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Man wearing cat/tree costume arrested in Shibuya for luring little girls to his trailer with snack goods.


Aka and Matsumaru being their promotional campaign for the snack food, “Ha,” by doing a live song and dance show. Aka provides the vocals while Matsumaru dances around like an idiot in the nekoki costume. The two work hard and prove that they are a good team together… yet… can they actually sell anything?

Gosh, absolutely boring episode. Another nothingburger with cheese. If not for a smidgen of Aka fanservice, I would have started watching Pretty Cure Max Heart instead. What was the appeal of the manga? A somewhat soap opera-ish plot between Matsumaru and Aka along with copious amounts of nakkidness, yet the anime seems to be nothing like it. Dance with the one who brought ya.


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  1. I feel sorry for Matsumaru, he’s doing his best bo get over Aka, buy always is rejected like an idiot LOL

  2. I don’t think he’s trying to get over Aka… I think he wants seconds.

  3. Maybe you’re right ^_^
    But I prefer to believe otherwise

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