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I got this idea after my bantering with Crusader about Haruhi’s position in a harem. So here’s the idea… take all the characters one knows of in anime and build one’s ideal harem from it. Who does one choose? In what order does one choose it in? What would it say about one’s personality beyond, “I need a more constructive use of my free time?”

To actually limit the scope, I propose two restrictions. The first is that the harem has a limit of six characters, since most harem series have an average of six characters, and a “household meido,” invoking the standard AoMM meido clause. The second is that unless the characters are twins/triplets (count as one… can’t have twincest without a twin!), no more than one character from a series. Of course, one can just pick nothing but twins to maximize harem members, but that’s just one way of going about it. Another way, for example, if you have a death wish, maybe a harem of:

  1. Higurashi‘s Rena
  2. Dokuro‘s Dokuro
  3. Shuffle‘s Kaede
  4. Elfen Lied‘s Nyuu
  5. Hare + Guu‘s Guu
  6. F/SN‘s Sakura

And Tsukihime‘s Hisui and Kohaku as the household meido. That would be Harem Won’t See Next Week.

Or maybe a different challenge example…

  1. Mai Hime‘s Shizuru
  2. Mai Otome‘s Tomoe
  3. Girls Bravo‘s Kozame
  4. Pani Poni Dash‘s Rokugo
  5. Ichigo Mashimaro‘s Nobue
  6. Strawberry Panic‘s Shizuma

And He Is My Master‘s Anna as the household meido for Harem No Chance.

But, for me, it would go something like this… there’s only one choice to lead off. As Crusader pointed out, If I don’t pick this character, she’s just going to haunt me… kinda like how some idiot in one of my fantasy NBA leagues picked Tim Duncan over LBJ with the first pick, and he wondered how I mopped the floor with him.

#1. Haruhi Suzumiya, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya HD

Hopefully, she’ll dress up everyone in fetish costumes. Maybe I should pick Mahoraba‘s Chiyuri for an accomplice, but, nah, that’s just overkill. Only have six spots to work with here. For the next spot, I want someone to bring out the best qualities of Haruhi. Kinda like how Cleveland desperately needs a shooter to take pressure off of James. So I need a well-endowed doormat from the future…

#2. Meer Campbell, Gundam Seed Destiny

Others getting consideration: Bleach‘s Orohime, Ai Yori Aoshi‘s Taeko, Genshiken‘s Ohno. Would Zaft have defeated Orb if Meer gave her speech in a bunny outfit? Can you imagine Lacus trying to compete against Bunny Girl Meer? I can just imagine Dearka… “Mmm… you want me to jam that? You sure?” And that’s why Meer is #2… for the possibility of an extreme Haruhi makeover. Even though Haruhi is a God, neither she nor Meer have shown any affinity for hand-to-hand combat. I need a bodyguard…

#3. Suigintou, Rozen Maiden

Omega tsundere to boot. (Suiseiseki is my favorite RM character, but she seems like the kind of person who won’t get along with Haruhi. Chemistry problems, like McNabb and Owens. Plus, Suiseiseki can’t fight her way out of a cardboard box.) And if Suigintou becomes Alice, all the better. For #4, I need a mobile suit pilot. If you don’t understand why, you just don’t watch enough anime. There’s only one mobile suit pilot / stripper…

#4. Fasalina, Gun x Sword

Though if it’s revealed that Haruhi can pilot Wing Zero, I may change this pick to Crest of the Star‘s Lafiel. Queen and a warship captain… mmm… space-faring harem. For #5, it gets a bit more interesting. I actually started this post like, uh, almost a week ago but never got around finishing it, and, as recently as yesterday, I had a different name for the fifth spot. Just shows the instant history nature of the internet. Every decent harem has a loli, so why not a killer loli? And why have one when two is available?

#5. Mion and Shion, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

(And can’t have a harem without symmetrical docking.)

Hopefully, they’ll kill my enemies instead of me. Hopefully. But can I pass up well-endowed twins with a hint of evil? At least Suigintou has my back. I’m also developing this weird attraction to winking. Don’t ask. Lastly, since I already know who the household meido are, the #6 spot should go to somewho who has strengths where the household meido has weaknesses and vice-versa.

#6. Belldandy, ああっ女神さまっ

Finally… they’ve been on top of the Meido Power Rankings™ like forever.

Household Meido. Ichigo, Ringo, Sango, La Verite

(For people who read this blog, none of these should be surprises.)

Looking back on it, there’s a lot of difficult calls, and I can’t believe I spent half an hour writing this post when I could be writing about Soul Link, Tactical Roar, or the new Cluster Edge OVA instead. Still, the amount of characters in anime is vast, and trying to narrow to six is difficult. Could School Rumble‘s Eri, Shakugan no Shana‘s Shana, To Heart‘s Healthy Girl, Pita Ten‘s Shia, Hayate‘s Maria, Fate/Stay Night‘s Saber, Full Metal Panic‘s Mao, Full Metal Alchemist‘s Winry, Melody of Oblivion‘s Toune, Tenchi Muyo‘s Sasami, Nanoha‘s Fate, Utena‘s Utena, Magikano‘s Maika, Dual‘s Mitsuki, Kanon‘s Akito, Rave‘s Elie, Mai Otome‘s Nina (out of pity) or Rosary (real pick), Tsukuyomi‘s Hazuki, Ai Yori Aoshi‘s Aoi, Da Capo‘s Yoriko, or Iriya no Sora‘s Iriya fit into this? Now I know at least why the harem lead always has a difficult time picking. How would one go about? Something balanced? Or a harem filled with crazy lunatics (though I think mine tips the scale towards “crazy” more than “normal”) or filled with lolis or filled with MILFs or filled with haardo gay males? Endless combinations. Just don’t waste too much free time thinking about it or that post on Soul Link will never get done.

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    1. Sakuya Izayoi, from Touhou.
    2. Kotobukiya Yuki, from Suigetsu.
    3. Wilhelmina, from Shana.
    4. Asahina Mikuru, from Haruhi.
    5. Yuuno in a meido outfit, from Nanoha.
    6. KoGil in a meido outfit, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

    I don’t need the household maids because EVERYONE IS A MAID. O_O

    And if I have to include maids, Hisui and Kohaku. Duh.

    And why two shotas feature in the list? Don’t ask.

  2. Hmm…. tough call.

    How about:

    1. Full Metal Panic – Chidori Kaname
    2. Kimagure Orange Road – Ayukawa Madoka
    3. Maison Ikkoku – Kyoko Otonashi
    4. Haruhi – Asahina Mikuru (Every harem need a loli doormat!)
    5. School Rumble – Sawachika Eri
    6. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Mion and Shion (Gotta have twins)

    And for the maid hmm… Mariel from Hanaukyo Maid Tai I suppose. At least she will get the job done.

    The only problem I can see with this harem is I would have to have Keitaro’s constitution to survive the daily beatings and seething jealousy.

  3. The “World Peace” Harem

    ..) School Rumble ~ Yakumo
    ..) SHaruhi ~ Yuki
    ..) TChronicle ~ Sakura
    ..) Air ~ Minagi
    ..) Suzuka ~ Honoka
    ..) NGEvangelion ~ Rei

    Meido… Hisui from Tsuikihime… without her sister.

  4. Meganekko and Ninja Harem:
    1. Ayuki from Kashimashi (Duh!)
    2. Chisagu Ui and Koi from Futakoi (Fills the twin slot)
    3. Minazuki Taeko from Ai Yori Aoshi (Fills the maid slot)
    4. Shikimi from Himawari! (Crossover ninja/meganekko!)
    5. Yamame Hattori from Kage Kara Mamoru! (Fills the loli slot)
    6. Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto (Fills the shy girl spot)

    I have a feeling it would be a tough battle between Ayuki and Shikimi, who happens to be both a ninja and a meganekko. Now that’s what I call real ultimate power!

  5. I wondered what you were going to concoct after your last statement. Suffice to say this should prove most amusing after you have wisely paid proper homage to our Lady Suzumiya Haruhi. As long as Haruhi-sama doesn’t mind…I just wish to remind you that what she says is Law. Never forget that you are still a mere potato, all candiates must be Haruhi approved for costume utility.

    As a memeber of the Order of Knights Haruhi my list is as follows:

    1. The Lady Suzumiya Haruhi, by her blessing I will remain faithful, true, and honorable
    2. Akira, my first and foremost weapon of justice, my M-16 rifle
    3. Sango, my trusted ally my dear M-240
    4. Yuzuki, my loyal back-up, my M-9 pistol
    5. Sakura, my aegis, my Ineteceptor Armor, though she may be a burden at times may she bring me back from the the river styx that I may live to serve once more.
    6. Yakumo, my soon to be HUMVEE, may she be as understanding and supportive as her namesake, through thick and thin, through hillbilly armor and real armor kit. Finally may she be forgiving when my mechanical knowledge fails.

    Meido: Willhelmenia, my M4 Super 90, may she perform clean ups as dutifully and thoroughly as her namesake.

    What? You cheated too with your twins and triplets. I am not wierd I am currently under the influence and above all devout. Besides all ministers of death are married to their weapons of alloy and composites.

  6. For some reason many of my favorite female anime characters seem to use swords. Maybe I have a sword fetish or something. So here is a 100% sword wielding list:

    Suigintou (yes, she does have a sword)
    Youmu Konpaku (from Touhou)
    Saber (though I like Rin as well)
    Shana (no introduction needed)
    Motoko (from Love Hina)
    Setsuna (from Negima, supposedly Motoko’s student)
    meido: Konoe Tsurugi (from Hanaukyo)

    It’s surprising that, outside of Suigintou and maybe Motoko, I don’t think they would try to kill me. In fact, I think I would survive longer than the majority of you guys.

  7. Toujo Aya (Ichigo 100%)
    Miyazawa Yukino (Kare Kano)
    Lucy (Elfen Lied)
    Tessa Testarossa (Full Metal Panic)
    Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicle)
    Adult Skuld (Ah! My Goddess)
    Meido: Wilhelmina (Shakugan no Shana)

    Decided to dive back a little for my harem picks. If it were just recent (i.e., past 12 months), Kaede, Haruhi (of the Melancholy kind), and Shana would make the cut.

  8. Well if I can only get six, I’ll make every spot are capable of giving me endless entertainment.

    1) Guu from HareGuu. With the added bonus of Yamada-san and that other girl whose name I can’t remember, three for the price of one!
    2) Becky from PPD!. I wouldn’t actually DO anything to her, but she’s just sooooo adorable.
    3) Shirogane Sarah and Soujyo from Futakoi Alternative for twins. They are just awesome.
    4) Dorami-chan from Doraemon. Robotic cat from the future! Satisfies 4 fetishes(loli, robot, nekomimi, mirai-jin)! Awesome contraptions from the future!
    5) Chidori Kaname from Full Metal Panic! series. She is probably my top favourite female anime character, ever, because she is just SO DAMN COOL.
    6) Ohno Ayako from Genshiken. Cosplay. And the only one who would actually speak a language I can understand.
    Meido) Maids never jump out at me in anime, so I guess I’ll just go with the Mad Dog from Black Lagoon, just to make up for the lack of fire-power. Guu doesn’t count, she’ll just direct her fire-power towards me.

    The only other people I really want to fit in there are Eri from School Rumble, Shizuka from Doraemon and Raquel from Scrapped Princess. If Raquel was a maid she would’ve taken Mad Dog’s place.

  9. 1. Nana Osaki – Nana
    2. Akari – Aria
    3. Winry – FMA
    4. Chikane – Kannazuki no miko
    5. Belldandy – AMG
    6. Becky – Pani poni dash (She is too cute not to be here)

  10. Actual Harem:
    1. Iwakura Lain – Serial Experiments Lain (shy/quiet). All-time favourite. The reason I got into anime.
    2. Suzumiya Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu-utsu (tsun…. dere?). Current favourite. Combined with Lain these two have the ability to remake the world in anyway they see fit. ^^0
    3. Shirogane Sara/Soujuu – Futakoi Alternative (twins). Sara is my favourite of the two but Soujuu really shines in Alternative unlike her blander portrayal in the Futakoi and the PS2 game.
    4. Suzumiya Akane – Kiminozo (imouto). Head and shoulders above all the other females in Kiminozo.
    5. Oume Ayumu – Gokujou Seitokai (ninja). Seemingly plain but really cute ninja. Her stories in both the series and the PS2 game were good.
    6. Fate Testarossa – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (loli). Her story makes me so want to cuddle her T_T
    Maid: Never really went for the maid fetish… if pressed I’ll take the loophole of Yaya – Strawberry Panic cos she wore a maid outfit in ep5.

    Themed Harem: Techno-gals/Hackers
    1. Iwakura Lain – Serial Experiments Lain
    2. Nagato Yuki – Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu-utsu
    3. Hoshino Ruri – Nadesico
    4. Yatouji Satsuki – X
    5. Sharon Apple – Macross Plus
    6. Skuld – Ah My Goddess
    Mentions: Edward (Cowboy Bebop), Ibuki Maya (Eva), Motoko Kusanagi (GitS) to substitute if above lineup is too ‘quiet’.

  11. Zyl’s elder sister-type harem:
    Natsumi Hinata (Keroro)
    Taiga Fujimura (FSN)
    Asa Shigure (SHUFFLE!)
    Lunamaria Hawke (GSD)
    Melissa Mao (FMP!)
    Balalaika (Black Lagoon)
    Meido: Wilhelmina Carmel (Shana)

    Deciding the pack order will be rather difficult and possibly violent…

  12. I don`t know, but 6 Haruhi in a harem would be extremely entertaining don`t you think so?

    Unless we all die from Haruhi overdose.

  13. Seiyuu themed harem get!

    * Komachi (Samurai 7) – moral support
    * Lavie (Last Exile) – engineer
    * Natsumi Hinata (Keroro Gunsou) – mecha offense
    * Anita King (R.O.D. TV) – melee
    * Hazuki (Tsukuyomi) – psychological (charm)
    * Rebecca Miyamoto (Pani Poni Dash) – genius

    * Kokoro (Kokoro Toshokan) – lesbrarian maid

    You win an internet for knowing the seiyuu without looking it up. ;P

  14. My #1 is Lafiel from Banner of Stars for I am already married to one. Rest of the staff is formed only to support her.

    #2 is Yakumo from School Rumble. She will be minister of interior affairs, taking care of the house hold works.

    #3 is Shirakawa Kotori from D.C. with her full telepathy which will be used to best effect for the gain of the whole household.

    #4 Tohosaka Rin from F/SN for her Magic. You never know what happens.

    #5 Shinguji Sakura from Sakura Wars. Multiple combat options.

    #6 Ko Shurei from Saiunkoku Monogatari. We need someone with good head on her shoulder to keep things running smoothly.

    Maid: Andou Mahoro from Mahoromatic. Should take care of most of the attackers.

  15. Hmm, to be truthful I was playing around with the same idea a while ago when I was bored. The end result would be a “Childhood Friends And Princess” Harem, a drawback are certain mysteries behind almost every character. Overall nothing extraordinary and it fills perfectly every possible role, I think… ;)

    1. Ayu Tsukimiya (Kanon)

    A girl who bumped into me the other day in the city. Easy-going and cute she doesn’t have any household abilities but she’s a good friend, or perhaps even more than that.

    An interesting detail I noticed lately is that she’s looking for something she lost but after questioning her she doesn’t even know what she is searching for. I have never seen her parents nor been at her home and in the back of my mind it feels like I should know her from seven years ago. It’s as if she’s shrouded by mysteries but whenever I am together with her I quickly forget about those.

    2. Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle!)

    The kind-hearted friend from my childhood. We already went in the same kindergarten and nowadays she comes over everyday to cook my meals since the sudden and unexpected disappearence of my parents. ;)

    Lately, after all the troublesome happenings, she’s been quiet and I often catch her sitting around with a weird look on her face while playing with a boxcutter and uttering weird phrases like “He’s mine…” and “I won’t let you have…”, whenever that happens my left eye starts to ache. I feel like I’m forgetting something.

    3. Tamaki Kousaka (To Heart 2)

    Another childhood friend of mine. She is two years older than me which makes her my senpai. Still, together with Kaede we were an inseparable trio back then, though she used to make often fun of me and treat me like her toy.

    Had to move away due to her parent’s work and only recently came back to this town. Immediately paying us a visit after her return she invoked some fear in me that those old times may come back, but she’s become quite a lady during the time we didn’t see her. Sometimes I hear her mumbling something about a promise, but I have no idea what she means.

    4. Lacus Clyne/Meer Campbell (Gundam Seed/Destiny)

    The school idol and her twin sister. Rumours say that their different surnames are a result of their father having love affairs with every woman he meets but they always ensure us that those are only their pennames. I wonder what the truth may be.

    One thing I know for sure, their friendly sister act is only a facade. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but when I was carrying back some materials for our club meeting I happened to overhear an argument between the two which almost ended in a fight. My knocking interfered this time but what about other times?

    5. Eri Sawachika (School Rumble)

    The tomboyish exchange student from *******. She came to our school in the middle of the year and first thing she did on her introduction was to fall around my neck and great me like an old lover of hers, which earned me many hateful glances from members of both sexes in my class. Seemingly we met already as children and she always wanted to meet up with me again.

    Rumours say that she may be a princess or as rich as one. Always avoids topics which have to do with her background and she never invites us to her home. Intriguing…

    6. Kotori Shirakawa (Da Capo)

    I met her recently in the park where she was singing with a beatiful voice which enchanted me. Later I found out that she’s going to the same school as I. It seems she’s a member of the choir but is missing often from the activities as well as the school.

    Rumours say that she is paranoid and fears contact to other people. I would not believe those rumours weren’t it for that incident last week.

    House Maids: Hisui and Kohaku (Tsukihime)

    The twin sisters grew up in our house and have served since they were old enough to do the housework. Their family is indebted to our family but I always make sure not to treat them like maids but as full fledged family member.

    Recently weird things have begun to happen in our household. Uppon questioning Kohaku always feings ignorance and remains her always smiling self but Hisui becomes more and more sad with every day. I begin to worry what may have happened to the two.

    An addition to that, not really a part of the harem though…(actually I had somehow lost count and ended up with seven instead of the magical number six) :P

    Shinobu Maehara (Love Hina)

    She’s the daugther of our family’s best friends. To ensure that she learns something about this world she was enrolled in the lower grade of my school and lives at my home where she helps out with the chores.

    The letter from her parents addressed to me only said “Every harem needs a sister type and/or lolita type” … “Huh?!” – I really don’t get the meaning behind those words but since she didn’t have any other place to go to I let her stay at our house. When my parents come back I should really have a long talk with them. Assuming they come back one day.

    Hmm, ok, I see I’m also missing something robot/alien alike. Of course one shouldn’t forget some pet thingie as well. Those are absolutely needed! Meh, imperfect choice, but fun nonetheless. ;)

    Oh and sorry for that long paragraph, not that anybody would bother to read it all anyway. =)

  16. ultimate fighting team!
    1) Michelle (R.O.D. TV) Paper bow & arrow
    2) Mai (Mai Hime). Balls of fire and jubblies? we can’t go much better than this, unless we pull out a flying mecha fire-breathing dragon. Oh wait.
    3) Rukia (Bleach). sword awesomeness.
    4) Madlax (Madlax). We need a gunfighter, and Grenadier just isn’t my style.
    5) Chidori (Full Metal Panic). Paper fan. end of story.
    6) Osaka (Azumanga) http://www.animemyass.com/uplo....._22_17.png need I say more?

    Maid: Kozue (Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~) In dress-fetish mode, Correct! not including her would be a sin, even though she has no combat skills; she would be unparalleled in re-dressing the rest of the cast in outfits befitting of them.

  17. Girls With Guns Harem:

    * Rally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats) – The quintessential Gun Babe.
    * Priss (Bubblegum Crisis… the first one) – Ambiguous sexuality for the win.
    * Misato (Eva) – Well, a little bit. Anyway, hawtness.
    * Faye (Bebop) – Capricious, avaricious, needy, underdressed… I’m pretty sure I’ve already dated her.
    * Kiyone (Tenchi) – Blue hair, from space… maybe a little redundant with the previous two entrants.
    * Levy (Black Lagoon) – They call her The Two Hands for a reason.

    Um… the only maid I can think of offhand that has a gun is Mahoro, and as I recall, she doesn’t share my hobbies. She can hold the camera.

  18. Hmm… I started writing out my choice and I realized that I have a thing for tsundere >

  19. wow, the post got eaten up…

    Hmm… I started writing out my choice and I realized that I have a thing for tsundere ^^;; So, here’s my list. Lotsa tsundere but I don’t think all of them are.

    1. Haruhi – Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. What more can be said?
    2. Tohsaka Rin – Fate/Stay Night. She’s really awesome. Easily one of the two reasons why I’m still watching FSN (the other being Rin x Saber)
    3. Akiha Tohno – Shingetsutan Tsukihime. She doesn’t qualify as tsundere I don’t think but she’s got this awesome mysterious air about her. Satisfies the siscon fetish too.
    4. Asuka Langley Soryuu – Neon Genesis Evangelion, what?
    5. Shana – Shakugan no Shana. Urusai urusai urusai! Plus, since this is a harem, there’s gotta be a loli somewhere.
    6. Shibamura Mai – Gunparade March, kinda an odd choice, I know, but I remember watching that series way back then and being blown away at how they were able to fit a romance into a war storyline. Props to that and to the Mai character.

    For the maid, I gotta go with Wilhelmina for pure character design awesomeness alone.

  20. The “I-need-to-get-my-work- done-so-I-can’t-have-a- harem-distracting-me” harem:

    1) The character whose name begins with “Suzumiya” and “Haru”: Haruka Suzumiya from Kiminozo (she IS in a coma after all)
    2) The character who is actually from Haruhi: Nagato
    3) The mecha pilot: Emma Sheen from Zeta Gundam (If I start procrastinating, I’ll get discipline beaten into me)
    4) The token loli: Becky Miyamoto from Pani Poni Dash! (make fun of her and she hides in the corner)
    5) Kyounyuu dojikko: Yomiko from ROD (see #2)
    6) Random slot: Midori from My-Hime (she’ll either also be working on papers or she’ll be passed out in a pool of her own vomit)
    7) Meido: Mel and Ci from Sakura Wars (What’s better than nekomimi meido? French, singing, bridge bunny, nekomimi meido!)

  21. Oddly, I was discussing this on msn last night, and it proved difficult. Most characters I’d put in a harem are pretty recent. As time goes on, haremability increases, perhaps.

    As for a custom harem, I wouldn’t choose this one personally but I’m sure someone would – Haremaster Abuse Harem.

    1) Rider (Fate/Stay Night)
    2) Rena (Higurashi)
    3) Bel Peol (Shana)
    4) Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)
    5) Tomoe (Mai Otome
    6) Tomo (Azumanga)…pain through annoyance

    My personal harem…poor Rin just misses out.
    1) Yakumo Tsukamoto. The Queen, Empress and Goddess of All.
    2) Haruhi…of Ouran. Eighty times cuter than that other Haruhi.
    3) Nenene of R.O.D. No question.
    4) Yuuko of xxxholic. If she is unavailable, perhaps Rin Sohma.
    5) Aki Hinata. Older women, meganekko, everything.
    6) Mitsuki from KGNE, for all harems need odd-coloured hair and general win.
    Meido would be Wilhelmina, purely because she is Wilhelmina.

  22. How about Armagedon harem?

    #1. Urd from A!MG. She is the destroyer of the world.
    #2. Suzumiya Haruhi. Don’t let her be bored
    #3. Ashura: many choices here starting with old favorite from Peacock King ( Kujak Oh ), all of them who can set the whole world on fire
    #4. Arcueid Brunestud from Tshukihime. She almost committed genocide by herself.
    #5. Racquel from Scrapped princess. No one can cast spells faster than her. Although #1 through #4 is stronger, Racquel would have landed at least two, if not three spells on them before they charge up enough for one attack.
    #6. Huh Hoyeun from Robot King ( a Korean Manga and anime ) Version 2 ( after she gets an upgrade from the alien who made Robot King ). She is a cyborg who can geneate 200,000 HP, repulsor beam from both hand, and move at speed exceeding Mach 5. Her human brain is interfaced with a router which can communicate with any willing computer ( she can’t break through normal software protections, but can run and manipulate programs, of which she has been granted access by the computer OS, at speed much faster than normal humans ). This router is primarily for information storage and retrieval with a computer unit imbedded in her. Best female melee character ever, beating up several giant mechas on her own before the upgrade, when her maximum power was only 100,000HP.

    Maid: Mahoro. Only maid with high enough combat capability and cooking skill to handle this crowd.

    Please tell me if you can think of better member(s).

  23. This looks like fun. It’d be so cool if I was the only female doing this…

    In order ~
    1. Suzumiya Haruhi – Only god I will ever worship~
    2. Sonozaki Mion & Shion (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) – I just love them. A lot.
    3. Asa Shigure (SHUFFLE!) – She began my green-hair fetish… And she’s probably the safest girl on this list.
    4. Anemone (Eureka seveN) – Would have been Eureka through green hair but… I’m just too deep in love with Anemone.
    5. Shizuru (Mai Otome) – I need a lesbian on this list, so why not the best?
    6. Yoruichi (Bleach) – She’s… too cool.

    Meido~ Wilhelmina of course. I love her design and her speech de arimasu~

    That was pretty hard… So many girls I am partial to. Th e only easy thing was choosing one person per series… except for Higurashi, thank goodness they are twins~

  24. 1. Eve and Lilith (Yami) – Hot pair of lesbian sisters who lives a cosmic library. Each book is a different world. I can used the books to help me colelct my Harem.

    2. Rider (FSN)- like i need say anything more. She is also quite helpful if i need to get anywhere fast with peagus

    3. Asa-chan (Shuffle) – Ressurection magic

    4. Mai (Mai-Hime) – Someone has to do the cooking and organizating the Harem.

    5. Ifurita – Strongest of the Demon Goddess and very loyal.

    6. Ruri-chan – Because what kind of self respecting Harem doesn’t have a loli. And Ruri can help catlogue the books.

    Runners Up:
    Sakura/Rin (FSN)
    Natsuki (MH)
    Hecate (Shana)
    Wielhelma (Shana)
    Ama-san (Shuffle)
    Mashiro (Mai-Hime)
    Sara (Shamanic Princess)
    Tess (FMP)
    Umi (Rayearth)

  25. My Ideal Harem cast:

    1: Naru Narusegawa (Love Hina)
    Rank: Serious/Tsundere
    Like her rank says, she doesn’t like any screwing around, and she definitely has the power to support her beliefs. Her and Haruhi could possibly have a blood feud going.

    2: Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu)
    Rank: Eccentric/Devious
    Girl/Goddess who just doesn’t wanna be bored. She’ll do anything for fun. Normally, I don’t like the Devious-types, but c’mon: who doesn’t love her? She’s practically the polar opposite of Naru, so there’s bound to be some sort of war.

    3: Sarah/Soujyo Shirogane (Futakoi Alternative)
    Rank: Twin(/Cest)
    Girls who, like Haruhi, don’t wanna be bored, yet retain brain matter. They’re the more sane Haruhi-type, so hopefully you won’t go out looking for UFOs…never mind. Meh, they could probably help Haruhi out with cosplaying!

    4: Risa Fukuyama (Girls Bravo)
    Rank: Weirdo
    I ranked Haruhi as Eccentric, NOT Weirdo for this reason.
    She’s there to stir disaster, not trouble. But at the same time, she’s got this elegance to her appearance. See? She’s not just a nut: she’s a very REFINED nut. I’m kinduva sucker for those types!

    5: Hotaru Kumogaku (Kage Kara Mamoru)
    Rank: Sweet/Prim&Proper
    I just think that this girl never got the attention she deserved, from both Mamoru AND the viewers. I think that she’s one of (if not, IS) the most loyal and sweetest girls I’ve ever seen in recent anime. (I mean, she moved into a beat-up hut making a living by assembling fake flowers just to be with Mamoru, and he still chooses Banana Girl?! Sheez…) That, and SHE’s A NINJA!!

    6: Osaka (Azumanga Daioh)
    Rank: Resident Airhead
    Just someone thrown into the mix to add further chaos to the chaotic harem. She’s just there to make things less understandable and even more confusing.

    7: Lilica Stacey
    Rank: Ultimate Meido
    She’s there with a maids only duty: To clean up after you. She’s there to make sure the house/apartment/hut is still in one piece and lookin pretty after a days destruction. She’s really strong, too, so there’d be no reason for her not to finish up.

    My 2nd choice for Maid were:
    -Lemon/Maron/Melon (Hanaukyo Maids)
    Yeah, I’m an idiot for not getting them, but doesn’t that make harem series’ more interesting?…no?
    -Wilhelmina (Shakugan no Shana)
    I would choose her, but I still think that Lilica is better. Lilica is 100% Maid material. (Aka. obey ANY orders…)

  26. Unintentional comedy Harem

    #1 Hanajima Saki ( Fruits Basket ): The scariest character in the series. I think even Akito would freak out if she meets Hanajima
    #2 Racquell ( Scrapped Princess ): Magic disaster everyday. You need some light to balance with the overwhelming darkness called Hanajima
    #3 Ayumi Kasuga ‘ Osaka ‘ ( Azumanga Daioh ): Her dog pooh on shoes of westerners entering their house comment, especailly in Korean version, was both disturbing and funny. ( I actually believe the Korean voice actor did a better job for Osaka compared to the original Japanese voice actor )
    #4 Haruhi ( Ouran High school ): very interesting character playing a role tradiationally reserved for boys.
    #5 Oyuki ( Urusei Yatsura ): She never fails to cool things down and put people around her into some embarassing situations.
    #6 Ayumi Yamada ( Honey and Clover ): Round about back kick! Choke Hold! High Heel Kick! And the finishing blow, Invitation to Yamada Special Dinner!

    Maid: It seems Wilhelmina is tha logical(?) choice here.

    Please tell me who might be funnier fit.

  27. Corrections

    #5 Takano Akira ( School Rumble ): We need someone to get the ball running.

    #6 Teshigawara Miwako ( Honey and Clover ): Master of ‘old woman’ jokes

  28. >> This looks like fun. It’d be so cool if I was the only female doing this…

    Awesome, and seems that way right now! ^^

    I love how Osaka and Becky (I’m guessing you’re all thinking about adult Becky and drafting for the future…) are getting so much love. True anime fans.

    I’ll feature some of the favorites in an upcoming post, if the NBA playoffs don’t derail me first. If you would like to be included, be sure to post your choices.

  29. Wontaek, for your “Armageddon” set, I’d suggest Hild in rather than Urd.

  30. Lets see here. Much as I find crazy girls like Haruhi fun to watch in an anime or even to be around in real life, experience says dating them isn’t quite as fun. Here we go!

    My “Taking this too seriously” list:

    1) Ryoko Subaru from Nadesico.

    2) Dunya from Last Exile.

    3) Shitou Haruka from Rah Xephon.

    4) Eruru from Utawarerunono.

    5) Ihrie from Ruin Explorers.

    6) Ciel from Tsukihime.

    7) Milly from Trigun.

    Maid: Mahoro from Mahoromatic

  31. >> This looks like fun. It’d be so cool if I was the only female doing this…
    Maybe you could also do a ‘reverse’-harem?

  32. My “Sharing is fun” Harem (Or, Who Says You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?)

    1) Kareha (Shuffle!) – Polygamy is good!
    2) Shizuka (Final Approach) – A more understanding fiancee I can’t imagine
    3) Sara and Sojou (Fut Alt) – Seriously, how long does it take to make that decision? And he still got it wrong?
    4) Kurika (from Maburaho) – Welcome to genes anytime she wants.
    5) Miharu (Girls Bravo)
    6) Satsuki (Ichigo 100%)
    Maids: The triplets from Hanaukyo, of course. :)

    I think if I were just to pick a balanced (I’ve noticed I have a fondness for the bokkuko and the tsundere) favorites list it would be more like:
    1) Kozue (Mahoroba) – Lead, the great thing about Kozue (like Gacha Gacha’s Kurara) is that she’s really like five girls but only takes up on slot! It’s like being able to start four guys in one spot on your fantasy basketball team!
    2) Tama-nee (To Heart 2) – Bokkuko
    3) Ama (Shuffle!) – Covers both loli and MILF categories
    4) Eri (School Rumble) – Tsundere
    5) Tessa (FMP) – Tactical Firepower
    6) Tina (Ai Yori Aoshi) – Random fun girl
    Maid: Yoriko, Da Capo – Uber-clumsy nekomimi meido

  33. Someone ordered a reverse harem?

    1. Yuuno (Nanoha)
    Magical Shotas FTW.
    2. Shiro Amada (Gundam: 8th MS Team)
    He brings the Gundams.
    3. Tohno Shiki (Tsukihime)
    He distracts the laydees.
    4. Onizuka (Great Teacher Onizuka)
    Well, we need to whip the harem into order. Why not him?
    5. Alphonse Elric (FMA)
    He brings the kitties.
    6. Negi Springfield (Negima~!)
    Double the Magical Shota Fun~
    Meido: Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
    Cleaning, cooking, and reserve firepower. (AND YES, HE CAN BE CONSIDERED ONE)

  34. If I could have a butler to help along with house matters and cooking, Archer would be my choice as well. With his tracing and analysis ability, Archer is able to discern all the quality of ingredients and monitor status of cooking in ways cooks dream about. The resulting food is considered so good, all who ate his food complemented Archer about it. Heck! If Saber really likes food, she should ask the Holy Grail to allow her to live a long life married to Archer.

  35. The anti-boredom harem. All these guys bring the crazy.
    1. Haruko Haruhara (FLCL)
    What can I say? She is the King.
    2. Ichijo (Pani Poni Dash)
    Can she bring her little sis too? Puu.
    3. Guu (Hare and Guu)
    Peace and quiet in her stomach when I need it.
    4. Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
    No boredom for you here! Slight risk she might elope with Haruko to some other star system.
    5. Miu Matsuoka (Ichigo Mashimaro)
    Guaranteed to get smacked down every third sentence.
    6. Wilhelmina Carmel (Shana)
    Omega meido is the odd duck here. But it’s gonna be a full time job cleaning up after this lot.

  36. Oops. Wilhelmina goes in the meido slot. Number 6 goes to Ginza Hibari from Speed Grapher. Just hope she doesn’t fatally wound Miu while pleading self-defense.

  37. Hmmm… Here’s my list. I guess the theme is something along the lines of girls who have two sides. One side being tough, amazing fighters, and another gentler side that make them really beautiful.

    1. Belldandy, Ah! My Goddess – What can I say? She’s my favorite anime character. Just can’t help it. She can fight when necessary, but has a gentleness and a sense of innocence that just can’t be beat.

    2. Siu Long Lui, The Legend of Condor Hero – Once again, another amazing fighter, but has a gentleness and innocence I like in girls.

    3. Aoyama Motoko, Love Hina – Kendo girl! Once again, great fighter, but has a gentler side.

    4. Raven, Teen Titans – I like her personality. Follows the theme from the previous characters.

    5. Kamishiro Rin, Maburaho – Hmmm… she reminds me a lot like Motoko. It’d be interesting with a house of two girls like her.

    6. Hoshino Ruri, Martian Successor Nadesico – I think she’d be the only girl that’s not following the theme. But I like Ruri’s attitude, and she’s just too damn kawaii. ^_^;;

  38. the “oblivious” harem, who knows what will happen if you throw these together…

    1. Yuna (KKMamoru) “queen of bliss/ignorance”
    2. Osaka (AD) “good at word games”
    3. Mikuru (SHaruhi) “no initiative but need mo moe!”
    4. Chi (Chobits) “unprogramed robot”
    5. Tenma (SR) not the brightest cookie in the cookie jar
    6. Otohime (LH) classic example of oblivious

    My ideal..

    1. Sakura (TC) Omega Kawaii “she even crashes cute”
    2. Yukino (Karekano) “so much internal drama”
    3. Aka (REC) “seiyuu”
    4. Maho (Beck) “just cool”
    5. Haruhi (SHaruhi) “say cheeeese”
    6. Eri (SRumble) “ojousan”

  39. Heh this is fun….

    1. Shampoo (Ranma 1/2) ..all time favorite
    2. Natsuki (My-Hime) ..Much better than the Otome version…
    3. Sasami/Tsunami (Tenchi) In young form she cooks, in adult form she just hot and a goddess
    4. Kozue (Mahoraba HD) She’s just to cutte and kind
    5. Nami-swan (One-Piece) Need a thief, and she looks good too
    6. Eruru (Utawarerumono) She a doctor and has a cute tail :) , really she has a tail heh

  40. Let’s see…

    1. Suzumiya Haruhi (SHnY): For her excessive energy, wackiness, and beauty. She’ll sure make life much more interesting.

    2. Eve (Black Cat): The best loli evar! Calm, sensible, intelligent, kicks ass, and doesn’t whine or pull tsundere acts annoyingly like Shana.

    3. Miakis (Suikoden V): Extremely cute despite being 22 years old. Truly amicable. Her sense of humor will light up my day every day.

    4. Tsukamoto Yakumo (School Rumble): Who doesn’t want a caring, soft-speaking telepath/great cook/l33t manga editor with melancholic eyes that can melt even the coldest of the hearts?

    5. Maaryan Senpai (To Heart 2): Bahahaiii~nanoda.

    6. Ayase Yue (Negima): Cool attitude. Need her to tsukkomi Maaryan and Miakis, and steer Haruhi away from the path of destruction.

    The Meido positions go to Kohaku/Hisui from Tsukihime. Buin~nanodaaaa!!!

  41. suffice to say, the only harem i’d ever need would be the entire female cast of school rumble ( save tenma and lala, i don’t want to be made an idiot nor in pieces at the end of the day)

    Ps: you seem obssesed with having Eri run off with Yakumo ( i like!!!!) but that would make mikoto and sara sad ne?…..

  42. 1.Imoto-chan (HSnoYu) as the main interest
    2.Alvis Hamilton (Last Exile) as the second-main interest
    3.Matsuri (IM) as the cute one
    4.Shana (SnS) as the agressive one
    5.Osaka (AD) as the… insane one (could be changed by Miu form IM)
    6.Chii (Chbts) as a robot maid
    I supose there is NO need to exlain this one.
    (only replying here because this needed this kind of harem)

  43. how can Lina Inverse not be in anyone’e harem yet?

    1. Lina Inverse (True Ultimate Tsundere IMO)
    2. Suzumiya Haruhi (Vice Ultimate Tsundere)
    3. Chidori Kaname (So hot…)
    4. Fujioka Haruhi (2nd best Haurhi in the universe)
    5. Shana (Loli tsundere)
    6. Saber (Majestic-like hotness)

    Maid: Mamiya Ayumi from Magikano (Tsundere meido)

  44. Probably because nobody has a high enough fire resistance to take her in. :P

  45. Rofl! That would be one hell of a harem!
    But mine would be…..

    1) Mikuru as bunny girl
    2) Saber
    3) Princess snow (Marchen awakens romance)
    4) Sabato (Dokuro-chan, the one with the horns…)
    5) Shion and Mion (DUH!)
    6) Shana (more lolis!!!)

    Hevn (As maid) …she’s from GB
    she can organise the harem, do the paperwork etc. :3

  46. I had one real problem with the list: I haven’t watched many android girl anime shows, so my sole choice was Major Kusanangi from GITS. No. I mean, damn, but no. So I had to pass on that category completely and picked a magical girl instead. Also, I picked with an eye to versitility; maximizing roles and cross-training. Kaname, thanks to being a Whispered, could also be trained as a robot pilot (Lambda driver), and is partly psychic. Ruri can fill three roles with ease. Ren effectively has superpowers, so she’s got 2 slots covered. Technically, the triplets are one-dimensional, but hey, what a dimension. And Shizaru doesn’t have any other known skills (aside from small arms), but she should get bonus mystic points for coming back from the dead. Kuriko at least, is a rich girl.

    1. Chidori Kaname, Full Metal Panic (kick-ass slot, backup robot pilot, psychic)
    2. Lemon, Melon, and, uh, the other one. Hanaukyo Maid Team, LV (rumpus room slot)
    3. Kuriko Kazetusbake, Maburaho (magical girl slot)
    4. Shizaru, Godannar (robot pilot slot)
    5. Ruri Hoshino, MSN (loli, ship pilot, & genius slots)
    6. Ren, DearS (alien & super-powered slots)

    Medio: Adult Mikaru Asahina, Melancholy.

  47. My theme is the “Built Like a Brick S#@thouse Anime Stereotype Girls”:

    Kuriko Kazetusbake, Maburaho (Magic User)
    Mizuho Kazami, Please Teacher (Alien)
    Maya Natsume, Tenjho Tenge (Swords/Martial Arts)
    Nancy “Miss Deep” Makuhari, Read or Die (Special Power)
    Rushuna Tendo, Grenadier (Gunfighter)
    Fasalina, GUNxSWORD (Mecha Pilot)

    Medio: Shaorin, Mamotte Shugogetten (Goddess)

  48. wow, tough picks, but…

    Tsuruya: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Kohaku/Hisui: Tsukihime
    Sakura: Fate/Stay Night
    Suigintou: Rozen Maiden
    Rika: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    Youko: InuKami!

  49. Yooosh!! Go!! Amazing! Pera pera, pera pera pera pera!! That’s it!

  50. #1 – Tokiha Mai (Mai-HiME) – Warm and bright and, well, just nice. Mothers everyone and likes it, but isn’t a doormat. The anchor of the household and She Who Keeps The Kitchen. Plus, well, “KAGUTSUCHI!”

    #2 – Medusa (Fate/Stay Night) – Your friendly neighborhood responsible adult. Who needs a hug. Fortunately, I can do hugs… Besides. Bibliophile FTW; Servant Rider FTW.

    #3 – Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed) – Don’t let the ‘la la land’ demeanor fool you; this girl’s one sharp cookie, and has a whim of solid steel. If she wasn’t so much the diplomatic type the rest of the world would be in real trouble. Probably the least impressive of the bunch in direct combat, but, OTOH, none of the others own a battleship.

    #4 – Suzumiya Haruhi (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) – There is a god, and she’s insane. Fortunately. This crowd of homey types needs someone to kick us out the door in the morning and get us interacting with the world. Also, the possibility that her monitoring squad (including Nagato and Asahina) may follow her cannot be discounted even for the sake of the contest rules.

    #5 – Tendou Rushuna (Grenadier) – I won’t even try to make an excuse. Fortunately, she gets along with anybody and, like Lacus, ain’t nearly as dumb as the bimbo act makes her look.

    #6 – Fujimura Shizuru (Shinkon Gattai Godannar) – The sensible straight woman. Because even with the rest of the household helping, Haruhi needs a full-time handler… and might even be willing to listen to some who’s a real, live super robot pilot.

    MEIDO – Mel and Ci (Sakura Wars OAV3) – Hot lesbian catgirls. Maids or not, French or not, their mere existence makes me happy.

    I was raised in a polyamorous household. A working, stable one. Coming from that kind of environment, well, monogamy, and most of the emotional assumptions it fosters, are frankly kind of silly.

    So, bear in mind that the only proper answer I can imagine for a real harem show (distinguished from not-quite-harem shows where all but one of the girls are just distractions in the way of the real romance, like, say, El Hazard or Oh My Goddess!) is, “All of them!”

    That said, I’d even expect to survive. The only one I’d see any need to worry about would be Haruhi, and in a world crazy enough to include the other five – individually, let alone all at once – I figure she’d have a lot on her mind anyway. (This would be slightly less true if not for the ‘only one character per anime’ rule, as I have a nigh-overpowering urge to try and demonstrate to Yuuki Nao that not all men are scum… no matter how hazardous the effort might be.)

    Ja, -n

  51. Here’s another version of a tsundere harem, but more ego-destructive and less survivable.

    1)Haruhi Suzumiya—The number 1 cure for boredom at the cost of one’s own safety and sanity. The standard adrenaline shot that all harems need.

    2)Rukia(Bleach)—Sword-wielding, supernatural, danger-attracting, never-aging loli. ‘Nuff said.

    3)Asuka(NGE)—ZOMGplugsuits!!!!111!1! What can I say? This girl has pinache, and a berserker to boot! I really love a healthy dose of insanity. KILL! KILL! KILL! (Arm-split) ARGHHH!!

    4)Cagalli(Gundam Seed)—Mech pilot? Check. Tsundere moments? Check. Princess/exotic origin? Check. Hawt underwear moment in cave? Check. On the list you go!
    Huh? What are you doing here, Athrun? No, you can’t have her back! Sick ‘im, Asuka!

    5)Eri(School Rumble)—Forget that braindead Harima! Even rich girls deserve love! No longer shall the success rate of rich girls remain zero!

    6)Chidori(FMP)—Paper fan, exaggerated reactions, secret knowledge that’ll help me dominate the world… But getting her may prove more difficult than expected, if past examples are any indication…

    Maid)Mahoro(Mahoromatic)—After acquiring and struggling to maintain this insane harem, I’ll need someone with first-hand combat experience and a computer-enhanced medical database just to remain alive for the next 72 hours…

    I would have chose Setsuna(Mahou Sensei Negima) over Chidori, but since Rukia already filled the sword-girl role and Setsuna should only ever be designated as “Konoka’s Use Only”, I chose Chidori instead. Go KonoSetsu! :heart:

  52. Alright, I have to put my input in here, and I think I have a couple of unique choices.
    1. Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo, space pirate, goddess, and super hot.
    2. Haruka from Ameanidaio, blond, blue eyed, and one of the sexiest anime girls I have ever seen, heh
    3. Busuhima from High School of the Dead. Seriously hot sword chick. Fire hot, lol.
    4. Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, I thought long and hard about that one, with Peorth running a close second.
    5. Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, she has always been my favorite harem girl, and always will be.
    6. Youko from Inukami. Fox chick demon. Nuff said.
    Now for the maid, I have a ton to choose from, but ultimately, my maid comes from Black Lagoon. Revy, in the maid outfit. Revy is probably the hottest, most dangerous gun chick to ever grace manga and anime. Looking back, I have basically two types of girls on here, hot and dangerous, or hot and loving. Oh well, no problems here, lol.

  53. I would like to add that I would like to have a ton more in my harem, who wouldnt? But I will post several that I would never have in any harem and the reasons why.
    1. Asuka Langley, not only was evangelion one of the lamest, dumbest anime I have ever had to sit through, including three different endings, but she was bitchy, and not in a cute way. I would have choked her to death as well.
    2. Akane Tendo, any cuteness she had in the first season was lost by the end of said season. The utter refusal to listen to anything anyone said, and complete blindness to that moron Ryoga’s stupid bandanna made me want to slap her.
    3. Rei from Evangelion. Again, as much as I hate that utter waste of an anime, Rei was the only one on the whole stupid series that had any potential. Instead, she was simply a walking barbie doll.
    4. Sakura from Tenchi in Tokyo. I love everything to do with Tenchi Muyo, that is and always will be my favorite anime of all time, no matter what continuity. However, sakura was the worst character in the whole series.
    5. Skuld from Ah! My Goddess. Adult Skuld was hotter in the manga than on the anime. But as a kid, I cant stand her.
    6. Wendy from gunxsword. She was annoying as hell, always getting into trouble, and could never really put more than two thoughts together. Although, I will giver some points for cuteness.
    The maid, easily, the last one I would pick would be Roberta the Mad Dog from Black Lagoon. She was ugly, and based off a cross between the terminator and sarah connor from terminator 2. Besides, she has a thing for ten year old boys.

  54. here’s mine:

    1. Minagi Tohno (Air)
    2. Sayuri Kurata (Kanon 2k6)
    3. Mikuru Asahina (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    4. Kaede Fuyou (Shuffle!)
    5. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
    6. Shizuka Masuda (Final Approach)

  55. I won’t post my GREAT HAREMS in such a low lvl forum
    (that’s a joke it’s just that I do not think they are good enought to be show)

    I will just ask 1 question:
    if somoneone does take Kozue chan from mahoraba does that count as the twins (5 characters as one)?

  56. I know I’m late to this party, but here are two niche harems:

    1. Grenadier‘s Rushuna Tendo
    2. Shuffle‘s Nerine
    3. King of Fighters‘s Mai Shiranui
    4. Girls Bravo‘s Kirie Kojima
    5. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni‘s Mion and Shion Sonozaki
    6. Galaxy Angel‘s Forte Stollen
    Household Meido: Da Capo‘s Yoriko Sagisawa
    This is Harem ARE THOSE REAL?!?!?!

    1. Seto no Hanayome‘s San Seto
    2. Nagasarete Airantou‘s Suzu
    3. Shuffle‘s Nerine
    4. Nerima Daikon Brothers‘s Mako
    5. Grandia II‘s Elena
    6. Lunar: Eternal Blue‘s Lucia
    Household Meido: Ranma 1/2‘s Kasumi Tendo
    This is Harem Songbirds.

  57. 1.Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – Hanyuu
    2.Gurren-Lagann – Nia
    3.Code Geass – Cornelia
    4.Mai Otome – Rosalie
    5.Zero no Tsukaima – Agnus
    6.Venus Versus Virus – Lucia
    Meido: Nene (Touka Gettan)

    Runnerups: Natsuki (Saint October), Kirakishou (Rozen Maiden), Miyuki (Lucky Star), Tsuruya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)

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