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Based on the manga of the same name, Black Lagoon is one hellacious water ride. Levi is just exactly what I expected of her (in terms of crazed killing ability), and I hope Mad Dog Meido doesn’t disappoint later on either.


Black Lagoon is about a crew of modern day pirates, Levi (female, more butch, less nonsense Spike), Dutch (Jet), and Benny (male Ed). as they seek fame and fortune in the South China Seas. On one particular job to steal a disc containing illegal trading information on a certain company, they also snatched one of the company workers (Rock), who is victim of “wrong place, wrong time.”

Left to right: Benny, Rock, Dutch, Levi

Unfortunately, not only does Levi’s and Dutch’s contact for selling the disc (Balalaika) screw them on the deal, the company wants the disc and everything associated with the disc eliminated. So they hire crazy mercenary to go after the pirates. Meanwhile, Levi and Dutch argue about what to do with their hostage, so, of course, they take him to a tough-as-nails bar filled with prostitutes. Eventually, the pirates and the mercanaries meet up and go at it in the bar and watching Levi go to work on them is just poetry in motion. She just completely dismantles the mercs, while the men huddle in fear (well, not exactly). The pirates escape and retreat back to their boat (I’m using boat loosely… it’s a warmachine that makes Going Merry look like a Disney ride).

Rock’s company eventually calls him, only to tell him basically, “You’re dead. Don’t call us; we won’t call you.” Afterwards, the mercs return and chase the pirates in a helicoptor gunship… to be continued.

The OP Red Fraction by MELL is good in terms that it fits the show well and got me pumped up for the show, but the English in the song is grating. Most of the seiyuu aren’t exactly well known, though the chain smoking Benny is voiced by the same person who does the chain smoking cook from One Piece. The animation quality is very good (Korean animation studio to boot), though I’m not entirely happy that Levi looks more mature in this series than the more sorta-loli looking Levi in the manga.


Still, this episode is basically an exact translation of the manga, as I even recognized some of the frames (i.e. when Dutch stops Levi from killing their “useless” hostage, the always memorable “Bacardi” scene, and Levi calmly smoking while the mercanaries spew bullets into the bar). Since I enjoyed the manga, that’s not a problem– just giddy about how Levi’s fight scene turned out… a more controlled, sane, yet happy Tomoe. Definitely looking forward to more. If you’re looking for anime that will exercise your brain, keep lookin’… this one ain’t for you. Recommended for people getting sick of giant robots, magical girls, and any other typical anime genre and just want some good ol’ brain dead, ass-kickin’ anime.

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  1. I’ve yet to see this and I wasn’t sure I was going to. But from what I can see from your post I think I will check it out.

  2. This reminded me of that movie, DOMINO. Almost 80’s Hollywood Action in style. Plus, I really dig the OP.

  3. Dutch’s VA also did Vincent from the Bebop movie.

    Just one more connection between the two.

  4. I didn’t think Levi looked loli at all in the manga.

    I never got the purpose of Rock, though. He has no skills. Is it just because he can talk normally with other people on the job?

    I’m also looking forward to the Mad Dog. Although I don’t believe she’ll be a recurring character (Hard to tell though, since Akatsuki hasn’t gotten very far). By the way, Akatsuki is now located at:

  5. I thought Levi was VA’ed by Megumi Toyoguchi? I am mistaken here?

  6. You’re not mistaken. I just don’t know Megumi Toyoguchi. o_o;; Forgive me.

    I’m viewing Mad Dog like Tomoe in Otome… not exactly carry the show, but a nice crazy surprise. Levi carries the show. :)

  7. Toyoguchi Megumi was also, among other roles: Parfet from Vandread, Meg from Bakuretsu Tenshi, Winry from FMA, Tsukasa from Ichigo 100%, Mirallia from Gundam SEED, Sei from Marimite, and, more recently, Kitaoka-san from REC.

    She also does some fill-in work when they can’t get the original seiyuu for a spinoff product. She was Momono for a Mahoraba drama CD, and Nami in a One Piece OAV.

  8. I really enjoyed the manga I’m glad the anime is good aswell.

  9. Hmm…

    Just saw episode one and it rocked for ME!!!!

    The gunfight in the bar with “Two Hands” going nuts made me go, WTF!? and OMGBBQ!!

    At first when I read the premise about this anime: “girl with guns,” I was a bit disappointed, because I thought this was gonna be chuck full of fanservice.

    I’m glad to watch though that the the lead character with guns does’nt reload her weapon using her rack. :lol:

  10. I really like this series so far. But, I though “two hands” name was Revy not Levi. At least that is the translation the fan sub i watch in the anime uses. There is a little bit of fanservice in this anime but its just the right amount. Im talking about the part where her butt slightly shows because her shorts are so short in episode 6. It is not overdone. It just makes you go “dang that Revy is hot”.

  11. I like the way the anime goes, specially Levi. I like tough, gun-armed girls like her and forte stollen of galxy angel, etc…

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