keroro yatsura 43

Backstory: once upon a time, there were two goblins, the blue one and the red one. The red one wanted to watch Kamichu with them, the blue one wanted to eat them. One day, their differences came to a boil, and the red one drove the blue one away. He lost his friend, but he became a friend to the humans, and they enjoyed their Blu-Ray Kamichu together.

Keroro reads this story, plays it out with his Gundam Zaku models, and decides to hatch a plot. He knows that he’s not going to be able to go blue goblin on Natsumi because of Giroro, so instead he wants to try to hook Natsumi and Giroro up. So in the a-side, he thinks of a very complicated plan that requires coordination, good teamwork, timing, and poetry that can bring the two together. Uh… you can probably guess how this turns out.


For the b-side, I guess it’s now the Spring Setsubun, and Natsumi decides to pelt the goblin Keroro with soybeans, which gives Keroro a devious plan. He turns Natsumi into the red goblin that looks like something Rumiko Takahashi would come up with. As the red goblin, Oni Natsumi’s power is reduced, and soy products (including tofu, soymilk, etc) are extremely attracted to her… not to mention all the otaku. Has Keroro finally gotten the upper hand on Oni Natsumi?

Though I’m not a fan of the slight kiddifications, i.e. Oni Natsumi’s outfit was more risque in the manga, but I am a fan of all the small things Keroro Gunso does right. In the first half, Giroro knocks a hole in the basement wall, and the second half when Oni Natsumi is running throughout the house avoiding soy products, she runs by that hole. Ah… good ol’ intra-episode continuity. And, of course, any Keroro episode that has Natsumi paroding other anime vixens for completely nonsensical reasons gets a thumbs up for me. Now, when are they going to put Natsumi in Belldandy’s goddess outfit?

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  1. banzai fanservice! i’d like to see the other girls dressed as onis!

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