yokohama kaidashi kikou ends

YKK Forums report that Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou has ended its run in Afternoon. Alpha and her wonderful stories will be missed. In remembrance, I changed blog好き back to its original banner. Here’s the second-to-last chapter translated by Cafe Alpha, 139.

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  1. It’s remarkable how the mangaka managed to continue writing this manga 10 years. This is really sad news. This was the first manga I ever read. I picked a random chapter just to see what it’s about and I must admit that I was surprised by the laid back style the mangaka followed in telling the story but I got used to it later on. A manga that became the standard for the slice of life genre.

    You’re right, Alpha san will definitely be missed. Let’s hope his new project, PositioN, will be jsut as good (I should say that I’m impressed with what I have read so far).

  2. Unfortunately, PositioN is neither his new project, nor will it continue at all, since it appeared in a manga that is now defunct. However, watch the cafe alpha space because Ashinano-sensei *is* in fact going to start something new that will appear in the May Afternoon issue. Should be appearing any day…

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