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REC is definitely cuter and less intense than the manga version… a lot of feel good stories and complete and utter lack of Aka fanservice. But where else could one find a man as whipped as Matsumaru is now?


Aka gets a role in an h-game, only she is too embarrassed to say her lines correctly. It’s not like she lacks experience to say the lines correctly. Her manager, probably one of the more insightful anime character ever, asks her to try “practicing” with her boyfriend. Of course, it can be taken to mean a few things, but Aka eventually recruits Matsumaru to practice lines with her. The complete awkwardness of the situation gets me… Aka is rehersing lines from an h-game with this guy whom she is living with but with this awful sexual tension in between them.

I have no clue why I watch something as tofu-like as REC. Yes, the stories have this feel good quality to them, but the episodes are too short to develop any substantial conflict or plot, and the comedy is fairly crude. For a manga dripping in fanservice, there is zip zero zilch in the anime… I think one big reason why I watch is that the Flame Haired, Red Hot Eyed Seiyuu reminds me of the Flame Haired, Red Hot Eyed Flame Haze. They both live with their mistes, yet, neither can come to terms with their feelings until push comes to shove. (At least Matsumaru is more concerned with getting laid than Yuji, so points for him.) Also, watching Aka come up with new ways to stonewall Matsumaru episode after episode is fairly entertaining as well.

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  1. For a second I think Matsumaru can get a gohobi here, but nop… again get rejected, this time politely, like an idiot. At least he can help Aka with her practice.

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