shakugan no shana 20

Two words: Meido. 破壊.

Wilhelmina returns, and before even having small talk with Shana, she quickly proceeds to vacuum, mop, and dust Shana’s pad. If Shana has a place, um, why has she been staying over at Yuji’s? After making sure the apartment is spotless, they go stalking Reiji Maigo, much to Shana’s horrification. Shana looks like one of those kids who parent is doing something embarrassing… “Please stop! Mom! You’re embarrassing me!”


The two of them are caught by Chigusa, who invites the two in and spars with Wilhelmina . Chigusa tells Wilhelmina to take off the uniform and meet her at that she was caring for Shana since it’s a bit lonely for her, and that she considers Shana family. Wilhelmina is, of course, a bit confused, and she tries to rile up Chigusa by calling her an okusama. Wilhelmina is wondering what the heck happened to Shana and what the heck happened to Alastor. She’s still pragmatic as always, wanting to seek out Reiji Maigo before Belle Masque does and only cares about her duty as a flame haze.

Yuji, meanwhile, is chillin’ with Yoshida. The two are just fabulous together, and I’m now rooting for Yoshida. She’s just been fantastic the past few episodes, and she carries herself well despite Yuji not providing her an answer to her confession. The two of them eventually walk back to Yuji’s place and into an extremely awkward moment when Shana sees Yoshida arriving with Yuji. Thusly, Shana runs off. Again.

(BTW, Yoshida and Shana are about the same age, yet because of her flame haze status, Shana has had more experience. Neither have a lot of experience with love prior to Yuji, both first loves, just one handled it a lot more directly than the other. Just because Yoshida can make a bento doesn’t mean she understands love better than Shana… just her personality is more open and honest, so she did what fits her. Shana, on the other hand, has never been the open and honest type, as illustrated by the flashback arc with Alastor suspecting that she was hiding something. It’s not because Shana’s a flame haze that she’s temporarily losing. It’s because Shana is Shana while Yoshida is Yoshida.)

Concurrently, the flame hazes are all fleeing town in anticipating of Belle Masque. Khamsin entrusts Yoshida with Raging Heart before he departs, and Margery takes off as well.

Wilhelmina manages to get a good look at Shana by enticing her out of the bath with a tasty tidbit: “That boy is Reiji Maigo, de arimasu. Belle Masque is looking for Reiji Maigo. So as our duty as flame hazes, we can’t let them have it. That mistes… we’ll destroy it de arimasu.”

Shana’s in shock, dripping wet, and nakkid.

Yuji though, seems to miss Shana, and decides to take a walk and revisit some of the places that they have been. Big mistake as Wilhelmina ‘s ribbons fly out and trap him.

“Yelling for help won’t help. Your destruction, the Flame Haired Hunter understands why, de arimasu.”

Meanwhile, poor Shana is muttering to herself, “I am a flame haze.” If anyone ever needed Stuart Smiley, it’s Shana right now.

Cue Aka no Seijaku.

(Of course, they take the suspense out as they show Shana and Yuji having a nice chat with Yoshida hiding in the background in the next episode preview.)


Wilhelmina is continuing to be her awesome self, though I find it odd that she doesn’t cook because it doesn’t add to a flame haze’s skill set. Yet, she cleans and carries around a fricken’ vacuum in her bag. I think cooking and eating healthy foods >> dusting when it comes to aiding tomogara fighting. Though the image of her pulling a vacuum out of her bag cracks me up.


This Yoshida/Shana tug-of-war just continues, and now Yoshida firmly has the upper hand, but Yuji seems to start to understand his own feelings toward Shana. That’s the only reason that I can think of for why he hasn’t said to Yoshida, “Let’s go to that love hotel over there….” yet. It’s definitely become the main attraction of the series.

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  1. Aww… I was hoping Yuuji would at least nearly die, instead of talking calmly with Shana in the preview for the next ep. :D At least they left the resolution of ‘we’ll kill Yuuji, de-arimasu’ out of it.

  2. I agree. Wilhelmina pwns this episode. The vacumn cleaner scene made me LOL and her animosity with Chigusa is fun to see.

    No wonder also that charm looked so familiar. I wonder will Yoshida inherit the spirit of “Shoot first. Ask questions later.”… wait, hasn’t she done that by her confession?

  3. Of course, they take the suspense out…

    While we all know that it’s highly unlikely for Yuuji to die, it might have been better dramatically to give an ambiguous preview or even now preview (a la SHUFFLE! ep 20).

    Yuuji: “I’ve got two hot girls after me and I refuse to be snuffed out b4 I score!”
    Wilhelmina: “That’s the real reason I’m killing you ~de arimasu~”

  4. you overlooked the fact that Shana is an orphan my caker.

  5. sorry have to disagree with you on this one. Shana is way cooler than yoshida. I hate yoshida types, who start crying over confessions…basically, over nothing. And I think the reason Yuji does not tell yoshida to go to a “love hotel” with him is because he doesn’t like her.

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