higurashi no naku koro ni 6 (watanagashi 2)

We have just exited the harem highway and merged onto the killer loli turnpike.


Continuing from the previous episode, K1 is helping out the festival, and he’s courted by both Shion and Mion. I’m hoping he gets disemboweled.


I have no clue why K1 can’t take a bit of flirting from Shion. I’m glad he won’t live long. Rarely, if ever, have I watched an anime series where I rooted for the main character to experience a horrible, horrible death (maybe Mai Otome… Arika, Mai, and Nekomimi Akane dies… Nagi rules… I think that would have improved the show if anything for the emo blogging angst that would have flowed). Now, 6 episodes and 2 melonpanriffic twins into Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, I want K1 to suffer a horrible, horrible death.


(Not only does Shion continue to assert her dominant twin status, she’s still winking. I love winking, green-haired, busty twins.)


Alright, if you had to pick either Mion or Shion, who would you pick?


I’m leaning towards Shion, just because I have two rules in life: (1) floss every night and (2) never date a girl who carries around a gun.


Shion makes K1’s choice for him by repelling Mion. He’s such an idiot. He could have had one around each arm… doesn’t he read any Futakoi in G’s Magazine? The twins love so much, they’re willing to share! That was the whole point of Futakoi. Anyway, I’m sure he could have convinced Shion/Mion. (Though Mion says that she hates Shion more now… well… jealously?)


Unfortunately, the harem-ish qualities of the show end as Tomitake (the subpar photographer), Takano (the blonde who said two lines in the previous reboot), and Oishi interrupt the lover’s quarrel. Sigh. I like the harem-ish qualities of the show. Then again, I also like killer loli facial contortions… I’m so torn.


Winking Shion… is it just me, or does Mion not wink? It’s a tell. Go back through episode 5 and assume the non-winking green haired, 38DD chix0r is Mion and the winking one is Shion. Brand new episode.


Shion drops the bomb wondering who’s going to die and who’s going to disappear this year. Uh-oh. We’ve exited the harem highway and merged onto the killer loli turnpike. Mion tries to hide the info and runs away, and Shion, with Tomitake and Takano, start filling in the blanks for K1. Curiosity killed the cat.


The next day, we’re shown the same happy montage of the Killer Loli SOS Brigade’s time at the festival. Only Tomitake isn’t taking their pictures, and everyone is wearing their clothes from the previous day. Haruhi‘s use of clothing changes has really spoiled me. I’m really dying for more anime series to follow Haruhi in that respect… can you imagine Mion trying to encompass all 9 Mikuru-run fetish modes? And can we start with bunny girl?

(Though if it leads to having Shion force K1 to grope Mion, then push him down on top of Mion while using Tomitake’s camera to take pictures of them, it’s all for the better. Then Mion gets pissed, goes into killer loli mode, and massacres both of them. I’m having another fanboy fantasty attack, ain’t I?)


Later on, K1 seems to have been separated from the rest of the group. He’s by himself watching Rika’s performance…


… only to be abducted by Shion.


They’re holding hands, trying to find a quiet spot… and K1 is whining?!? He’s gay. That’s the only explaination.


Loved Shion’s “strike zone” dig at K1. She’s definitely the more mentally agile twin.


Wait, Shion just leads K1 to catch Tomitake and Takano breaking into the storeroom? I haven’t been this disappointed since Mai returned and did… well… nothing (okay, she killed like 1 monster thingie).


They break into the storeroom and shed some insight into the previous arc. The reason why Tomitake and Takano were killed then probably has less to do with their photography than their investigation of Oyashiro-sama (note how I’m typing out -sama… I don’t want him pissed at me!). Besides the large statue of Oyashiro-sama in the storeroom, there’s lots and lots of gruesome tortune tools.


Which Takano calmly explains are part of the Watanagashi culture where they are half-demons who need to consume human flesh every so often. So they abduct people (“demon away”) and disembowel them. I instantly place K1 as odds on favorite to be disemboweled next.


We pretty much know that Tomitake and Takano are going to die, and now that Shion and K1 have tresspassed on Oyashiro-sama’s curse, their life expectancy isn’t much greater than a cicada’s.


The “we’re going to die soon gang” splits up with Tomitake and Takano headed down to the river… of course, that’s where Tomitake’s dead body was found the previous arc. Shion leaves K1 to deal with the Killer Loli SOS Brigade, where K1 lies about where he was and who he was with. Big mistake. If there’s a moral behind Higurashi, it’ll be, “DO NOT LIE TO KILLER LOLIS” in big bold letters like that.

(Rika seems to made a mistake in the ritual… is this why she dies?)


Mion asks K1… “Were you with Shion?” I don’t see why K1 would be afraid of Mion since nothing connecting her to Oyashiro-sama has been said in this arc, whereas the previous one had a lot of foreshadowing of Rena’s perchance or machetes (and Oishi broke down the involvement of all the girls with the murders). K1 should have used a better line… “Yeah, Shion and I were making out, only I’m gay so it didn’t do anything for me.”


The next day at school, K1 confronts Mion about her drinking problem (though is it alcohol or Takano’s blood that she’s drinking?). Though how old is Mion/Shion? “I swear! She said she was 18!”


And Mion confronts K1 about Shion about the night of the Watanagashi again. K1 sticks to his Enron-class lies and claims that he didn’t hang out with Tomitake, Takano, or Shion. Mion then drops the, “I’m glad you’re not one of the bad ones” bomb and made me wonder, “Wait, if she knows three of the four, why does Mion doens’t all four?” Is it Oyashiro-sama isn’t really omnipotent? Or is it that Mion secretly wants to spare K1? Either way, it’s not going to end well.


Afterwards, Shion calls K1 out to talk to him, only before she could say anything, Oishi stops by and interrupts their date.


Shion scampers off, and Oishi asks K1 the same question that Mion asked him. He also asks K1 if he knows that Shion/Mion’s family is yakuza, and Mion is slated to ascend to the throne. Well, this explains the gun as well as why she’s enstranged from Shion. K1 had the chance to double dip with cute yakuza twins… and pass it up? His fate is sealed. Either Oyashiro-sama is going to get him, Rena’s machete is going to get him, jealous anime bloggers are going to get him, or the yakuza is going to get him.

(Though I like how Satoshi doesn’t seem to exist, and poor Rena is a side character. She has less lines than Mai got at the end of Otome. I hope Shion comes back for the obligatory Satoko and Rika storylines as well as the obligatory beach episode. Yes, I’m stabby for an obligatory beach/hot springs episode.)

Anyway, is Oishi part of the Oyashiro-sama circle? I can’t believe that a small town could hide something this hideous and big without the police knowing/in on it.


Shion calls K1 and gives him the rundown… (though since it is 1983 or whatever and there’s no caller ID, it gives the possibility that it’s Mion fishing for information)… Takano and Tomitake were killed. Unlike the previous arc, Takano was burned alive, thus not satisfying Oyashiro-sama’s “kill one, demon away one” requirement. (Of course, this was unfulfilled in the previous arc when K1 kills Mion, Rena, and himself… but whatever.)


In a mistake worthy of New Coke, K1 goes emo and chews out Shion for risking his life. Uh-oh. First, pissing off the one person who could possibly help you is dumb. Second, pissing off a hawt, winking twin who possibly wanted to make out with you makes you major of dumbsville. Lastly, admitting everything when it could be the hawt, unwinking twin on the other side (or even just Oyashiro-sama overhearing) just clinched the king of dumb title for you.


The correct turn of events should have been: (1) K1 ignores Shion’s words about any murders and gone eating with Mion. Possibly try to make out with her there. (2) After getting abducted by Shion, he makes out with her. (3) Instead of questions about murders and yakuza, now it’s setup to become one of the less boring types of visual novels and a twincest threesome rivaling Type Moon’s Hisui and Kohaku (with about the same amount of muderous intent). I can only imagine it outgunning Fate/Stay Night in terms of sales… but… alas… killer lolis seemingly have less appeal than threesomes. Maybe that’s why while Fate/Stay Night arrived with so much hype and subsequently so much dissappointment, Higurashi went from unknown status and so little hype to “If it aired any other season than against Oharuhi-sama, it would have destroyed the competition.”


“I know that I can’t take no more
It ain’t no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby, bye, bye, bye… ”

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  1. It doesn’t matter if Mion was 18… since the drinking age in Japan in 20.

  2. The girl on the other side of the phone was quite possibly Mion.

    You may be right about the winking thing. Shion had to bike to her job at the restaurant after the game contest last episode.

  3. If Mion takes the throne I am sure that Shion will be the power behind it.

    Wow, now Yakuza links and armed Mion. I don’t recall any Roman tradition of taking out entrails, but I would not mind seeing K1 undergo decimation, or crucifiction (the right way). I thought the general rule was that the local police took a see no evil approach to the yakuza, perhaps now that Mion is taing the throne things may change.

    Here’s hoping for a shoot out, sadly I doubt anything more than a 9mm pistol is going to show up. It ain’t America where cops have rifles, shotguns, and M-16s.

    it was bad enough you paid that false god Oyashiro respect but this:

    “I know that I can’t take no more
    It ain’t no lie
    I wanna see you out that door
    Baby, bye, bye, bye… ”


  4. About the winking, Mion winks a number of times throughout Onikakushi-hen…I actually have a list:

    (unless otherwise noted, all winks are with her right eye)
    Episode 1:

    Episode 2:

    She doesn’t do it at all in episodes 3 or 4.

    Whats the meaning behind this?

    …I have no idea.

  5. >>(Of course, this was unfulfilled in the previous arc when K1 kills Mion, Rena, and himself… but whatever.)

    It was fulfilled by Tomitake dying and Takano disappearing. The stuff directly related to K1 was most likely some casual “zomg he’s getting wise let’s put him down.”


    “Do you want death with that, sir?”

    I’d suggest the meatbag get some kevlar, assuming it ain’t illegal or hard to find in that part of Japan.

    …Yakuza? Where’s Fujimura when you need her?

    And then, Keiichi find his head on a stick.

  7. The lesson for this series really is don’t lie to the killer lolis. While watching it I yelled at the screen when he lied to her. I am so sure it was Mion at the end also, just from the way she hung up. So busted.

  8. @DrmChsr0

    Kevlar is useless against melee weapons and can only really stop shrapnel and LR 22 rounds unless you get a decent armor level, K1 needs at least a level II. If Mion uses anythng bigger than a 9 mm pistol K1 is toast. She could still use a Machine pistol even at 9mm and still nail K1 with sufficiently high velocity.

    Body armor is quite expensive and is usually regulated at some degree in most countries though less so than guns.

  9. The Mion drinking thing is probably a hint that her family is yakuza.

    I also believe at some point in this episode, Mion and Shion switched roles. Suppose Mion was really Mion and Shion was really Shion. Then why did Mion ask those questions again at the school, if she already asked them in the forest? Two explanatins: either Shion was pretending to be Mion at the school, or Mion and Shion switched roles during the festival.

  10. The other thought I had was that by the end of the episode Shion was already demoned away.

  11. @Crusader:

    Oh well. Kevlar doesn’t stop poor K1 for gettin’ some futanari lovin’ in his pooper.

    If Mion and Shion ARE futanaris, that is.

    Or an assassin taking his head off with one .308 Winchester round.

  12. oh ouch. that article is quite spicy. o_o

    well, guess someone got aquainted with the more… extremist members of Japan’s more pedophilic otakus…

  13. Ouch.

    Someone needs their meds.

    No seriously.

    And some way to relax.

    Unfortunately, while I share some of her sentiments, I’m not as horrible as to go pull out a gun and cause genocide. Because that’s what I feel about her after reading that article…

  14. Mimei Sakamoto is dead on in regards to the fact that the industry finds a semi-hit and then cranks out figurines, repackaged merchandise, and special editions to squeeze money out of moe-ness to gouge the unwitting. Personally I can’t afford these figurines and have hardly any space to display them.

    As a rule moe is defined by qualities that the otaku likes on a personal level. Is there a preponderance of lolis in the moe index? Perhaps. Nevertheless one can still find Miyazaki’s heroines to be moe, just as I find courage and martial pride to be moe, and another find moe qualities in small, melon-pan loving, and flat heroines.

    However she has no right to define what otaku means, I consider myself and otaku but I have never seen Hentai, played an ero game, or felt the urge to bang anything moe. I don’t go around wearing checkered shirts, and the lens thickness on my glasses are dictated by need not vanity. Not all otaku belive that by doing such things that they wil meet that special some one, for me if the military wanted me to have a significant other they would have issued me one.

    I can’t shut myself off from he world because my job demands that I go to interesting places, meet new people, and if need be kill them (its called minister of death/soldier). The world is now tied for the first time with a information network that is easily accesible in most countries. The world is headed for the creation of a global village, isolationism is no longer possible nor encouraged. All I am saying is there is no set definition of otaku you either admit that you are according to your own ideas, feign ignorance, or simply aren’t.

    Meido cafes are a reflection of their own society, and I find it more strange and quirky rather than evil. I can fully undertand how some people would like to be waited on hand in foot, but given that I did not sign away 6 years of my life to get rich I find a simple joy in bieng fairly self-sufficient.

    This esteemed lady is also responsible for this:

    Now if it is a joke I aplogize in advance, but given this little fact works: “In October 2005, Sakamoto started a full page comic strip in the Sankei Shimbun a daily newspaper in Japan in an attempt to educate the young about a broad range of timely social topics that include the revision of the constitution, the imperial system and the internet boom.” from SSU people. Sankei Shimbun is the 6th most circulated paper and is defined by wiki as nationalist, anti-communist, and pro-American, much like Pinochet and a host of US friendly fromer dictators, no? Perhaps I am smelling the stench of a bilibous purple pissing right-wing stack of [explitive]?

    However if it really defines her attitudes I must disagree. I personally find the idea that being feminine to the point of trophy wife to be both backward and degrading. First off happiness is what you make of it. Following dogma on what is happiness for all women is stupid and irresponsible. It is up to every man to and woman to define his or her own existence and attain what ever happiness as that individual defines it. Like voting only a fool would decline his/her right to seize destiny and have a say in how the future plays out. She hoever disagrees.

    Her little doodle is anti-intellectual and would have it seem that all things are formulatic and all is well in the world. Smart and average women suffer while the pretty and promiscuous women have children and therefore the accompanying youth and happiness. (it might be funny for Japanese women, but for a cynical otaku you lost me at hello) Such baffling ignorace only reveals that she does not and, should she persist in such idiotry, can not ever comprehend the true scale of the bitterness of this world.

    Street cred, sure… From what I found and the gross generalizations she has made she has about much street cred as Curtis Jackson claiming Bullet Proof was an educational game. Its almost as bad as suburban kids listening to 50 cent and thinking they live in the hood and that they can be thugged out.

  15. The tradition of leaving people with their entrails hanging out isn’t Roman; it has its roots in a Nordic punishment involving nailing said miscreant to a tree and then cutting slits between his rips and yanking his lungs out so they dry in the cold air, while he slowly suffocates.

    The Romans decided against the viscera buffet and appropriated nailing people to trees, developing the much-loved tradition of crucifixion.

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