higurashi no naku koro ni 5 (watanagashi 1)

“There are times when girls become unstable.” – Rika

Damn right.

(More screenshots of green haired, top heavy chick winking than you can shake a machete at.)


Well, the killer lolis have been rebooted, and now we see Mion is looking on as Rika rams a butcher’s knife into her own skull. *cringe* Maybe K1 will survive! Though it’s more fun to think of him like South Park’s Kenny… I want Rena going, “You bastards! You killed Keiichi! Oh wait, that was me. My bad.”


K1 is still alive, and he has a weekend playdate with the Killer Loli SOS Brigade. Where exactly in the story does it branch from? Does Rena have her KFC statue in this branch?

I’m suddenly craving some melonpan right now…

Why is Mion packing heat? And I’m not talking about those 38DD’s. I’m getting worried… shooting someone just isn’t as creepy lolitastic as using a machete. Anti-climatic even. Is this the arc where she does kill the police detective and take his gun? Is that his gun?

“Pikachu, I choose you!”

They go to a neighborhood toy store to enter a contest, and the girls use their, uh, charm, to dominate, until K1 wises up and starts cheating with the guys. Dude is resourceful, I must give him that, even if there’s going to be a machete sticking out of his stomach in three episodes if he pisses Rena off too much.


The Killer Loli SOS Brigade’s punishment prize for losing is that the loser must do what the winner says. I hope K1 wins so Mion’s rack can be involved in some shape, way, or form. (Wait, this isn’t a h-visual novel. BOO! HISS!)


Before they settle the game, Mion runs off to her job… she bikes off from the toy store to her job. File this tidbit away somewhere. Right eye wink… mmm…

(I love that watermelon-jack-o-lantern in the background. Is that a Nanami special?)


“Damn, I was hoping for the limited edition Suigintou or the Suiseiseki to complete my set” as K1 glossed over his consolation prize with 11 to 15% worth of adoration. “I already have three of these Shinkus.”


K1 gets hungry, and Rena doesn’t want to go eat with him (so if the first arc is analogous to Rena’s story, this must be Mion’s story… honestly, tsundere, top-heavy, killer loli trumps girl-next-door killer loli in my book). He ends up going to a new restaurant where he meets…










Only as both K1 and I temporarily lose control of our higher mental functions at the sight of incredibliy hawt waitress Mion, Mion explains that she’s not Mion! She’s her slightly younger twin, Shion. Wha?


(Of course, in the OP, they show two Mions, which kinda spoils the fun a bit.)


In any case, they can’t leave ultra-cute waitress Shion alone… they have to make her seem creepy. *sigh*


The next day, K1 confronts Mion about Shion, and Shion struggles explaining the situation. Even Rena doesn’t know that Mion had a twin… if you had a twin, wouldn’t your closest killer loli accomplice know? So Mion says that she doesn’t live with Shion, yet Shion mentioned that she knows a lot about K1 because they talk all the time. Remember, this is 1983… it’s not like there’s cell phones, IM, or Evangelion Unit 01.


Also, Mion explains that Shion works at the restaurant but Mion works at the toy store “with that old man.” Wait, Mion didn’t bike away from the toy store with said old man to go to her job? Mmm… sounds like Mion’s story has more holes in it than Mai Otome! Ba-duh-doom!

(I have to remind K1 at this point of Hisui and Kohaku. If both twins love you too much, don’t piss either one off. I advocate for the “threesome” defense… logical “happy end” for everyone that needs to be used more often. Do I want a happy end now that I’ve witnessed Mion and Shion’s glory? Yes.)


After K1 gets home, Shion shows up and gives him a dinner bento, with 25% less needles in it! Though I find it strange that a girl would (1) know where this random boy she barely knows is (2) goes over to his house alone (3) makes him a bento because somehow her sister Mion told her, despite the fact they don’t live together. How’d she get there so fast with a bento… K1 just got home!


(Still, adorablely cute and hawt Shion takes my mind off of plot holes for a second.)


The bento doesn’t seem to have any needles in it! Score! It does seem to be infused with deliciousness, which may be bad news for K1… if both Shion and Mion fall for him, I may murder him myself and then write a 2,500 word post about it. Though I’m hoping Rena will do the job for me.


The next day at school, Rika and Satoko skip out of the Killer Loli SOS Brigade’s game since Rika needs to practice for Watanashi, where she’ll most likely die. Mion, on the other hand, is winking with her left eye.


With no club activities, K1 decides to go flirt with Shion a bit, only he runs into some trouble with some rejects from Gokusen.


Shion comes to K1’s rescue and shows off her emo facial contortion… wow… I’m in love. Anyway, note that her eyes don’t go into neko-seed mode like Rena and Mion’s from the previous arc.

(Whew! I was getting afraid we’d actually get through an episode of Higurashi without some emo facial contortion.)


A lot of people mysteriously and suddenly gather around and the scene, and the punks scurry away. K1 must feel good about his chances… killer loli saves his ass. Though I really, really wouldn’t piss Shion off now.

Left Eye

Shion and K1 then walk home… awww so cute.

Right Eye

Though it’s missing the “incredibily jealous Rena hiding behind a sign with a machete.”


K1 returns Shion’s bento, only Shion doesn’t know… Mion’s bento? Mmm… more and more plausible.


On second thought, maybe I’ll murder K1 myself.


Okay, where’s that machete… did I leave it in the garage?


I was thinking about how the scene could get even more awesome. Either (1) Rena popping up with a machete (2) K1 saying, “Hey, that looks like a nice hotel over there, want to check it out? And if cell phones were cheap and plentiful like in 2006, maybe we can call Mion and invite her too.” (3) Haruhi showing up and forcing Shion into a bunny girl costume, only with Shion trying to murder Haruhi afterwards (4) Mion popping up and interrupting their date-like substance.


Looks like (4). Damn. I was hoping for (2).


Wait, if Mion likes K1, and Shion knows so, isn’t she just tossing gasoline on the fire at this point? Maybe Mion is the nice one, and Shion is the dominatrix after all. Just love Shion’s expression here… she can be in my harem anyday.


The next day at school, Mion has trouble with K1. Arima x Yukino this ain’t.

(Wait, when did Mion fall for K1? When did this manifest?)


And the killer lolis give K1 some womenly advice, namely, “This is how stab with a butcher’s knife, Kei-kun!”


I’m 100% confused about this whole Mion/Shion thing, and I can’t be more delighted about it. There were quite a few times where Mion/Shion seemed to have switched places, and not just the bento scene, like how “Mion” bikes away from the toy store to her job, yet Mion pops up interrupting Shion’s pseudo-date by emerging from that same toy store. Mion actually seems like the normal one whereas Shion is the lord and master (like how she summoned all those people).

If I had to re-rank my thin slice for the new season, Higuarashi would sit comfortably in the two-spot thanks the possibilities of some Mion/Shion catfights. If it were any other season, like, oh, last season (definitely better than Magikano and F/SN combined) or the season before that (tops Shana and that Rozen Maiden series that didn’t feature enough Suiseiseki). Just that poor Shion/Mion is up against the moest of moe combat waitresses from the future this season.

I also mentioned last episode that “it’s not rewatchable.” Well, Mion/Shion is definitely rewatchable, but not because I’m trying to understand the plot any better. More like, does she have a star-shaped birthmark anywhere? The strength of Higurashi has been its killer lolis, and now it adds some possible plot triangulation with the previous arc (like, oh, why wasn’t Shion in that and where’s oharuhi oyashiro in this one?) and then it really kicks it up a notch with the possibility of either twincest (my preference) or twincide (which seems to be where we’re heading).

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  1. From this episode, you can imply that Mion similarly had feelings for Keiichi in Onikakushi-hen hint hint

  2. Well, the killer lolis have been rebooted, and now we see Mion is looking on as Rena rams a butcher’s knife into her own skull.

    That was Rika actually…

  3. Jason, Mion’s had the gun since episode 1.

  4. >> That was Rika actually…

    Classic example of brain moving faster than I can type.

  5. *finishes actually watching it*

    You know, the show almost had me convinced that Shion was either just a massive joke on Mion’s part, or an actual sperate personality…and then Mion showed up.

    Anyway, Shion is clearly the dominant twin…but really, is that so surprising?

  6. Jason, Mion’s had the gun since episode 1.

    I’m continually amused by how the show goes out of its way to NOT mention the gun.

  7. Ok, I’m with Jason…

    Just remember the “Na” over the title in red, not only for “nana”, maybe a lot more meanings could it be found.

  8. Well, according to the beginning of episode 5, “Mion” did not bring her gun…
    Is that… Shion?

  9. Eh? During the Rika Stabby Stabby scene?

    She has the gun.

  10. Wait a minute, I never saw that gun… damn, and I have to put more attention to details

    If you think carefully, maybe we’re going to have seven parallel storylines here, that’s what I think, because in next episode we’ll see the same woman who disappears after photographer (I don’t remember his name) dies.

    I think both of them are a little creepy. At least this time only show us one death (Rika), I want to believe there’re going to be more. LOL Shion and Mion, I want to know were did those names come from ^_^

    As I say, “Na” could be “Nana” for seven arcs in 26 episodes.
    Hey Jason, can you tell us a few other words that star with “Na” and have a relation with this series. Thanks a lot.

    I love it, it’s funny to read “machete” over the subs and here. I know that word doesn’t exist in English, but it’s funny anyway.

  11. So now that we know there’s a mion and shion, is it possible it was shion who was helping rena in the first arc?

  12. Mmm…I somehow doubt it.

    However it is almost definite that Shion was how Mion learned that K1 and Oishii had lunch together.

  13. I’m starting to thinking that Keiichi might actually survive this arc…at least until he gets some hot twin action. lol

  14. OK, at least we know Rika is going to kill herself LOL
    Let me see, we have 4 girls and 1 boy
    Damn it! That damn “Na” is still in my head

  15. Nice catch about the “Mion” biking away from the toy shop to go to her arubaito. Thanks for making me more confused.

  16. I love this show. and I am getting more attached to show.
    I am sure most knows that this show is based on game.
    If any of you are into show as much as I am, check info @wikipedia. you will get a good idea how long a story can be, and that info at wikipedia is filled with spoilers (well not detailed but still alot, so watch out what you are reading).

    I also found animesuki forum. there are both game and episodes thread. alot of people who played game gives good feedback. Make sure check them if you wish. but has too much spoilers.

    Well, I thought 4 episodes mark the series and end it with alot of question, but seems like this is only the begining. according to info around web, the story will become more hard core.

    I think this Watanagashi-hen (assuming ep 5-8) will be fun, but I think we might not see much until we hit around episodes 7 or 8, but ep 6 might be important. be sure to watch it. based on info, Takano is one of key members in the show when it comes to mystery. I will stop @ this point. too much spoilers :)

  17. >> if both Shion and Mion fall for him, I may murder him myself and then write a 2,500 word post about it.

    And then it turns out that he’s been dating futanari twins who shaft his ass to death.

    And then Jason writes about his new mental scars. In 2500 words or less.

    Also, Jason, machetes are so passe. You wanna sever arteries in style, use a Spyderco Harpy. It worked for Hannibal Lecter.

  18. Rika is going to die, so erribly sneaky of K1 to bait those two kids like that, he never delivered. The MionxShion twincest was a most arduous trial, but my faith is strong. As for ridding oneself of the doormat obstacle, you’d be a fool to use a machete. Too up close and personal and ameteurish, nay there is nothing more dangerous than an otaku with his/her rifle. Death by sniper is inglorious, impersonal, and can be interpreted as the wrath of heaven. Remember, you must be moblie, agile, and hostile. A stationary sniper is a dead sniper.

  19. I was worried were this series was going after ep 5, but I’m satisfied with the way it’s sorted out. Maybe at this rate, Keiichi may survive an arc or 2.

    And maybe…just MAYBE…Shion was Oyashiro-sama in the 1st Arc!!! Duh-duh-DUUN!!


  20. OMG, Shion ^^ .

  21. It’s an Airsoft gun…

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