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Anytime an anime takes my suggestion and depicts a middle-aged man bedding his 14 year old daughter and passes it off as “plot,” I must blog about it. Sunrise, I was kidding! It was a joke! Didn’t expect you to actually pull the trigger. At least Nina looks h-a-w-t… wait, no, it’s disturbing… but… Nina… no disturbing… Nina… no disturbing…


Nagi’s in absolute command over the situation. Not only is he in command of Nina and Harmonium, everyone’s reacting to his plans. Of course, I remind myself… this is Nagi. I don’t think he can keep it up. It’s like seeing the Seattle Seahawks in the Superbowl.


Just to remind everyone how powerful Destroy Nina is, Nagi destroys the village of Jackson Hole, WY. I love it when anime starts using real life photos for backgrounds… it’s hilarious when Pani Poni Dash does it, it’s even more hilarious when a series that in all seriousness has a middle-aged man involved in a love triangle with two 14 year old girls does it.


The KKK make a guest appearance. And, no, sadly, this has nothing to do with Shuffle. Or, apparently, Mai Otome.


Hilarious. Not only is the KKK involved, but I like how all the doors open up. Isn’t Kazuya like a rich prince or something? “Um, sorry Akane, I’m out of Mariott Reward Points and my Mushi Visa is maxxed out… I know it’s not exactly the same, but can we consummate our relationship at the Motel 6 instead?”


Didn’t they run off like twelve episodes ago? I still remember everyone arguing over duty and love while I posted pictures of Arika’s hawt seiyuu. AoMM’s finest hour.

Anyway, months have passed since then, and Akane still qualifies to be an otome? Wow. What happened? Did Akane’s sister move in with them and cockblock Kazuya, like Skuld? Or did a bunch of random people move in with them, like the Ai Yori Aoshi cast? Or did Kazuya’s sister move in with them, like Maika? Is Sunrise spinning off a new harem series based on Akane and Kazuya? I need to know these things. Maybe that’s why they have to run away to Motel 6 because of the Maika/Skuld combo waiting at home.


Meanwhile, with one hour long episode left, Sunrise decides to introduce as many characters as they can. Here, Love Hina‘s Kaolla Su makes a guest appearance and implores Akane to fight once more. Or else Kazuya gets fed to Hecate.


The nations opposing Nagi rally behind Yukino and Aries, but if Haruka is the show’s savior… wow… that’s how bad it’s gotten. (The situation and the writing.)


And Sunrise introduces yet another random otome. At least there’s five pillars now: Natsuki, a brain-damaged Shizuru, French mime Nao, Sara, and Kaolla Su. Don’t they know that their pillars were destroyed by nakkid woman beam?


Even Sunrise gave up on the joke that was Shiho. Kinda sad, but didn’t Shiho carry the show for the beginning episodes where she plots against Arika? Feels like a completely different series now. And, yes, I used “Shiho” and “carry the show” in the same sentence… I’m as alarmed as you are.


Ladies and gentlemen… Destroy Nina and her Masamune squadron!


Nina is definitely bothered by the current situation, and it doesn’t help that she receives a letter from Erstin. And it really doesn’t help that Tomoe is egging her on saying how Nina killed her friends. Rie Tanaka’s voicework here is just fantastic… it’s like an even eviler Suigintou. I wished she would have used this voice for Lacus. Tomoe does step over the line and gets slapped by Nina, and the “number of characters played by Rie Tanaka who gets slapped” increases by one.


Tomoe cries all the way to onee-sama. After the past few episodes, I thought that Shizuru got the same kind of lobotomy that Yuna from Kage Kara Mamoru underwent. Now, is she just playing along (and enjoying it) until Natsuki starts her counterattack?


Natsuki is back in Windbloom and plotting with the underground resistance, which consists of French mimes and pearl otome with broomsticks. Am I the only one disappointed with how utterly useless Natsuki has been? She’s the Mesousa of Otome.


Latte: $3. Blueberry scone: $2. Being able to call down the fury of hell from a child-satellite in geosynchronous orbit while gossiping with girlfriend at Starbucks? PRICELESS.


There’s a lot of mysterious packages in this episode. First, Zipang gives Aries some mysterious packages (maybe pot brownies?) and now Miyu fishes this out of burning lava. I’m sure Rubbermaid makes storage equipment that can be safely stored under molten magma. Yep. I think I saw some at Costco the other day. Miyu is really starting to remind me of KOS-MOS… especially since that looks like one of those monoliths.


“Reito, for committing the sin of passing up a Mai buffet, you’re new romantic interest in your next life… Yohko!”


In one of the more poigant moments of the series, Erstin Ho’s letter makes Nina completely break down. She remembered what she had once and now what she’s left with. Quite a moving moment. A perfect moving moment for Sunrise to screw up.


Everything that she has done to now was because she loves her father a bit too much. Mr Wong can’t stand seeing Nina like this and comforts her…


… only she proposes that the only way out of Nagi’s clutches is to take away her maidenness. Is she offering herself to Mr Wong because (a) she really wants to screw Nagi over? or (b) she just really wants Mr Wong to screw her over? or (c) she reads AoMM? I now completely understand why Mai Otome is running at 1:30AM while Mai Hime ran at 6PM. My gosh, there’s more sex and violence in this than Basilisk La Verite.

Though hair-down + uncomfortably nakkid Nina = delicious. Just don’t think that she’s 14!!!!! And Mr Wong is her father!!!!!


Natsuki is looking ugly. I never thought I’d ever type out, “Natsuki is looking ugly” but here she is looking like she had one too many slices of cheesecake.


I think she took choice “b” but secretly hoping for “c.”


Nothing tops off a romp with one’s own daughter than to go downstairs and destroy the machine that causes said daugther to morph into Destroy Gundam. Unfortunately, Smith is having a tea party down there. Mr Wong manages to dispatch Smith, but Nagi is there to finish off Mr Wong. Of course, Nagi is going to use Mr Wong’s almost corpse to goad Nina into working even harder for him. Well done, Nagi.


Poor Nina.


Nagi plays “Let’s made a deal” with Nina. “You can take the washer and dryer set that you’ve already won or take a chance behind door number one! You can win a Carribbean cruise, bring your father/lover back to life, or nothing. Will you make the deal?”

If Nina’s goal was to stop Nagi by having Mr Wong sleep with her, doesn’t cooperating with him now completely undo all of that? Doesn’t it just prove that she really, really wanted to get laid and only used Nagi as an excuse to that means? Shouldn’t they start filming a drama already called “Desperate Otome” and star Tomoe and Nina? And why can she still use the Harmonium, unless Mr Wong was out of Viagra tablets or something.


The battle begins for the future of the world and Windbloom. Yep, it’s Gundam Seed Destiny 50 all over again… meanwhile that running political commentary/plot that was “Mashiro is a crappy queen” has all been forgotten, along with all those refugess who “killed” Aoi. Just like how Stellar and the druggies were forgotten.


Somehow, seeing Haruka lead the forces of good is like seeing Ah-nauld as your governor. BTW, I’m glad the buldges are gone… but… oh, nevermind.


Mai, thanks for showing up. With 15s left in the episode. Sara and Kaolla Su got more screentime. I think a major problem (besides the pacing, plot, and West Virginia elements) is that there’s just too many characters and not enough time to talk about all of them. Every week, there seems to be a new character introduced only to be forgotten the next episode. They needed to compact the cast and focus more on each individually. Mai Hime had a huge cast, but it worked since most of the cast was gone before the series ended. Mai Otome hasn’t really killed anyone off yet, and, almost over, they’re still introducing new characters.


Did I like this episode because anty was in it for only 30s, did I hate this episode because Mai was in it for only 15s after seeing her in a towel last episode, or I am just disappointed that there’s only one hour long special left? Maybe I’m just still in shock from the Nina/Mr Wong development.


The last time that I get to type this… DO YOUR BEST deshou, k?

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  1. :O This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read about Mai Otome, no mean feat.

    I guess the finale will be “everyone fights for two seconds, Miyu does something to save the day, Mashiro reclaims her kingdom and Ers-chan is back alive.” The whole speculation for the series earlier seems pretty pointless now that all the possible interesting points aren’t going to happen.

  2. Nooooo. The Nina/Wong action was seriously depressing. If Wong was going to bone a loli, it should have been Arika. (After she saved the world, of course). :(

    This is probably my favorite Mai Otome post of all time, by the way. This is why AoMM is where I go to first for all things Mai-related.

  3. Oh, and probably my second biggest disappointment about the developments so far is the fact that Sergay survived that bullet to the head. He should have at least gone quietly like Tate, and risen up at the end if Sunrise felt it absolutely necessary. But keeping him alive for the sake of Nagi/Nina? Come on. Nagi’s comment about “Severe Brain Damage” is a joke. That bullet hit him square between the eyes. He should be DEAD.

    The Harmonium concept is disappointing, too. So far, Sunrise has made it out to be capable of anything in the world. It can apparently bend time now and revive the dead. Which leads to bigger questions, like who made it, and how can such a thing of infinite power be constructed by people? It also reminds me of the Superman Complex, whcih I have a lot of trouble accepting, too. I hate the idea of any machine or hero having infinite power, and the ability to do ANYTHING. Seems like a lame cop-out to me.

  4. A great post, had me laughing all the way through.

    I certainly agree on the point that Mai Otome has to many characters. By this point the cast should have been thinned out by deaths or simply having characters leave in my eyes. Its overwhelming and pointless to have a cast this big now.

    As for Sergey, I’m not that surprised that a bullet in the head didn’t kill him. He somehow managed to survive many things that looked like they were going to kill him. Sergey The Irritatingly Invincible, should be his name.

  5. HiME aired at the same time on the same day on the same channel as Otome – 1:30 on Thursday night/Friday morning.

    I’m surprised there’s been such a backlash over Otome. Is it really THAT bad?

  6. Great post indeed. It makes this episode a lot more appealing than it really was. And yes, please thin down the herd! Let’s go for the EoE ending, Sunrise.

    BluWacky, the only way to know is to see it yourself. >:D

  7. It’s very entertaining

    but probably not in the ways some people hope it to be

  8. No, its not.

    It is however easily mockable.

    And I maintain that the show is not ACTUALLY ending next week.

    I don’t know what would be better, having it end on a cliffhanger with a note that season 2 airs in 3 months, or just going ahead and having a preview for episode 27.

  9. Just to comment on one thing, Sergey is 25 years old.

  10. HAHA. This post is hilarious xD
    If used correctly… buldges CAN make a show look better… but in Mai Otome’s case, the animators just did a really crappy job. In real life, the buldges ARE really there (trust me, I swim), but the otome ones are screwed up.

    Hopefully that awful pic which disgraces the hawtness of Natsuki will be changed in the DVD version. I will NEVER forgive these animators if they dont >_ 14 year old w/ old man tendencies.

  11. Don’t think Harmonium is infinite. Just stops time, can’t revive the dead’ need Garderobe’s hidden technology(says Nagi…like I’ll believe it, poor Nina, Sergey wouldn’t want Nina to be a war machine…). Think the Harmonium does’t need the nanomachines to work. The last verse of the song is still missing. Nina has the charm(royal blood?). Its technology? Sergey survived!!! Anyway, are Rena and Alyssa connected? Searrs…. Sayers, sounds like the same if both are pronounced in japanese. Whats a buldges? I think Nina+Sergey is kinda cute and touching. Its ok i guess since there is no blood relationship.^^

  12. If you are still in shock about Nian x Sergei You all should have seen it coming. It was the culmination of Sergei sitting on his ass while bombs fell all around him. He has made some pretty bad decisions or made none at all and he was ultimately responsible for Nagi’s Ascension and his current situation.

    Nina and Sergei getting together was about as shocking as finding out the VP’s favorite network. Thank teh maker that Tate v2 is dead, I hope he stays dead since his reaction to a head shot at point blank wasn’t lethal enough to kill him straight up.

    As for Brigadier General Armiatge rescuing the world I say, huzzah! Better than having saved by Sergei, at least she won’t just whine about it she is going to do something rather than nothing. I hope Natsuki’s rendition this time was from bad animation from some hack at sunrise hopefully she will kick ass once her robe is returned. At this point I see one down two to go. Nina and Nagi must die, no pity no remorse!

    At least the Governator faces a somewhat hostile legislature, unlike in the opposite of progress. Here’s to going out with a bang.

    I dearly hope these scriptwriters will be made public soon…part of me wants to show them how effective a head shot really is and how Sergei’s sniping compares to USMC scout sniping. My money is on the leathernecks. Alas sugar in the gas tank will have to do.

    -Graditude is a sickness suffered by dogs.

  13. This show is so screwed up now that’s becoming just hilarious for me. Of course this nina/sirGay “event” is something, if you think seriously, REALLY, deeply disturbing, but is so freakin’ absurd that just makes me laugh. I see some people, over other blogs/forums, is debating this quite heavily, but I think mai-otome doesn’t deserve it.Imo, of course.The most disturbing thing in this show, again – imo, is the fact that the writers are going from the absolutely LIGHT entertainment to the HEAVIEST (and crappiest) drama in an instant, i.e. you get Mai cooking ramen with her robe, and Nina being sexxored by her stepfather.Long live Magikano!

  14. Well I guess the series is finally gearing up for the end. I just hope the 1-hour ending is more like FaFner’s awesome ending and less like the train wreck that was Gundam SEED Destiny. But seriously, with all the side plots thrown out so completely, there better be at least some kickass battles in the end and some more character deaths!

  15. I don’t get it, didn’t both Akane and Nina get screwed by their men? I mean Kazuya should have done Akane a gazillion times in the love hotel by now. And Sergey should have done Nina too… (unless it’s by the backdoor or he just likes to be nakkid). So how the hell can they use their Otome powers??

  16. >> And I maintain that the show is not ACTUALLY ending next week.

    They’ll probably reboot once again seeing the mess that is now Mai Otome. Maybe Kira and Lacus will guest star… that would be beyond awesome.

    >> Long live Magikano!

    One episode left. *weeps*

    >> I don’t get it, didn’t both Akane and Nina get screwed by their men?

    Condoms or impotence. No other explaination.

  17. “Just to comment on one thing, Sergey is 25 years old.”

    And Nina is 15, not 14. Not that it’s a big difference.

  18. ..and she’s dang hot in the screenshots ^.^ …

  19. Actually, i don’t get two things:
    1) How the HELL can anyone possibly say they didn’t expect to see Mr Wang screwing Nina and
    2) Why the HELL is eevryone so disturbed by i…

    I mean… a) it’s a cartoon, not a real life situation, b) 10 years isn’t actually that much of a difference in age, c) what they did is not actually illegal as far as age of consent goes, and it’s not even incest as shes NOT his daughter…

    Apart from it being an OBVIOUS plot twist, it really isn’t that disturbing and relevant as everybody seems to be passing it at… I may be strange, but it didn’t bother me the least bit…

    ciao :)

  20. THANK YOU!

    Someone who agrees that people are over reacting.

  21. >I still remember everyone arguing over duty and love while I posted pictures of Arika’s hawt seiyuu. AoMM’s finest hour.

    I was setting those pics as my desktop wallpaper. :P

    Great post as usual Jason, I love it! :D

  22. incest FTW

    tho i am more of the pervert and was like OMFG! no way then after it was said and done it did not click in my head that they are father and dauther till he got head shotted! BOOM HEADSHOT!

  23. Shakugan no shana 1小时特别篇,OVER了。。。

  24. BTW, if Segay really take it Nnina, why she can still use her Otome powers? DID really Sergay touch her own dougther?

    Today is the day… Mai-Otome’s final, and then… 4 OVAs

  25. wow there are so many haters, you guys whine so much


    I’m somewhat happy for Nina, but can’t help but be disturbed by this incest…even if you can call it that because she’s not really his daughter…

    But seroiusly…OMIGAWD

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