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Test out your anime knowledge by guessing if the following characters are male or female. Simple, hun?

#0. Original Killer Loli

Give yourself +1 point for every character name with gender correctly identified. For example, #0 would be Dilandau/Female.



0 to 3: I’d be careful at those Castro street bars if I were you.
4 to 7: Occasionally watching anime made prior to 2004 isn’t a bad thing.
8 to 11: Quoting Chris Berman, “Say hello to my little friend!”
12 to 15: You must roll twenties when disarming traps.
16: O RLY? Prove it.

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  1. Eventually, you’re going to have to give up the answers–we’re not all well-rounded viewers, y’know?

    I got a 10/16. Though it’s funny trying to catergorize Makoto. And just because we know Shinji’s physically apparent gender doesn’t take into account unnaturally low testosterone count.

    And I bet you’re still hoping that the Utawarerumono anime switched the twins around and didn’t tell anybody, eh?

  2. Got an 8, just because I don’t know half the faces and I am not willing to gamble on them.

  3. The problem is that #14’s BOTH – depending on whether he’s given hot or cold water. In that picture, he’s female… but that’ll change with a bucket of warm water.

    The twins? Well, they’re male in the game – and may STILL be male in the anime.

    Now who took Jason Miao and replaced him with this crossdresser-obsessed poster? ;)

  4. Pic15 …. Thats not fair at all..

  5. Uhm, wouldn’t multiple genders make a third ‘both’ answer necessary? Dilandau was originally female, but the soldier form is still male, right?

    Anyway, I’m too newb to identify most of the characters, but I like to see a Kino screencap… I’m not sure if it’s true, but I feel like it’s one of the few shows I like that hasn’t been very popular.

  6. I was so expecting Hunter X Hunter’s Kurapica be in this game.

  7. I have 0 clue to the titles of these animes. I pretty much went with a coin flip. If the #0 guy is female… then my god… I don’t think I’m going to be picking favorite characters anytime soon.

  8. Wait a second. Is number #9 a trick question? Shinji is female.

  9. Man, if you had an inch more of Shiina’s cap on the bottom, that one would be no contest at all. As it was, I’m pretty sure I have around a 13, but that’s just because I recognized the Girls Bravo/Mahoraba/Strawberry Eggs etc traps. :-p No Verite Tahoro though?

    I’m disappointed Jason. We’ll have to take your meido license away.

  10. Isn’t that Mahoromatic? Just a guess.

  11. Dilandu’s really something of a grey area. Now, if the question were “what were they born as” it’s much easier to do.

    Incidently, why Juri? I’d say just about any other character you can pick from that show is more ambiguous.

    I’d also have tossed in Integra from Hellsing there. Watching early fansubs with 50 people, it took us a good 5 episodes to really figure that one out.

  12. Shinji has no balls, yes, Shinji is female.

  13. >> Isn’t that Mahoromatic? Just a guess.

    No. That Tarou from La Verite.

  14. Wow. Out of the 16 examples, I only know 2 of them for sure, excluding the Utawarerumono Twins. I don’t think I have watched most of those shows…

  15. You forgot to add Michael Jackson into the list.

  16. i would like to know what pic 15 is from, kinda curious if i might read it or not

  17. 15 is from the soft hentai manga My Two Wings[Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa] and she is a Futanari. If you wonder hat a soft hentai manga is, They are heavily censored, they don’t actually show genitals but show you tits and the sexual act.

  18. #15 is from Boku no Futastsu no Tsubasa


    She’s a hermaphroditic alien

  19. Aw… beaten to the chase

  20. Outside of Hibiki, Shinji, and Dori & Guraa, I didn’t recognise any of them.
    Surprised not to find this one in the mix though:-

  21. Shame on you for #2… Calling Saki ambiguously gendered is just plain wrong. For shame!

  22. Reminds me of a highly appropriate AMV I once saw…

    I’m guessing that for some of those you take in to account their gender at birth e.g. Ranma? I think I can get about a 7, though I haven’t come across a fair few characters on that list.

  23. OMG… Watarase Jun not on a list of gender guessing? XD

  24. Hey Jing should not be in this list! It’s like putting Ginko in the list too!

    But yeah I got an 11/16. #6 was from an old anime which I never bothered to watch. #3, #10, #11 and #12 are very familiar and i’m pretty sure at least 2 of them are guys in girly outfits.

  25. I have a 8, but I don’t profess myself to be a very schooled crossdresser expert. I swear, all of the ones I knew were from shows I got suckered into watching. I mean, nobody watches anime for the sake of looking for crossdressers!


  26. Whew! Site is back! Got scared for a moment. (Hackers are attacking AoMM!) :P

  27. How’s everybody grading themselves? My answers were
    and feel free to grade them for me.

  28. >> Symmetry Says:
    >> … 7F …

    No! That’s Hibiki from “I My Me Strawberry Egg”.
    “It’s a trap.”

  29. I got 14.. I think…

  30. For a while there I thought that there was a government crack down on meido license holders.

    I got 8… Thanks for making this Friday a bit better. Curse this bloody weekend working two weeks straight from 0700-1800 really sucks.

    I disagree that Shinji is female that is a blatant insult to all women. Shinji is a miserable creature who values its personal safety above all else, it is less than human, barely worth the .22 calibre bullet to give it the privelage of a coup de grace.

  31. 4 is the string guy from getbacker, so M

  32. So thats two I missed? I seem to have done pretty well then.

  33. >> 13M

    Guess again.

  34. 13: Kino’s Journey. Nuff said.

  35. 13 = Kino’s Journey. I’ve seen this series like… 4 times yet I’m still oblivious to his or her gender. I’m certain they made that ambiguos for significance’s sake. However, I think Kino’s a she. I remember in the colliseum scene (dub) Kino was called a “boy”, but given the background of this Sparta-like estate, I think “boy” was more like “sir” in the military. I think a little afterwards, Kino mentioned something about being a girl though. I’ll have to check. Kino = girl for me (on a motorcycle

  36. #12 is a boy… who’s dressed up as a princess for a school play.

    I don’t… really know about #10. Somehow she (Yuya, wasn’t it?) doesn’t look quite right.

    Also, it’s intersting to note how few girls are actually mistaken for guys… seriously. How unfair.

  37. Number 9 is definately a girl, and a wussy one at that

  38. Geneon recently released relevant revelations that Shinji is indeed a girl. “And a wussy one at that”- Mikemil828.

  39. I would say:
    0 F then engineered unstable M – M form here
    1 M
    2 M (? not sure)
    3 M
    4 M
    5 M (never got far enough to know)
    6 F (Versaille’s Rose no? can’t tell what gender s/he is)
    7 M
    8 M
    9 M (well biologicaly speaking only)
    10 F
    11 F
    12 M
    13 F (it’s made plain in one of the last episodes)
    14 M then cursed gender-switcher (and cross-dresser) – M form here
    15 Futanari/Hermaphrodite from birth, not quite a human being
    16 M (the anime hasn’t decided it yet, though if you are a conservative guy, you would say they are female and loving 3some)

  40. Yeah, I know Kino is actually a girl, but I got it wrong for the first few episodes so I felt I ought to put my initial guess here and not pretend I’m cooler than I actually am (thats plenty cool enough :-P).

  41. Oh, here’s my reasoning:
    1M The jaw looks sort of square.
    2F No reason not to think shes a she
    3M See #1
    4F See #3, but if I could see the chest I might change it.
    5M Butch warrior girls always have big chests if they really are girls.
    6F My point from #5 is proven.
    7F No reason to think its not a girl from the picture, but I know I got this one wrong.
    8M No breasts, masculine clothing, must be a guy.
    9M Come on, who would think Shinji was a girl? I mean, sure he never managest to act masculine but he never doesn’t act feminine either.
    10F No reason to doubt its a girl.
    11F ” ”
    12F ” ”
    13M She looks like a guy, and it was several episodes before I figured it out.
    14M He looks like a guy, thinks of himself as a guy, and was a guy to begin with. He might change sometimes, but in this picture he’s male.
    15F Well, I didn’t have any reason to doubt it was a girl, but apparently its a hermaphrodite. I’ll call this another loss.
    16M I thought they were boys to start with, and the game says they’re boys. I’ll call this a win.

    So thats 13/16 overall, unless somebody can point out series they’re familiar with where I got it wrong.

  42. >>So thats 13/16 overall, unless somebody can point out series they’re familiar with where I got it wrong.

  43. Isn’t #12 Daisuke from D.N.Angel = male?

  44. #11 is from Girl’s Bravo it’s a Guy made to wear a Girl’s outfit and be the mistress of ceremony

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