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This is AoMM, after all…

Never has an anime so clearly illustrated that men are, indeed, starchy veggie-like substances from Idaho. The women, on the other hand… well… a mixed bag. A Chicken Casaer salad, if you will. Since it’s been a long time since my last top ten list

(Possible spoilers for the next episode.)

Top Ten School Rumble 女の子

10. Tenma

Tossing her a banana at the ten spot. I’m just not a fan of clueless clutzes… except, of course, if they’re moe combat waitresses from the future getting costume-raped by God herself. My main problem with Tenma is that she’s supposed to be the star, yet she’s not the most interesting character, and she doesn’t seem to grow as the series moves on. Normally, I wouldn’t care about this in a comedy series, only other characters like Eri and Mikoto show growth and change whereas Tenma is stuck in her Karasuma quicksand.

9. Mihara

Tan lines 4tw. How soon to the obligatory beach episode? And can we work in a Shuffle-like “Oops! My top fell off!” plot line into said beach episode? (And can we skip the Harima nakkidness this time around? I want to enjoy my Eri fanservice. Thank you.)

8. Onegasaki

I have no idea what she brings to the table. She’s had a very negligible effect on the plot since like 120 chapters ago. Yet, she’s a vixen. Plain and simple. What other anime character cruises around in the rain picking up depressed-looking high school boys, invites them home, and gives them beer? She does serve as a reminder of how potato-like Harima is… almost as bad as potato-Reito passing up a Mai buffet and potato-Emiya running away from a nakkid Saber. *sigh*

7. Ichijou

In any other school comedy, Ichijou would be that lovable understated girl, but here in The Rumble, there’s the queen of understatedness, Yakumo. Still, gotta love her DO YOUR BEST demeanor. Though I’m not exactly happy that she’s Imadori’s fallback girl. Just don’t get a disease, Karen.

6. Sara

Yakumo’s friend is adorable, and she keeps those creepy guys off of Yakumo. She’s cute, devout, and she has the most sane choice in men out of all the characters. Winning characer all the way aorund. Just not enough screentime.

5. Mikoto

Obligatory bouncy-bouncy ranking. She’s not really a dynamic character, and the series desperately need a storyline where she’s featured… it’s been like 100 chapters since the last one where she meets her old friend who shows up with his new girlfriend. We all need our USDA Mikoto supplements.

4. Takano

I’m usually a big fan of these “wild-card” characters that can really stir a school room comedy up. Takano is filling this role in School Rumble admirably, just like Ichijou in Pani Poni Dash, Urumi in Onizuka, and Osaka in Azumanga. Takano, though, seems to have less evil will than those two.

3. Osakabe-sensei

Itoko is all woman. No mistake about it. All woman.

2. Yakumo & 1. Eri

I’ve always advocated for Eri and Yakumo to run off to San Francisco and open their own little tea shop there, even if the post had nothing to do with either Eri, Yakumo, or School Rumble. Still, their bloodfeud over Harima is one of the more entertaining subplots (and most unrealistic… come on… any real man in Harima’s place would go, “Okay, Eri, you can have me Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays…”) to the series. It’s bad enough that neither Yakumo nor Eri really want Harima, but he doesn’t want either of them because he likes Ape-Girl instead. Still, Yakumo has that benevolent Belldandy-thing going whereas Eri is a top tier tsundere. What more can you ask for? Beyond the two of them opening a tea shop in San Fran?

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  1. Yakumo and Eri ftw, clearly, and Akira, Mikoto, Sara and Ichijou all need much more screentime and plotlines of their own.

    I disagree on Tenma, though, because I think she’s the funniest member of the cast. Shame she has never really moved from Karasuma, and seems to be getting closer to him now, but I’d like to see the pair together by the end if it means Tenma will be happy.

    As for Eri vs. Yakumo, I prefer Yakumo ever so slightly, but I think Eri is the one who Harima should end up with because they suit eachother so much more.

  2. Well… pretty much my top ten list as well.

    Tenma is really quite the bland character, not to mention one of the most irritating ones as well. She should take lessons from Yuuna on how to pull off airheadedness :P.

    Sara definitely needs more screentime, and yeah, we need a Mikoto arc as well. She more than deserves it.

    Takano’s ebilness is right enough for the show.If she was as great as Ichijou…. it would be quite distracting. She’s just perfect in her coolness now :).

    As for Yakumo and Eri… well, Yakumo edges Eri just purely on her seiyuu-san. Noto kawaii yo noto!!

  3. I dare say you mis-ranked Mikoto. She is a strong contender for 3rd or better, certainly above Takano, who probably should have been somewhere beneath Ichijou (mighty chicks rawk, you see).

  4. I love School Rumble. My favorite anime, even better than EVA.

  5. As far as possible yuri pairings go, I personally prefer Yakumo x Sara and Eri x Mikoto.

  6. >>What more can you ask for? Beyond the two of them opening a tea shop in San Fran?

    How about free tea for life at said tea shop or at least a discount for dedicated customers? Better yet how about employment at said tea shop and employee disount and 401k plan?

    As for Tenma, I admire the can do attitude and her affection for her friends as she tries, and fails at being a match maker. She does add more laughs to the mix so that is always a good thing. This potato would gladly fight for her right to dream and bring laughter into the world than some one’s precieved right to complain about trivial matters so long as poverty, corruption, and war blight this world.

    Wait isn’t Sara a nun and therefore has taken an oath of celibacy or did the Vatican recently allow Martin Luther-like marital practices? I could only get my hands on the first volume of the manga and release schedule is horrifically drawn out, I demand details on our most pious of Yakumo’s friends!

    As for Takano-sama how could you not mention the pure awesomenss of free Heckler and Koch weapons?

  7. Sara cannot be a real nun because she is too young to be allowed to take formal vow of life-long celibacy. At best, she would be taking a yearly vow.

  8. Funny enough… Tenma seemed to be quite popular in most Chinese/Japanese polls, yet in the Western audience polls she SUFFERS.
    My guess would be that Tenma completely lacks sex appeal. She’s not-quite a lolli, yet not-quite an “average”… She’s like Osaka: completely lovable, but you won’t want her as a girlfriend.
    Eri & Yakumo has always been a rather close call for me… but I prefer Yakumo slightly more because she has more of a…say…”yamato nadesico” sort of grace to her.
    And on the case of Sarah… it IS a real shame that she’s a nun (although it’s noteworthy that she ranked 7th in the most recent official popularity poll, despite low appearance rate). She did reveal in the latest side-chapter though, that she doesn’t plan on being a nun forever… Her ambitions include nurse, secretary, health inspector, tour guide, pastry chef, policewoman, flight attendant, and ultimately Yakumo’s bridesmate.

  9. Thanks for the clarification wontaek.

    I think Xiefa’s right Tenma is some one I like to cheer for. I guess in the west an influx of sex appeal sometimes leads us to demand more idealized character designs.

    As for Sara-san’s choice of careers they are all so adorably humble, and enough of them sound independent enough.

  10. Here is more materials regarding life in monastery

    They specify an age limit of 18 to begin the path to the solemn vow. Sara, at best is a religious sister who is taking yearly simple vow, but it is very unlikely for any order to accept someone below 18. As a religious sister, it is impossible for Sara to be away from her homeland, England, and she would be very likely attending one of the special Catholic school for females. There is a separate pre-theology high school for male seeking life as a priest or a monk. Those in these high schools will lead a life similar to what they would experience within monastery, but they can opt to go to plain lay life after graduation or even drop out of the school, since they would not be taking any vows, or at best, temporary vow. Only possibility is for Sara to be an Anglican Church nun, sent to assist in mission churches in Japan, but this is again very unlikely as you don’t send off someone below legal age for adult abroad to a mission. I’m afraid Character of Sara represents how little most Japanese know of christianity and the author Kobayashi Jin has made a mistake by mentioning she is a nun. A good way to correct this would be saying Sara is a daughter of Anglican Priest who is sent to Japan. As such, her life would be hard to be distinguished from real Anglican nun, but she is free to do anything with her life as far as career and marriage goes.

  11. By the way, the battle between Eri and Yakumo is also a battle between two premier voice actor, Noto Mamiko and Horie Yui. I can’t choose!!!!

  12. The fact is, SR has just way too many lovable female AND male characters and I’ll be hard pressed to rank them. Recently I’ve gone into some Akira craze and interestingly, through rereading/watching all the old scenes where she has tiny conversations, you can actually get a lot of insight about her character. It’s the really subtle inferences that let you know she’s a lot similar to Eri than you think.

  13. Am I the only person who prefers Eri to Yakumo? I think Yakumo is awesome, but there’s just something about Eri that makes me like her a whole lot more. Not so much that she’s a tsundere, but that she is at least honest to herself about her feelings. The bit in the manga where she tries to think of why she would like Harima, but can’t come up with a reason, but nonetheless decides that she should make an effort to get closer to him (most tsundere will just conclude that they don’t like the guy and go on with their life)… the section where she decides to play her favourite song after hearing that Harima is not currently going out with anyone… little details like that really fleshes out her character for me. Yakumo is too “out of it” for me to really sympathise with her, despite the fact that she’s like a perfect person.

    Harima should wake up and choose between “insanely rich and hot” and “awesome wife material and hot” and forget about the disaster that is Tenma.

    P.S. Is the anime worth watching if you’ve already read the manga and know all the jokes?

  14. Yes, because anime can tell the joke in ways manga can’t.

  15. We need Eri and Yakumo Frenching. And ignoring Harima. Who emos over not getting into some of that action.

  16. Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m an Eri fanboy. She’s the right chick.

  17. Ichijou all the way. She can German-suplex me all she wants.

  18. In all honesty Harima being oblivious to Eri is understandable from a first person persepctive, since Eri has caused Harima some problems such as shaving his head and beard. Any act of kindess would probabaly provoke a “that’s right you better be sorry” type reaction. We can only see how Eri feels because of a third person prespective.

    If some girl were to pick on you for seemingly no reason how would you react? I doubt many guys would jump at the conclusion that the said bully was in love with thine self. Nay, my gut reaction would be to fight back with any means neccessary as I believe in equality, all bullies are equally worthless. I don’t discriminate between, male and female, rich or poor, color, race, or creed. If you bring the thunder I will stoke the lightning.

    If Akira actually likes Hanai then as a tsundere she could challenge the queen.

  19. how is yakumo x eri satisfying at all? Jason, you confuse me @_@

  20. >>Harima should wake up and choose between “insanely rich and hot” and “awesome wife material and hot” and forget about the disaster that is Tenma.

    If you had choice between “insanely rich and hot” and “awesome wife material and hot”, how would you choose? I believe in long-term relationship, thus go with ‘awesome wife material” over ” $Gold$ “

  21. I just watched the first 13 eps of season 1, and while it was quite enjoyable I was rather displeased with the fact that absolutely 0 character developpement occured. Harima becoming a Noah-like seer was fun, but then he’s back to his old self. The TenmaXKarasumaXHarima didn’t evolved at all. Same goes for the support crew: except for two very minor things (the aikido rep’s feeling shifting from Yakumo to Mikoto, the small love/hate between Eri and Harmia) it’s the same. I hope for some serious advance in plot for the last 13 eps, but I don’t really expect it..

  22. >>What more can you ask for? Beyond the two of them opening a tea shop in San Fran?


    …Wait, tea? I’m sold.

    But first, Eri and Yakumo should go to Amsterdam. TO GET MARRIED. Then the tea shoppe will materialize. Mai-Otome-style.[/rimshot]

    >>how is yakumo x eri satisfying at all?
    Because it’s yuri. Yuri is forever satisfying.

  23. Re: Sarah, there are some interesting Celtic Christian possibilities for her being in Japan. Could be that her family has taken the White Martyrdom, and left England for an extended, if not permanent, mission. After all, the Culdees have a Japanese mission. But that presumes a more Scots-Irish Sarah than an English Sarah and the mangaka having an understanding of Christian history greater than many Christians, which is unlikely in Japan.

    As for the ratings, Itoko-sensei should be lower, and I’d swap Mikoto and Akira, and replace Kozue Mihara with Tsumugi Yuuki, but it’s a matter of personal preference there.

  24. I need my Yakumo and Eri crack. Tenma just… kills me instead. Tenma is funny, but she isn`t interesting because for someone with 2 season of undying love for that curry eating kappa, it gets abit tiring.

  25. This is great, Jason. :) Yes, how could it be AoMM without a ranking, and for School Rumble’s maidens, no less?

    I’ve always loved Sara from the beginning since she has such an angelic voice. I’m a sucker for the voices. Eri doesn’t really appeal to me as much others because I’m just not one for the tsundere type. Male tsundere (is there another word for that?) is sexy as hell, though. But girls just come off as bitches. It’s a double standard, alright.

    Tenma is the only ditz I can actually take. I love her. She is so goofy and bouncy, and always in high spirits. Sometimes other characters’ angst gets on my nerves when it’s overplayed in a comedy series. It helps that Tenma’s voice is great, unlike other ditzes we know (pink-haired banana girl). She just seems like a more fun character to hang around with than the usual sexy, shy ditzes. She is actually unattractive on purpose, making her more appealing.

  26. Before I begin with my speech, as an aside note, somebody know if School Rumble Nigakki is really going to have only 13 episodes? Come on, we’re still with the School Festival thing…

    Eri is my favorite character, because Yakumo doesn’t have her dynamic. Besides, Eri is the only one who really things in her feelings for Harima, at least Yakumo doesn’t show any.

    Routing for Eri & Harima, don’t ask how.

  27. I Hope the kappa will go soon!! Go Go Yakumo! I wish i’m Harima in Epi 14

  28. 5/1 Harima has a threesome with Eri and yakumo by the end of the show

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