kamichu 3

Random Reason #59 why I like Kamichu: the animal abuse.

Two troubles hit Yurie at once: her cat runs away, and, according to BlogMiddleSchoolGoddess.com (joking), the god of misfortune is approaching her city. So with the help of her friends and Yashima, Yurie canvases the town with good luck charms and missing posters of her cat. Unfortunately, it turns out that her cat is the one harboring the god of misfortune… the cat doesn’t want to go back to Yurie, the god of misfortune just wants a home, and no one in town wants a god of misfortune around… can Yurie find a way to make everyone happy?

Random Reason #488: Yurie’s charm.

This episode was filled with enjoyable montages. The beginning one when Yurie was out spreading luck on the town was adorable, and the when the bad luck storm hit, that montage was just hilarious with cars falling in the river and such. Okay, bad luck and poverty shouldn’t be funny nor cute, but somehow Kamichu pulls it off.

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