mai wins; up next: the ladies of melonpan


Mai destroys Arika. Pwnage. There’s nothing left. Just rubble. It’s Caprica after the Cylons bombed it. Even my cheating couldn’t stop such utter destruction.

Up next, favorite heroine for Shakugan no Shana. The favorites?


Shana, of course. Snarky. Addicted to melonpan. Flat as Arika but without the ant-like features.


I like Yoshida’s chances. Cute. Honest. Maybe not Mai-class, but not shabby.


Wilhelmina ‘s “melonpan” are wonderful as well. She’s also currently third in the meido power rankings™ de arimasu.


Margery makes a compelling case sometimes too.


Chigusa is omega MILF of the year (though pitting her against Aki Hinata would be a great poll).

10 Responses to “mai wins; up next: the ladies of melonpan”

  1. Nah, this is too easy question. Shana beats those with one hand.(other hand is required to eat melonpan)

  2. “though pitting her against Aki Hinata would be a great poll”

    Pitting her against Maruko Fujimura (Petoko’s mother from Petopeto san) would really make a great poll. I know who I’ll be voting for in that case.

  3. Oooh, looking fwd to MILF poll. Hope to see Ama Shigure on that one. :)

  4. Darn…. this was hard…

    Still Shana won in the end. I’d vote for Wilhelmina and Yoshida as well. My perception of Yoshida has greatly changed after listening to her on the Assorted CD :P.

    As for MILF poll, yeah, Chigusa vs Aki Hinata vs Maruko would make a darn close poll.Ama loses a bit, just because she rarely appears that much :P.

  5. If not for the blatant overuse of de-arimasu, Wilhemina would’ve had my vote, even with her attempt to kill Yuuji at the end of the last episode. And Shana WILL win this one, like or not… so I’ll throw a vote at Chigusa, since she’s… well, just LOOK at her.

  6. I voted for Marjorie, but Chigusa made a compelling case…

  7. Put Chigusa with Ama-san from Shuffle! and let the milf slug it out on the polls!

  8. Did someone say MILF? MILF???

    Then why didn’t you include Fumio from Karin? or Kiriko from Godanner?

  9. Durn Tooting, Mai wins! Antsy never stood a chance in the first place!

  10. Gak! I expected Shana to be winning, but where’s the Margery love? Best example of robe-wearing since Matsumoto Rangiku. :)

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