best of 2005: characters

The following award is dedicated to the end of Elfen Lied manga

The Nyuu/Lucy Memorial Best Bipolar Personality of 2005, Female

Winner: Kaede, Shuffle

“As long as Rin-kun is happy…”

I always wondered why the women in harem shows all end up being friends with the typical male lead, even if he chooses another girl. Does this make any sense? Wouldn’t it make more sense if they went crazy and tossed chairs at each other a la Jerry Springer? Kaede, thank you for elevating Shuffle over DearS, Love Love, To Heart 2, and every other unimaginative harem series.

Honorable Mentions: Kozue, Mahoraba; Tazuka, Ginban Kaleidoscope

We’ll overlook the fact that Kozue and Shiratori are cousins (second cousins at least, I hope). Cutest depiction of MPD, ever. I’m not sure why I watched Ginban, but if I passed away in a tragic stunt piloting exhibition and had to haunt someone, I’d probably choose a girl also.

Best Bipolar Personality of 2005, Male

Winner: Shinn, Gundam Seed Destiny

“I am not junk!!!”

Who else?

Honorable Mention: Yuu, Noein; Van, Gun x Sword

Yuu cuts himself! All he needs now is a little sister and giant robot… as for Van, he has a giant robot and a little sister-ish Wendy, and his expression for when he saw Claw Dude was priceless. Though, just because I said, “He’s pulling a Shinn!” probably means Shinn deserves this award.

Best Villian of 2005

Winner: Gates, TSR


Squirrel pr0n 4tw.

Honorable Mentions: Nemu, Da Capo SS; Suigintou, Rozen Maiden Träumend

Thank you Nemu, for coming back and single-handedly sinking the plot… and you made Kotori sad. Thank you Suigintou, for coming back and keeping my dream of an evil Lacus alive.

Best Family of 2005

Winner: Yuji’s Mother, Shakugan no Shana


Yep, it’s going to be sad when she turns into a torch.

Honorable Mention: God-sama, Devil-sama, Shuffle; Karin’s Family, Karin; Megumi, ああっ女神さまっ

Any dad who offers up their daughter to the neighborhood pimp is either (a) failing at parenting or (b) winning at parenting. There’s no inbetween. And Anju plus oversexed onii-sama 4tw.

Best Supporting Classmate of 2005

Winner: Erstin, Mai Otome


“If it’s Nina-chan, then it’s okay.”

Honorable Mention: Maki, Karin

I’m waiting for Karin to bite her now.

Best Non-Human Character of 2005

Winner: Alastor, Shakugan no Shana


Alastor picks Shana, of all people, to hunt for him, and he gets to watch her dress/undress. I can imagine Alastor interviewing candidates….”Mmm, underaged, snarky attitude, addicted to melon pan… perfect! You’re hired!” He’s probably chillin’ in the land of Guze watching Shana with a martini in hand, “Oh yeah… stir that coffee…”

Honorable Mentions: Mesousa, Pani Poni Dash; Keroro, Keroro; Arf, Nanoha A’s; Book of Darkness, Nanoha A’s; Pochi, He Is My Master

Keroro’s hilarious, but when he fails, he doesn’t OTL enough like Mesousa. Though we can argue that Pochi is the superior reptile. Arf… well… if I had a familiar, it’ll be Arf, and Arf’s three other twin sisters. Speaking of which, since Best of 2005: Characters is running long, Best Twins will go on a different day.

Hottest Space Military Officer of 2005

Winner: Lafiel, COTSIII


Abh, please conquer us!

Honorable Mentions: Shinon, Starship Operators; KOS-MOS, Xenosaga

Shinon’s both hawt and a military genius. I wonder if she can out dual Tessa? As for KOS-MOS, her magnificance is wasted — wasted I tell you — in that series.

Breakout Character of 2005

Winner: Enma Ai, Jigoku Shoujo


The amount of fan art that I’ve seen dedicated to her is tremendous. She gets the win over Shana because I can see Enma becoming something like the next Osaka– continuously parodied because of the nature of her show. Without a bishoujo game to back her up, I don’t think Shana has the same staying power as Enma. We’ll see… I hope this doesn’t turn into Bowie over Jordan. Screw it…

Winners Also: Becky, Pani Poni Dash; Shana, Shakugan no Shana

Honorable Mention: Karin, Karin; Yurie, Kamichu; Tamaki, To Heart 2

E. That’s the only letter you need to know for Karin. Though, I can’t imagine her popularity lasting much longer than the series. I also think Yurie and Tamaki have staying power, if anything for all the Tamaki fanboys out there.

The Most Interesting Character of 2005

Winner: Ichijou, Pani Poni Dash


This goes to the character that, whenever they appear on screen, something interesting is bound to happen. They may not be the star, but they make great use of their screentime. With Ichijou, we all know that she’s going to do something wacky and interesting whenever she appears… there is just not a dull moment with her around. One of my favorite Ichijou scenes is episode 11 where everyone is guessing Rokugou’s sexuality, and the class is passing notes behind Becky’s back. Kurumi tosses a note to Ichijou, and instead of catching it, she eats it then pulls the note out from her shirt. I could have died laughing then and there.

Honorable Mention: Suigintou, Rozen Maiden Träumend; Mwu, Destiny

Damn. Rie Tanaka finally isn’t mailing in a role… wait, is including Suigintou on this list a spoiler, right? And how can I leave off Mr. Impossible? One minute he’s Neo, the next he’s sexually harrassing Murrue again. They need to spin him off in his own show where he becomes a mobile suit pilot instructor for Orb, but he’s more concerned with getting laid than actually imparting knowledge onto his cadets… they can even call it, “Great Teacher Mwu.” Who wouldn’t watch that?

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  1. Congratulations for prolly having the only anime blog post in history to mention Sam Bowie haha.
    Also had to mention my favorite character of the year, Sayoko from Mahoraba. She constantly made me laugh and I loved her seiyuu.

  2. Great Teacher Mwu? You BET I’d watch that!

  3. Hahaha, yes, hindsight is 20/20. I love that Shinn caption and screencap… unfortunately this combo will probably haunt me everytime I try to watch an episode of Rozen Maiden now. I was surprised Suzuka didn’t manage a nomination for bipolar female, although Gates and Chigusa were runaway winners.

    I feel like Mwu should get a special category. How can he not win an award? At least “Most Likely to Make the Impossible Possible” or something! Great Teacher Mwu is like a criminal trial waiting to happen…

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