nekomimi akane clearance event

Ponytail Shana barely edges out nekomimi Akane… oh, heck with it, nekomimi Akane blowout! All images must go!


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  1. *standard nosebleed+faint*

    Akaneko I love you!!

  2. Finally justice for the poor Otome stuck with frisky door mat Kazu-chan. Now if I can get translation for them Japanese words I’d be set.

    The Dice Gods were right Praise be!

  3. First Picture:”I’ll definitely do something naughty-♥”

    I don’t know about the second picture – something about her breasts…

    Third Picture:”This’s embarrassing, Kazu-kun…” and then ‘bounce bounce’ sound effects.

    Fourth Picture:”Kazu-kun…”

  4. Worked out what the second picture says: “Cat breasts”. Turns out the the first word is a misspelling of the word ‘cat’ popular on some message boards. As if japanese wasn’t bad enough without deliberate spelling mistakes -_-.

  5. they needed more of nekomimi akane in every anime!

  6. Woohoo AKANE NEKOMIMI FTW!!!!

  7. more neko akane please?

  8. “Finally justice for the poor Otome stuck with frisky door mat Kazu-chan.”

    Needs more Akane/Kazuya sex de yansu.

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