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The final word on Haruhi’s status is status quo… we all know that the show is too popular to not get picked up. It’s just a question of when and who now. From ANN:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya does not currently have a distributor, but Kadokawa has received several offers from companies; Sakuda expects it to be released in the US next year. With the first volume having sold 60,000 units in Japan, it is one of the most successful anime properties currently on the market.

Distributors have not yet been picked for The Third, Demon Bane, or Karin, but Sakuda said that those titles will likely be seen “next year.” As for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, the company is looking to release it theatrically in the US.

When asked about the Haruhi novels and manga, Sakuda said that the company has received offers, and there is a chance that those too will be seen next year.

That post surmising that Haruhi was licensed is honestly not AoMM’s finest hour. It’s not because it didn’t come true, it was because I think it started bringing out the touchy subject of, “So, your favorite show just got licensed. Hope it doesn’t get raped in the process.” And this rarely brings out the best in fans. The amount of bile that can be spit out during this discussion can be quite extensive. And I’ll prove it in the next 2,000 words.

(Hell, it wasn’t even AoMM’s lukewarm hour. The lesson, as always, don’t blog while high, drunk, stoned, heatstroked, or after watching a Will Ferrell movie.)

I do think that they made the interesting remark that it will see a release next year. In other words, it’s not coming out this year.

Here’s to hoping for bunny haruhi figurine extra, or at least a life sized mikuru poster =o – blerg

I’m hoping for a life-sized Mikuru.

My wish list for Haruhi DVDs would go as:

  • Good subtitling job. Hire Strato as a consultant if you have to.
  • Proggressive scan.
  • DTS 5.1 sound. Nothing else would be acceptable for God Knows.
  • Extra extra extra. I’d like to see everything from that extra twenty seconds of Yuki doing nothing during Mikuru-run 00 to the making of Haruhi commercials to pimp my ride to even Sex Bomb.
  • Leave the name alone. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT call the series Alien X or any other dumb name that is not Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. And, of course, leave the logo alone… nothing wrong with the spinning “の”… spinning “u” scares me.
  • Linear notes. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use overlays. Include translation notes for cultural jokes and such in the extras.
  • Life-sized Mikuru.
  • Concurrent HD-DVD/Blu-Ray release. Killer app for the early adopting fanboys… I’d much, much, much, much, much, much rather show off Haruhi Suzumiya on Blu-Ray than Rumor Has It. (I still think that the studios are shooting themselves in the foot by launching HD-DVD/Blu-Ray with craptastic titles as well as a $35 price tag. Who’d buy a copy of Training Day for $35 on Blu-Ray or $40 on HD-DVD when they can get it on DVD for $10? Wouldn’t they do better selling top tier titles now cheaper to encourage people to upgrade thus leading people to upgrading their collections, where the $ is? Or does that make too much sense?)

I’m curious as to what everyone wants to see for a R1 release.

One thing I’m wondering now is “how many discs will the series released over?” – calaggie

I prefer the 5-5-4 format like what Geneon did with Something More Beautiful. As long as it’s not 1-2-2-2-2-2-2-1, I’ll be happy.

I can’t imagine anyone but Hiranosama voicing our Haruhisama… but I probably wont be able to hold out in curiosity… now I know a sure method to kill myself (if I ever want too)! – Tess

I was thinking about who could fill Aya’s shoes… certainly not any of the “anime babes“… my conclusion is that they need to bring in Hollywood-level talent (like Natalie Portman) or bring back Aya Hirano dubbing with her Engrish. I’d actually prefer that.

(And if I ever see “Sony Pictures present Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya featuring Tara Reid,” I’ll toss my PS2 over the Golden Gate bridge.)


Looks like ADV is going with UtawarerumonoShadow Warrior Chronicles instead. – Vinland

The shocking news from ADV’s panel turned out to be Utawarerumono instead, and things are looking grim. I think most fans have issues with companies that assert their arrogence over their customer base. Last time I checked, anime fans don’t want crappy dubs, DRM, shoddy translations, overlays, and, of course, rapage of source material. While ADV has gotten better with their release quality, they haven’t improved one bit in the “what fans want” department. I still am bitter about “Samurai X”… really? That’s going to sell more copies than calling it “Kenshin”? I never understood this. You may get a few more sales to random impulse buyers who go, “Whoa! Samurai! And a mysterious one!” but you’re also antagonizing your main customer base– the one you should please. It’s like if AoMM ever ran a “Mikuru is a dirty pirate whore who should just go back to pirate whore island” post. Just get the jetskis and shark ready for me at that point.

I was trying to think of the “top ten worst name changes,” and before I even got past “Chibi Vampire,” my blood pressure was approaching dangerous levels. This “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” is just ridiculous. Some name changes, while undesirable, I can somewhat understand, like changing “KGNE” to “Rumblin’ Hearts,” since that was the original name for the game, but “The Eternity That You Wish For” isn’t bad either. Castle in the Sky because the original name sounded naughty in Spanish. “Detective Conan” got changed to “Cased Closed” due to the threat of a lawsuit from Sony. But stuff like “Chrono Crusade”? “Battle Vixens”? Why?

(I’d like to point out one company that does a good job with names: AnimEigo. I’m glad that they didn’t change Urusei Yatsura.)

Names are a small thing, but my main beef with ADV has been Nadesico. They completely ruined the original release with countless, ugly, ill-fitting overlays that nearly caused a riot on AoD’s forums back in 2000-ish. Despite fan outcries for recalls and the “overlays make Ruri cry” campaign, they basically said, “We won’t recall the DVDs. Suck it up.” Fans don’t forget these things. Fans may eventual forgive, but they don’t ever forget. Rant over.

(One thing about “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” is that maybe they’re trying to have a tie in with Robotech Shadow Chronicles.” At least it gives hope that Harmony Gold can sue ADV to stop them from using “Shadow Warrior Chronicles”… actually, if that did that, I’d forgive them for butchering Macross. But I won’t forget.)

If the most likely candidates are ADV and FUNimation, I pray to OHaruhi-Sama that ADV gets the license. – t3h Dave

There’s pros-and-cons with all the companies. Geneon generally has fast release times as well as great general quality and nice extras, but they have their brainfarts too. Their dubbing is very inconsistent, and they gear up for the wrong stuff sometimes… instead of promoting Ichigo Mashimaro, they really should be doing everything (even hiring strippers) to convince CN to run Black Lagoon on Adult Swim.

I’m growing to like Media Blasters. I thought that Media Blasters did a fantastic job with Kenshin, translation-wise. I’m not happy that they re-dubbed songs into English, though. The only current series that I’m collecting from them is ああっ女神さまっ, and while very sparse with extras, I think they’re doing a good job with this series as well. They’re also fairly speedy.

I’ve only seen AnimeNation’s treatment of Hare + Guu. Their sample size is too small to judge. They may not be equipped to handle something like Haruhi Suzumiya.

ADV has mediocre speed (but better now that they’re licensing less stuff a year… they were doing like 20 shows and end up dropping a bunch, like Tactics, which I think Media Blasters took over) and mediocre quality. Some releases are really good (Excel Saga, Voices of a Distant Star, Fumoffu) and others make me wonder if they’re the for-profit branch of Anime-Junkies (Evangelion, Nadesico, Sister Princess). BTW, their ad campaign for Sister Princess was just horrifing… “If you found out that you had twelve sisters, what would you do? *wink wink*” Why couldn’t they just run a montage with Love Destiny over it? I’m convinced this is why everyone stays away from RePure like it’s the plague now.

I own zero Funimation DVDs. I think that’s all you need to know about that company.

Bandai is quite slow (slowest of the major players), but I’ve never had any real issue with any of their DVD releases (I collected the normal edition of SAC). They won me over when they randomly decided to include 5.1DD on the original Jubei-chan dub and bribed me with a T-shirt. Only dub I’ll listen to. (Jiyu’s original Japanese seiyuu wasn’t very good… Horie Yui eventually had to be called in from the bullpen for Siberian Yagyuu and pulled off a save.)

AnimEigo gets the highest, “cares for the fans” score from me, but they only deal in really, really old series and are really, really, really, really, really, really slow. I like their karaoke tracks.

And, of course, VIZ, 4kids, Sony, and Disney… may Oharuhi-sama have mercy on our souls if any of them get Melanchloy of Haruhi Suzumiya. (Though if 4kids get it, it may cause the first ever riot started by anime fanboys in the US.) My personal preference would be for either Media Blasters, ADV, or Geneon… just because they’re fast. If Bandai gets it, it may be 2010 before we see any for sale.


So are you really all for Geneon? I seem to get this vibe from many sites.
I personally really dislike them for relesing such good titles yet at expensive prices… even at Best Buy! Not exactly sure – Funifan

Geneon is pretty much the same price as everyone else. ADV is probably the quickest at making cheaper boxsets (about a year after the series has been finished, vs 2 to 3 years for other companies). I think Bandai finally released BotS value collection this year as well as 0080.

99% of them are perfectly fine with absolutely no problems whatsoever. – Fencedude

You obviously never purchased a Getter Robo (unplayable episodes), Nadesico, Evangelion (original 2000 version), Rahxephon movie (Japanese DTS track is FUBARed for a few scenes), or Queen Emeralda (original release had the Japanese track secretly replaced with the French track) DVD. No company is 99% “perfectly fine” and certainly not ADV. Forgive, but not forget. (My favorite screw up has to be when Bandai screwed up the bonus OST for Stand Alone Complex‘s first special edition DVD… then they screwed up the bonus OST for the second DVD right afterwards. Good times.)

omg! no!!! i was banking on del rey to get the licensing T.T – Claude

Sounds like that they’re licensing the novels too. I’ve only read Viz’s Battle Royale and DH’s Vampire Hunter D in terms of publishing, so I can’t say much about preference except: PLEASE PLEASE NOT TOKYOPOP. Let me put it this way… Borders puts Battle Royale in the sci-fi section. They put all of Tokyopop’s novels (Gundam, Love Hina) in the manga section. I’m going to have to pick up a copy of Scrapped Princess or CotS to better evaluate their prowess. But I am very happy to see novels getting picked up for distribution. I’m definitely going to support Viz’s Shana.

^ I’m only including this for the duel lack of Ouran and Family Guy on this site.

Anyway, if ADV gets it, it will be the second coming of Evangelion without a doubt. – Maxtreme

Since when is Family Guy considered “anime”? And didn’t I write both a home side character and run a poll? Anyway, I can’t be giddier about more Evangelion parallels. Being compared to Evangelion is like getting compared to Barry Sanders. Good stuff. “Reggie Bush reminds people of Barry Sanders” is much, much better than “Reggie Bush reminds people of Ryan Moats.”

I wonder if ADV can be bothered for little gimmicks like Kyoto did? Cults are made, not born. – extraclassiclite

That’s right! For three easy payments of $19.99 you can purchase AoMM’s “Guide to How Not to Screw Up the Region 1 Version of Haruhi Suzumiya.” Act now and get a bonus “Guide to Instill Corporate Bravery and Not Change Classic Names Like Utawarerumono to C-R-A-P.” But– wait! There’s more! Act within the next fifteen minutes, and we’ll toss in a 16 ounce bottle of Orange Clean! Absolutely free! (Just pay $30 shipping and handling.) Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, cash, check, Mikuru-run fanservice all accepted.

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  1. Since the offer was preceded by my quote, can I get a percentage on all Mikuru-run fanservice, if any, you may receive?

  2. I can only hope that Geneon gets it, simply because they seem to screw up the least.

    Regardless of who does pick it up, the name shouldn’t be changed. However something tells me if ADV picks it up, they will mess this simple thing up.

  3. “Shadow Warrior Chronicles.”

    What was once a poetic and poignant title was replaced by the most generic title imaginable. Or one of the most. You know.

    Well, I wonder if ADV will stop condescending towards their consumers and start realizing that the people whose intelligence they’re insulting are the people who they want to buy their stuff.

    Bad times. >_>;

  4. I never actually cared about which companies licences which anime until now… Geesh. I don’t want to see anymore bad dubs…

  5. Wait, hold that. And sorry for the double post.

    A friend from brought something up. The name “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” might be for another show ADV licensed–Shin Angyo Oushi, which was reported as “Blade of the Phantom Mask.”

    … I hope that the names were just switched around when it was being reported. Because at least “Phantom Mask” is only four miles below “Utawarerumono,” as opposed to “Shadow Warrior” and it’s seven mile deficit.

    Though, simply keeping it Utawarerumono would have been best.

  6. I can see it…. names being located!


    Haruhi Suzumiya: Serenity Mac Guire
    Kyon: John
    Yuki Nagato: Amy Mulder
    Mikuru Asahina: Michaella Mc Fly

    I didn’t think of anything for Itsuki, but I have the feeling that they may dumb down the show for the kids.

    But, I am not quite concerned myself by the licensing in america, being french. But 15 years ago, french did way worse to anime, hopefully, it went for the better in the late 1990.

    PS: Shadow Warrior Chronicles is really lame for a title.

  7. >I can see it…. names being located!


    >Haruhi Suzumiya: Serenity Mac Guire
    >Kyon: John
    >Yuki Nagato: Amy Mulder
    >Mikuru Asahina: Michaella Mc Fly

    There will be murder if they ever did that. Murder.

  8. “I own zero Funimation DVDs. I think that’s all you need to know about that company.”

    Funimation actually did a really great job on Fruits Basket, good subtitling (I don’t watch dubs ever, but I’m told it was good too), lots of extras, 6-7 episodes per DVD (dual layer dvds so no loss of quality just great value for money). Other than that though.. yeah.. >

  9. Hmm this is absolutely off topic, but do people actually watch the torrents that come out of animesuki? like digimon savers, Yu-Gi-Oh… etc. if they do, i wonder if i could tracks their isps and convince Bush they have weapons of mass destruction. lol.

    i liked the dubs on GITS (includes all) and Samurai Champloo. Kenshin was alright, but it wasnt my type of anime, and same on inuyasha (it might have been wise to end it after oh say 50 eps… dub on conan was fine but again the series was/is too long. eureka 7 dubbed made me barf, and i hate naruto but when i checked the dub out of curiosity, i nearly threw my paper knife at my HDTV.

    i like free GITS stuff… and the animation and sound for 5.1 DTS is well worth it since the animation studio put alot of effort to it.

    Haruhi Suzumiya: Veronica Bitch
    Kyon: Bob
    Yuki Nagato: Laura Craft
    Mikuru Asahina: Emily Rose
    Itsuki Koizumi: Johnson Brown

    Hmm that wasn’t very creative now was it -_-;’

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: I’m Bored as Hell Bob?

  10. I can see *why* they wanted to changed Utawarerumono, it would be a bit hard to remember for fans who aren’t even watching their shows in Japanese. But still, what kinda crap name is “Shadow Warrior Chronicles”? I can come up with better names if you give me 10 minutes of thinking (But it’ll take me 3 seconds to say “Keep Utawarerumono”).
    Hakuoro isn’t that much of a “Warrior” anyway, his two modes are Emperor-Mode and UnknownDevil-Mode, neither fit into the category of “Warrior”.
    Chronicles is just a lame word added to any title with less than 3 words to make it sound more thought out.
    Overall sounds like a title they stringed together with an open “Anime Title Dictionary”

  11. Actually, I hear the word is that the Shadow Warrior Chronicles got mixed up with an anime “Shin-angyo”. Apparently the real name for Utawarerumono is something like “Blade of the Phantom mask”. That makes more sense, but is still pretty bad.

  12. Sorry…. I have to say something about this.
    >> Jiyu’s original Japanese seiyuu wasn’t very good… Horie Yui eventually had to be called in from the bullpen for Siberian Yagyuu and pulled off a save.

    Jiyu Season 1 was a very introverted and unsure girl. It’s like saying the seiyuus for Rei or Yuki were bad because of their quiet personality. =P

  13. >> I still am bitter about “Samurai X”… really? That’s going to sell more copies than calling it “Kenshin”? I never understood this. You may get a few more sales to random impulse buyers who go, “Whoa! Samurai! And a mysterious one!” but you’re also antagonizing your main customer base– the one you should please.

    theres an explanation for that as well. from wikipedia:

    “ADV Films’ English language release of the OVA’s and the movie used the Samurai X as so not to confuse their releases with Media Blasters, which had the TV series”

  14. 4chans come up with a great name for Utawarerumono. Under water Ray Romano

  15. While I agree with your wishlist. I don’t want to see more than more than three versions at most for the US release. Maybe a basic, low priced version to make converts and a decked out collector’s edition for the Haruhi-sama faithful. Blueray or HD would be nice but it would be folly for any distributor to take it upon themselves to win this format war. I would not mind if they held off a Blueray or HD version until after the format war is over. The final player in this game has not weighed in yet, so a delayed release won’t be too bad. Besides a later release would create born-again Haruhi-sama fans. I don’t want to see the distributor trying to milk and defame Haruhi-sama for all she is worth. I doubt there are many otakus who would gladly go into debt (There is only one master Sith Lord Moyism) to try and get Collector’s, Director’s Cut, special, Gold, Platinum, or Weapons Grade Plutonium editions.

    In regards to the Life Sized Mikuru, is she complete with wardrobe and is there room for Yuki-san and Haruhi-sama versions as well? I would not mind paying extra for that holy trinity.

    If any distrubutor licenses Haruhi-sama with the childish delusion that they can create a bomb and a cash cow and the Fans will do nothing, then they will have just sowed the wind. Haruhi-sama have mercy upon them when time comes to reap the whirlwind.

  16. >> I didn’t think of anything for Itsuki, but I have the feeling that they may dumb down the show for the kids.

    Jabaal-Abdul Williams.

    >> “Shadow Warrior Chronicles” might be for another show ADV licensed–Shin Angyo Oushi, which was reported as “Blade of the Phantom Mask.”

    Interesting theory, except I consider this a downgrade. If they called it “Fan of the Phantom Mask,” it would be an upgrade.

    >> Jiyu Season 1 was a very introverted and unsure girl.

    Nah, Horie Yui did a much better job in season 2. Think in terms of VORS (Value Over Replacement Seiyuu). If you dropped in Horie Yui for Haruhi Suzumiya, yeah, that’s a step back. If you dropped in Horie Yui for Jiyu, yeah, that’s a step up.

    (And Jiyu was most definitely not introverted in the original series. She befriended a lot of people.)

    >> theres an explanation for that as well. from wikipedia:

    This is gibberish. They basically said that they changed it because titles with the word “Samurai” in it sell better back in A-Kon 2K:

    I don’t forget these things.

    >> Since the offer was preceded by my quote, can I get a percentage on all Mikuru-run fanservice, if any, you may receive?

    Yep, these are my readers…

  17. i’m about to commit blasphemy..

    haruhi’s american seiyuu:

  18. You know. By just by listening to the ED, you can learn how to pronounce ‘Utawarerumono’. Still… I can understand how the marketing people will feel uncomfortable about presenting such a foreign title to primarily English-educated consumers.

    I just question their creativity in assigning a replacement title. I ain’t no marketing dude, so take my following half-arsed attempts with a pinch of salt.

    The One Being Sung
    Most literal, but kinda awkward. Also not catchy enough for attention-deficit consumers.

    Masked Turmoil/Conflict
    Duo meaning, since it refers to both Hakuoro’s internal battle with his inner beast( and the question of who he really is), and the shadowry conflict that covers the land( between the winged people and Kuuya’s people).

    Unfortunately… it may seem too artsy-fartsy. I fear that this may also be not catchy enough, unless they spice up the coverart for the DVD, preferably with some ‘Scenes of Conflict’, since battles are always a crowd favourite. Once the OP is seen, the deal should be sealed.

    Pros: The title is short and sweet. Easy to remember, especially once they grasp the meaning behind it. Minimal risk of miscommunication through word of mouth.

    The Hero of Tusukuru
    Everybody but the minimal few loves a Hero, and Hakuoro is shown to be very reliable even in the early episodes. End-game Shounen Fighter, Hakuoro is not.

    The Village Hero
    If ‘Tusukuru’ is deemed to be too hard to remember. Quite catchy as it rings next to the popular phrase, ‘The Village Idiot’, and the band, ‘The Village People’.

    The Beast Within
    ~~~~ ~~~~

    And now for some light-hearted attempts. Would ‘The Shadow Warriors Chronicles’ be better than…

    ..) Hakuoro’s Harem
    ..) Spank My Tail!
    ..) Phantom of the Anime
    ..) Not Gundam
    ..) Fatal Furries
    ..) The Melancholy of Hakuoro-sama


  19. One thing to keep in mind is that Japanese companies are usually involved in stupid renaming issues. You’d go -blind- if you’d seen some of the suggestions. The most humorous I can think of is “Tales From North Hill High” for Karekano… the Japanese company actually printed up a sales flyer in English, I used to have one in my desk.

    I also find it interesting that everything on your “bad ADV” list has been fixed, aside from Sister Princess, which is… well, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that show but the -show-. ;p

    You won’t see an HD release. Significantly higher production cost for maybe a dozen extra sales? Just not going to happen.

  20. I think something like ‘Legend of the Masked Lord’ fits Utawarerumono’s low-fantasy stylings, even if it sounds a bit like one of those martial arts movies dimly based on some real or imagined Chinese myth.

    But the more I think about it the more I realize that anime names are all nonsensical and Shadow Warrior Chronicles is really pretty close to par, even if it does sound especially lame.

    I’m totally for ‘The Melancholy of Hakuoro-sama’ though.

    On an unrelated note, I’d love to see a war between Tusukuru and the hero’s army from Suikoden 2. Crap, typing that makes me realize that there NEEDS to be a show with two competing harems. It’ll revolutionize harem anime. Who’s with me here?

  21. >>>I also find it interesting that everything on your “bad ADV” list has been fixed, aside from Sister Princess, which is… well, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that show but the -show-. ;p

    Yep, you’re right. But the fact that the had to be fixed in the first place is awful. We will get at least 3 or 4 different versions of OHaruhi-sama until we get the Ultimate Golden Special Limited Edition Collection (now with a free Itsuki sticker).

  22. Honestly, with Utawarerumono, a name change was going to be necessary. A straight-up English translation (“The One Being Sung”) probably wouldn’t cut it. As cliched and arbitrary a name as “Shadow War Chronicles” is, it could be a hell of a lot worse. I suspect that, once the initial shock of the change wears off, it’ll be a minor issue. After all, it’s not like the name change necessitates changes in the content of the show itself.

    And, for all we know, we might get a reversible cover with the original name/logo (provided the licensor allows it), as was the case with Samurai X/Kenshin OAV. ADV is more fan-friendly than people give them credit for, I think.

  23. ….Dude, I was kidding. Did you really think I was being serious with Ouran/Family Guy? C’mon, I thought this entire site was good at taking jokes.
    Then again, Haruhi is a touchy subject around here, so I’ll reserve my weak jabs at anime for later.

  24. What are overlays?

  25. To IXISIXI:

    I suppose Jason is referring to the logo/labels/sign redrawing or translation superposition.

    You know, when they change a label of Sake to Root Beer, or at the very least change a sign’s kanji to a english translation (usually superimposed, in a cheap arial bold font).

    I find them annoying.

  26. As much as I’d rather they’d used something like:

    Song of (Battle/Shadows/War/the Sword/Furries/Whatever) as their adaption of Utawarerumono, I guess I can live with Shadow War Chronicles.

  27. is it a bad thing if your already saving up money for a pirated ak-24 with ammo in anticipation for ADV getting ahold of haruhi and raping her (not in a costume way)…..

  28. @silverfish

    No. No it is not. Atleast, I don’t think it is…
    I say we just kill them all now before they get a chance to taint SHnY…

  29. My fear…

    They are going to put the episodes in correct chronological order for the US release

  30. @FireIce

    join the army lol


    MY GOD GET THE TANKS! if that happens there will be war and not the crap iraq is shoving REAL WAR like……well utawarerumono lol er..”shadow warrior chronicles”….zomg so glad that was a mix up >

  31. Just remember this, everyone. It could always be worse.

    Streamline could still exist.

    Or Harmony Gold could get it.

    Remember what they perpretrated.

    They’d probably grab Chokkoto Sister, Haruhi and Utawarerumono and blend them together as ‘Suzutech’ ‘Suzutech Generation 2’ and ‘Suzutech new generation’

    Yeah. It could be that bad. Forgive, but never forget. (Though I’ve found it hard to forgive certain things…like most of the dubs of the 80’s)

  32. Soooooo…
    More Haruhi anyone? (

  33. Yeah, I saw it as well, check for more info: http://kurogane.animeblogger.n.....aruhiists/

  34. Best. News. Ever~?

    Mikuru fetish mode, round 2, coming up. :D

    Hope there’s more imouto-chan this time around, she deserves more screentime, even if it means less costume raping (well not much less, of course), less homo-erotic vibes from Itsuki (actually I could really do without these anyway but we don’t want the fangirls to turn on us for suggesting it ^^) and less scenes of nothing-ness from Yuki. (I wish the extra 20 secs was of imouto-chan running circles around Yuki wearing nekomimi.. –Genius! I require imouto-chan in nekomimi for no reason whatsoever!)

    And we’ll need some more LOL-Fang-Tan–!

  35. Damn, just a recap article…

    well, there has to be some kind of sequel someday. It just means we’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

  36. “My fear…

    They are going to put the episodes in correct chronological order for the US release”

    This will probably happen no matter who gets it since that’s how it is being done on the Japanese DVD releases?

    “But stuff like “Chrono Crusade”? “Battle Vixens”? Why?”

    What’s wrong with Chrono Crusade? That’s the Japanese title expect the creator forgot to stick the “o” in Chrono. That was Engrish and it was fixed for the English release.

    As for “Shadow Warrior Chronicles”, it’s a crappy and generic name but it could have been worse. And they had to change the name to something else because releasing it as “Utawarerumono” would not have gone down well. Believe it or not, labels affect how well something sells and its a bad thing when most of your customers stumble over the name (especially if they are trying to find it on an online site or asking an employee for help).

  37. Im beginning to believe companies that license anime should just copy right from the fansubs. People complain that too many series are chopped up and done poorly. Fansubs try to follow the original version as much as possible. This solves
    A) Your “fan base” liked the fansubs. So why change that? They want to see that.
    B) If the “fan base” liked it, people who haven’t seen it but like anime should like it that way too. “Utawarerumono is too hard to pronounce”? It sounds to me like they’re afraid that everyone will accuse them , a proffesional company, of copying what the fansubbers did. They have to prove themselves by making it better than the fansubs. and then they crappily chop it up to what American standars should be and get confused as to why people don’t like that. And then blame those people.
    Since they’ve bought the legit license, I doubt a fansub group would sue them for plagarism.

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