gender guessing game discussion


I might as well give out the answers to the post that brought down a webserver.


#1. Taro (Hanaukyo Meido Tai)/Male
#2. Saki (Steel Angel Kurumi)/Female
#3. Shiratori (Mahoraba)/Male
#4. Kazuki (Getbackers)/Male
#5. Kamatari (Kenshin)/Male but planning sex change
#6. Juri (Utena)/Female
#7. Hibiki (I My Me Strawberry Eggs)/Male
#8. Jing (King of Bandits Jing)/Male
#9. Shinji (Evangelion)/Male or female accepted
#10. Yuya (Samurai Deeper Kyo)/Female
#11. Yukinari (Girls Bravo)/Male
#12. Daisuke (DNAngel)/Male
#13. Kino (Kino’s Travels)/Female
#14. Ranma (Ranma 0.5)/Male when dry
#15. Makoto (My Two Wings)/Technically, neither**
#16. Your guess is as good as mine

** Leans towards female.

Now who took Jason Miao and replaced him with this crossdresser-obsessed poster? – Haesslich

Considering that this post received more visitors than a typical Haruhi Suzumiya post, yes, I think I just gave what my readers wanted.

I mean, nobody watches anime for the sake of looking for crossdressers! – bento-cube

The funny thing is that crossdressing seems to occur more in harem shows (my bad for not including that shota from Midori no Hibi, I don’t own any of those DVDs). Out of all 16 shows, it’s hard to call any of them outside the scope of this blog or being absolutely horrible:

The original Hanaukyo? Pillar of meidodom.
Steel Angel Kurumi? Above average harem series.
Mahoraba? The Diet Pepsi of harem series (no calories, yet somewhat fulfilling) that used MPD as a moe element.
Getbackers? Ugh. Quite possibly the worst of the 16 series. This is literally the WWE of anime. It’s a huge ass sausage fest, and all the male characters have this uncomfortable sexual tension between them. When you actually get an episode with Heaven it it, she looks and acts like any WWE “Diva”.
Kenshin? Pantheon quality. No action series since has come close to the Kyoto Arc’s drama.
Utena? Near Pantheon quality. Teaches a generation of little kids that lesbianism can be a great thing.
I My Me? Forgettable harem series.
Jing? Manga is fantastic. Highly recommended. Anime? Ugh.
Evangelion? Pantheon quality. No action series since has depicted its hero pleasuring himself over his comrade’s broken body.
Kyo? Condensed something like 15 volumes of manga into 26 episodes.
Girls Bravo? Wins the “Why isn’t this an h-anime?” award.
DNAngel? Amazingly, Daisuke has one similarity with K1 Maebara: they both refuse to go after both twins at the same time. The similarities stop there, thank Oyashiro-sama.
Kino’s Travels? Not-quite Pantheon quality.
Ranma 0.5? Dated nowaday.
My Two Wings? I can see all the anime bloggers clawing at the chance to blog about this series when it gets animated. (I won’t.)
Shadow Warrior Chronicles? Maybe ADV should name it, “Raping Emperors for Dummies.” Also the only show on this list that aired after 2004.

Anyway, I’m too newb to identify most of the characters, but I like to see a Kino screencap… I’m not sure if it’s true, but I feel like it’s one of the few shows I like that hasn’t been very popular. – extraclassiclite

My recollection of Kino was that it started out like any slice-of-life type of series, then the second episode… with the cannibals… and I was like, “Whoa!” Every episode had this great twist, much in the Jing and Ginko mold.

Loli Meido Kino!

The good: excellent storytelling. A+ settings. Great music and VA work.
The bad: relies heavily on the “twist at the end” plot device to the point that you can start to guess the outcomes as the series progresses.

However, I think Kino’s a she. – Subaru

Kino is most definitely a she and even averages one wedding proposal every six episodes. She was in fact extremely girly until she meets the original Kino. Since then, she has tried to emulate him even referring to herself as “boku” and the fact a lot of random people refer to her as a guy is a running joke of the series.

As for Hermes… you’re guess is as good as mine. Especially when it broke out the, “Grasp my body tightly with your thighs” line. I thought I was reading Zero no Tsukaima.

No Verite Tahoro though? – AC

Crossdressing in order to strip Mariel >> crossdressing to sell doujinshis. ‘Nuff said.

(BTW, AoMM has a seat on The Main Office’s Committee of Meido Affairs.)

Oh, here’s my reasoning – Symmetry

To score a point, you need to give a name and a gender. Just giving a gender is almost a 50/50 chance to get it right.

You forgot to add Michael Jackson into the list. – John

The original version of the list had Carmelo Anthony on it. I decided against it– those Denver fans have suffered enough as is. $60 million to Nene… I’ll let them enjoy seeing Carmelo represent them at the draft lottery next year, the year after, and the year after that.


I disagree that Shinji is female that is a blatant insult to all women. – Crusader

Wins “Best Comment” award.

Hey Jing should not be in this list! It’s like putting Ginko in the list too! – MusashiKen

This is a great list. No shame in being on it. Much better to be on this list than my upcoming “Top Ten Anime Series That I Feel Asleep Watching” post.

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  1. First Post! Woot! Did our posts seriously bring the server down? I tried logging on yesterday and nothing happened. No lies here, huh? Woah! I was quoted!

  2. I knew it! I got 14 ^_^
    Damn! I love Kino’s but as you said, it comes to predictable after episode 5 (BTW, if you look closely, the anime is showed backwars, episode 1 was 14, episode 2 was 13, etc…) I love it!

    Wait! Shinji as a female is an insult for men too… how could I fell in love with that jerk!!

  3. Ranma may be dated…but I still love Shampoo….heh

  4. Yummy Archerko images you have here. Fate/Stay Night would have been better if she was a canon character. But Studio Deen could screw it up even more.

  5. Nuts, I got eight. Glad you liked that comment, I guess being overworked and bitter brings out more snarky comments. Also Mr. Syaoran Li the CMP gives out M1 Garands for dirt cheap, with a range of 550m you can reach out and touch Shinji to avenge the insult.

    Congradulations on your postion in the heirachy of the Main Office, aka the Legion of Darth Moyism. I take it that comrade Stripey is getting to know the finer nuances of meido affairs.

    I like old stuff, it makes me feel as if I am making up for lost time.

    >>“Top Ten Anime Series That I Feel Asleep Watching”
    I look forward to it.

    Lastly sorry for breaking your site.

  6. I’m only here for the Archerko right now.


  7. Kino, is that Kino’s Journey? I’m trying to find the series.

  8. Argh, I’m a blind fool. Nevermind.

  9. wow, did better than i thought (some lucky guess)
    did not recognize Yukinari though (the manga is fun, but never watched anime, and they didn’t have hair color in manga ; ;)

  10. OMG, i got all of them right. No way to prove it, But the only one i needed to guess at was Jing *Read the anime, Never bothered with the anime*

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