may contain hawt girl-on-girl action

Two words: Youthful. Innocence. Strawberry Panic scans from G’s. (Strawberry Panic abstract)


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  1. This looks like it may be the BEST ANIME EVER!

  2. Execution… it’s all about execution…

  3. Lesbian anime is bom, my husband and i love it,
    Sy, if any of you kind, anime adoring people have any good hentai pictures, id appreiciate it if you sent them to me. im gone all day, as is my husband, so i write him a letter everyday to take to work with him and i put anime girls in there. Thank you all,
    Big Titty Kitty

  4. :points to post above: WTF!!!

  5. blink

  6. its actaully CUTE!! ^__^;
    i kinda like shojo-ai.
    yuri’s creepy O_O;

  7. *snorts* Lol, wtf indeed.
    I don’t like yuri either, at least not the type of yuri I’ve seen. But it seems like strawberry panic will be more than just shoujo ai, it might acutally become the very first non-creepy yuri I’ll ever see.

  8. I think that the eyes on the ppl r to big for normal anime but other then that its awesome its kinda like mai hime all over again

  9. can someone tell me the name of the ones in the midle? plizzz

  10. i may just be alone on this… but these girls like wat… 7 wtf…..

  11. I LIKE BOYS AND Shonen – Ai!

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