shakugan no shana movie and an ova?

According to this mousepad, there’s a Shakugan no Shana OVA for December as well as the movie for next year.

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  1. I love you JCStaff, but sometimes, I’m mostly just baffled.

  2. Hope they do it well. :P

    Anyone know whether this increases or decreases the chance for a second season?

  3. fuck, this owns.


  5. Hecate in School Swim Suit?! Is that in the book that has not been animated?! If so, I got to get a translated copy of that book.

  6. Here’s a page out of Newtype on the Shana OAV. I Found it on Animesuki forums :D

  7. Sorry, forgot to post the link:

  8. Hurray for more Shana! :D

    Though I would like to see more Shana-tan…

  9. Margery looks a bit off there, but I hope it’s just me.

    More Shana’s always more than welcome.

  10. Shana is awsome. so a movie would be sweet (don’t fuck it up)

  11. I actually would prefer a 2nd Season instead of a good movie. I hope their is another season. T_T I feel so heartbroken that I can’t continue seeing Shana. [Not in a scary way]

  12. mee too i was so ….. how should i say it…
    its just that i didnt want to watch anything else since this last ep because the serie was just to good and i couldnt belive that there isnt comeing another ep
    Shana forever!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. i love shana so much

  14. Yay i love this anime its great ^,^ and i hope they make more or I’LL KILL EM ALL. Lol i hope they do a good job.
    Arigatou gozaimasu

  15. anyone seen the movie yet? It’s been out in Japan movie theaters since the 21st, a week ago…

  16. yeah… probably we’ll have to wait another week or so for the movie to be fansubbed, shana is not popular enough to be subbed immediately like bleach or naruto. but i’d like to already have it.

  17. It’s more likely we won’t see a fansubbed version until much later when we get a DVD release, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sub group work on a Theater Rip, being such poor quality and all.

  18. their making a 2nd season too

  19. …but then its comming at autumn 2007 so yeas……..^^

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