on cruise control since Mahoromatic, and HIMM felt really rehashed and didn’t capture fast-paced chaotic nature of the manga. Still, I can’t ignore any series that focuses on a perverted otaku living with three hawt meido, one of whom is still grasping with the rights and wrongs of loving another women (note to Anna: it’s not wrong!).

Honorable Mention: Tachibana, Mahoraba; Emma, Victorian Romance Emma; Maria, Hayate

I think it says something when Tachibana, a very bit player in Mahoraba, gets voted in the top ten favorite characters of that series… considering that 4 of 5 Kozue personalities dominate the top ten. She’s also a combat/assassin meido, which is one of the top kinds of meido (nekomimi being the best, of course). As for Emma, the series was the exact opposite of what I’m looking for a meido series, but it doesn’t mean that she’s not superior to Multi, Media, and the rest of the 2005 competition. Maria technically is prior to 2005, but I’ll let it slide since it wasn’t until 2005 that I started reading the manga series, and she’s definitely in the same class as Mariel and Jiiya.

Best Nekomimi Meido of 2005 (By Default): Sanada, UFO Princess Valk 3

Worst Meido Downgrade of 2005: From Yoriko to Aisha, Da Capo SS

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