full throttle meido strawberry cafe panic

CNN has picked up a story about meido cafes in Japan. “The average age of the maids at Royal Milk is 20, and an appearance of innocence is a priority.” Welcome to 2002 CNN! In 2006 meido news, these meido cafes are trying to help the environment by having meido sign and draw on shopping bags that have been re-used. “‘We hope the unique partnership between an electronics retailer and maid cafes will lead to a reduction of garbage,’ a ministry official said.” (Thanks TTS for pointing this out.) Westword brings coverage of bootleg anime in America. Interesting read… I think it just shows that anime DVD prices are too high for individual discs. Narg points out the updated Strawberry Panic site and also points out… no male characters. (Quickie Strawberry Panic abstract.) Shingo points out happy news in the form of a new FMP OVA. Long live Tess! Lastly, I noticed a story running on Yahoo about Netflix doing evil corporate things, and I laughed when I saw that the dude has anime on his TV. At least it wasn’t Sailor Moon.

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