kamichu 4

Random Reason #315 why I like Kamichu: armed soldiers apprehending a middle school in the parliamentary building. Certainly a realistic thing to do.

When an alien from Mars gets captured by the Japanese government, what’s the logical thing to do? “Let’s lock up a middle school goddess in the same room as the creepy alien with tentacles!” “Brilliant!” And… that’s kinda what happens to Yurie. She has to learn to communicate with this alien, break in her new goddess help team, and fend off the Japanese military. All in a day’s work for our lovely goddess.

Random Reason #790: Kiki looks so adorable even with 30 M16 rifles pointed at her.

It’s the little things that really make Kamichu rise about other shows. I just loved how that bowtie made Yurie look like Kiki. The “whole squid alien can morph our technology into something better by squeezing it” was cute. It was sweet how the alien wasn’t much different from Yurie… both grade schoolers with a hidden crush. And, how can I forget, Yurie fends off the SDF with her handwriting and some fast talking. I mean, how many people would stay cool and calm and rational when there’s 30 M16 rifles and a few tank barrels pointed at you? Definitely has been my favorite episode… it is the “おいしい 作戦” moment for Kamichu.

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  1. Those rifles looked more like Howa Type 89 to me. I do not seem to recall a single M-16 in the whole episode.

    Also the American Complex of Japanese makes me cringe.

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