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Is that you, Yuuno-kun?

The flame haired, red-hot eyed seiyuu and Matsumaru continue their lives together, and Aka seems content the way things are. Matsumaru, though, isn’t as content, and he is starting to get the look of a whipped male. Pretty much a nothingburger with cheese episode as Matsumaru goes out forgetting that Aka doesn’t have a key, so he rushes back and catches her doing her typical, cheerfully cute thing. The two get into a somewhat romantic mood together, only to have Aka reject him once again.

Normally, blogging about an anime series that takes episode names from old Audrey Hepburn movies would make me question my masculinity, but Aka is just too cute. Episode 1 was Roman Holiday. 2 was Sabrina Fair. 3 is Wait Until Dark. 4 is going to be Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Aside from Audrey Hepburn, three things are keeping my interest: the first is Aka’s cuteness. She’s just adorable, and her cheery outlook on life is commendable if not infectious. I really like the scene where she’s practicing her voice out in the cold, dark night by herself. The second is Matsumaru and his quixotic quest for a gohobi. (Though, I’m not saying he should pull a Dave Foley and break out the, “I’ve already had her” line.) The anime series seems to be taking a decidedly different route than the manga and with these feel-good storylines; I’m not sure how much fanservice and casual sex can they cram into the series before it ends. At least Matsumaru tries. I’m rooting for him. Lastly, it would be awesome if Aka gets called in for a real anime show, like instead of “generic healing-type magical girl show,” they would actually be dubbing Nanoha. Of course, the greatest would be if Aka gets called in for Magikano. If you get that reference, +10 fanboy points. (Though for someone trying to be a seiyuu, she sure can’t sing an OP. Definitely not in that Horie Yui/Rie Tanaka/Ayako Kawasumi class yet.)


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  1. >> Though for someone trying to be a seiyuu, she sure can’t sing an OP.

    Good god, thank you for realizing that. I thought I was the only one.

  2. Hmm.. really? I don’t think that the OP song isn’t too bad. I’ve heard of worse ones.

    Still, she’s quite OK for a rookie. I like her Aka voice… though I’m quite surprised to see that she’s doing Chiaki. Well at least, she’s got voice versatalilty.

  3. why don’t you like the OP?
    I think it’s pretty good, I listen to it all the time.

  4. moeruki!

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