free panties with every order

Manganews reports that… uh… the limited edition of Shiawase Pantsu will come with a free pair of panties. The manga is being billed as “100% pure loli.” I’m not sure what to say except, you may have problems importing this into Canada.

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  1. Wow.

    Um… wow.

  2. According to that Manganews post, they’re not “100% pure loli”, they’re 1000% pure loli. I’m not quite sure that I can comprehend that much loli-ness.

  3. what do you mean by : you may have problems importing this into Canada ?
    i leave in canada >_

  4. Sordid marketing, controversial genre. Anime and Manga are about to get a whole lot of flak…if it crosses the Pacific. I for one have no desire to see this product in the US. It seems the sordid content is going to come first as the compelling quality content seems to be few and far between.

  5. I think that’s a very intriguing marketing tactic. Would something like panties sell to loli-lovers? I mean, they haven’t been worn or anything…? Is owning a pair of panties something that interests you guys? Just wondering. I think that is a real neat thing to send with anime merchandise as an “extra.” I wonder if they will be cute and my size. :)

    Though Crusader is right: The anime and manga business will get a whole lot of flak for it. If you think about it, though, it isn’t really a crime to look at drawn pictures in the U.S., and it definitely isn’t a crime for a guy to stroll into Victoria’s Secret and purchase a pair of lacy goodness whenever he feels like it, so I don’t see why the product should have a problem in the U.S. Though loli is controversial, it isn’t illegal if it is fake.

  6. Isn’t there already a set with the box for Najica Blitz Tactics?

  7. >> 3

    Canada has some very strict anti-child pornography laws.

    >> 5

    If you follow the links on manganews, you can eventually find pictures of the said bonus. They look like they’re for little kids.

    >> 6

    You are right. Dumb promotions like these do not help anime gain a good rep.

  8. >>5

    Your right about guys waltzing into the Victoria’s Secret, which coincidentally is right by the toy store, but this is the US Land of the Free and of double standards. If this product were to be imported how would it benefit all of otakudom in the US? As it stands otakus have to deal with allegations of p0rn and Pokemon. Do we really need to be looped in with accusations of lolita complexes as well?

    I understand that not every lolicon lover is going to assualt children, but that is going to be the general reaction if it is sold a book stores. Who knows even a paper thin issue such as this can become political football. Just look at the the reaction to GTA series, and the huge waste of tax payer dollars that followed. Idiot theories may arise if public perecption is negative, I still remember the days when the golden age of RPGs was laid low by walmart and an idiot reaction by fundamentalists groups who are disproportionatly loud.

    I may not see the need for lolicon as a whole, but I will protect someone’s right to see it and heck even worship it. All I ask is that purchasers of this product to make the effort to explain it well, and don’t do something stupid while it is in your hands.

  9. >>7

    true but if it is ever sold in the US then again it will most likely fall into the hands of some idiot who does something stupid like walk out of the store in a crowded mall and open it there just to take out the panties in front of everyone and stand right in front of the next door toy store playing with it.

    i see that people are more likely to screw around with it than be smart and restrain themselves

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