sorezore no tsubasa

AstroNerdBoy reports news of the next batch of 26 episodes of ああっ女神さまっ. Yuko Ishida sings the OP/ED… blah… I’d rather have onee-sama singing.

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  1. Oneechan singing? Yeah! I’d like that too!^^ It’ll be so much better!

  2. Well, i would like it that way, too.. However, who will VA for Bell then? (Kiikuo Inoue is busy voicing her, so…) i’m not totally expecting her to voice the OP and ED’s too.
    And anyway, Yoko Ishida’s singing is great too, especially for Shiawase No Iro. The bagpipes are a nice touch, too! (played by Bell herself)
    Hild, Peorth, Sentaro, Noble Scarlet (Pretty-In-Scarlet-arc-size), the ghost exorcist, and that bug-summoning jerk named Troubadour (who broke poor Urd’s heart, thus putting his @$$ from the frying pan into the instant lightning roaster) will also be making their appearance!

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