keroro one oh two

I’ll forgive them for the Mai Otome type of eyecatch…

I can’t imagine the last time I enjoyed an episode of anime this much, and it’s not just because of Powered Natsumi. Just absolutely giddy over the Keron special forces arc… even with some uncomfortable Sunrise-like substance tossed in, it’s some of the best, well-rounded anime that I’ve seen recently. Kimi no JUICE katte ageru, indeed.


Continuing after Giroro gets taken down by Garuru in the previous episode, the Keron special forces under Garuru continue their consolidation of power. They have hacked into Keroro’s bunker faster than Iruel, the eleventh angel. Meanwhile, Natsumi and Fuyuki are on the run from Zoruru, and Natsumi has a Shinn/Kira/Athrun/Mai/Arika/Mashiro “I’ve seen too many people pseudo-die and can’t take it anymore” face going. They don’t stand a chance against Zoruru, but they are saved by Mutusmi. (Gotta love how he drew a Gundam-type shield to save them.) He’s no match, though, for Zoruru, and gets captured by tentacles. Keroro Gunso was, of course, on my list of “anime that can be enjoyed by both males and females alike” last year.

Needs METEOR system

Mutsumi does buy Keroro enough time to teleport Natsumi and Fuyuki (and MILF Aki) to a safe house… their grandmother’s. After seeing Mutsumi’s sacrifice and Keroro’s stirring (fake) speech, Natsumi decides to use the secret weapon-of-last-resort that Giroro gave to her… her Powered Natsumi suit!


At the same time, Garuru has finally made it to Keroro’s lair and confronts him only to be attacked by Angol Moa; however, she is powerless against the Angol stone plot contrivance and goes into a deep slumber. Garuru demands the Kero ball from Keroro, and when he can’t fork it over, Garuru captures Keroro and resets his nanomachine OS. At least I’m pretty damn sure I heard nanomachine but no word on male protein or doing your best deshou.

Power Natsumi heads back to the Hinata house, and she takes care of some space incests like Strike Freedom through Zakus or Shana through melonpan. I just love this battle sequence, and the continuous camera angle through the school was just beyond cool. Eventually she squares off against Garuru, Taruru, and Zoruru but since the suit is based on Keron technology, Tororo hacks it like the Cylons hacked Caprica’s defense network. Natsumi… defeated.

Even more startling, the Keron forces track down Fuyuki and Aki, and Aki is defeated by a tentacle alien. Fuyuki, though, escapes with the Kero ball. I mean… whodathunkit? Fuyuki is Earth’s last line of defense. He warps into Keroro’s lair, and he sees Natsumi as well as the new, rebooted Keroro Gunso… who is actually more focused on taking over Pokopen than building Gundam models (despite the very Gundam-ish hat). Fuyuki threatens to use the Kero ball to destroy the Earth… and… see ya next week.


Absolutely awesome episode, and a great translation from the manga… though I can’t say that I’m happy that we’re stuck at the same cliffhanger where volume 10 left off. Everything comes together this episode… the action (Powered Natsumi is always win and gold in my book), the comedy (how Keroro can still crack jokes even with the direness of the situation), and the story (gripping, well-paced, and logical… whoa, are we sure this is a Sunrise show?). I also enjoyed the little details, like Mutsumi’s Gundam drawings, Garuru’s not-just-passing likeness to a reptile, Angol Moa crying but asleep, Powered Natsumi’s dual energy sabers from her ears, and, of course, her very Gundam-ish take-off sequence. If only Meyrin were there to launch her. My gosh… I just realized that Keroro Gunso out-Gundams Gundam Seed Destiny.

Great episode, great arc, great series. Mine Yoshizaki is my new hero de arimasu.

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  1. I loved the Natsumi air battle scene. The laser blade attack was so cool. In the manga, the suit did all the fighting, but here Natsumi kicks ass.
    Though, I wonder why they put Char helmet on young Keroro version.

  2. The air battle somehow resemble Aquarion 26 to me. :D
    Natsumi always kicks frog ass in such times, the cliffhanger is so well placed.

    Only Mine Yoshizaki can construct such story arcs IMHO.

    But wait, where the hack is Dororo hiding at times like this, Kururu is preparing his l33t haxor(had to do this) to Tororo. 2 pekoponicans vs 5(4 1/2?!) uber frogs, I wonder how they build the winning suitation……

  3. this is a piece of shit yo mothafukers

  4. *glares at pekoponlalala for a moment*
    Yeah this episode is awesome,I managed to
    see part one(with Kururu starting his 1337 hax0r
    and Mutsumi’s part) on youtube,and is ticked off
    because part 2’s not uploaded yet.

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