muteki kanban musume 7

The Mai Otome of restaurants.

(I need a good laugh right now. Having a really, really bad day. Sigh.)

Funniest Moments


1. It took Megumi much longer that I expected to realize that Miki’s restaurant is popular not because of the ramen but because of the revolving freak show that is Miki. I call this the “Mai Otome Train Wreck Factor” (MOTWF). Even if a series is terrible, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any entertainment value. For instance, I found Disgaea to be hideously boring, and no matter how hard I tried to look for entertainment, there wasn’t enough unintentional comedy to keep me around. Mai Otome, on the other hand, is a treasure trove of comedy. That’s why those people are just sitting around in Onimaru’s Ramen Shop waiting for Miki to do something crazy, well, that’s just like watching Mai Otome waiting for that father x daughter incest.

(I can only imagine people trading tips on an internet forum, “Hey, I heard 11:45 is the best time to stop by Onimaru’s Ramen!” “Actually, the best day is Tuesday since that’s when Megumi has her day off.” “HOLY SH– ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT TOSHIYUKI x MIKI BATTLE YESTERDAY!” “STOP USING CAPS YOU A-HOLE!” “YEAH LEARN TO USE THAT CAPS LOCK KEY!”)


2. After Megumi comments that Onimaru’s ramen shop is dirty, Miki’s mom comes over in a threatening way… and she ends up pounding Miki because it’s her job to clean up the place. I knew it was coming, yet I still laughed. I would have been disappoined with any other outcome except maybe “Jessica is Miki’s long lost sister.”


3. Megumi skewering that fly. With skill like that, how can she not have gotten Miki yet? Or Miki is even more God-like than we previously thought. Right now for my Royale Rumble Power Rankings™, I’d love to see an eight-way death match between Miki, Rena, Touka, Revy, Honey-sempai, Zoro, Saito, and Shinji Ikari. Who’d win that… mmm…

(I liked Miki’s expression on the first attempt better, though. LOL FANG-TAN!)


4. Listening to all the customers in her ramen shop praise Megumi while Miki stews in the background. Priceless. Isn’t this like wearing a Red Sox hat into Yankee Stadium? Maybe they were even trying to goad Miki into doing something against Megumi. Anyway, it worked.


5. Miki clamping onto Kankuro’s arm while he babbles on. She’s like a monkey.


6. After Miki’s mom comes into Megumi’s store and Miki hides, Megumi traps her under that table. Glorious. Hiding Miki is actually pretty cute… what am I saying?


7. How’d you like your ramen? With pork? With kimchi? With emo? With “peppers”?

(Best part was when the fly dies.)

15 Responses to “muteki kanban musume 7”

  1. ill torture-tickle you if need be jason =/

  2. The second-best part was when Ohta-san ate it, then Miki’s mom takes a bite, then kicks Miki for poisoning the food, while showing absolutely no reaction to the poison otherwise. Heck, for a show like that, I’d go down there for ramen on a daily basis. :D

    Although, one must admit, Megumi really IS cute – if you take looks into account, Miki’s like Strike Gundam to Megumi’s Freedom or Providence Gundam – completely overpowering in comparison, although their skills are equal otherwise.

  3. who would win the 8 way battle royal? shinji, he’d bitch and everyone woukld kill themselves.

    I know, every episode has something worth to make my laugh
    I like when Megumi scanned her store in order to arrack Miki when nobody was watching…

    ^_^ Good medicine when you’re bored

  5. This episode is an automatic win simply because my favourite MKM character, Megumi, was the focus this time.

    Best moment of the show for me was seeing Megumi finally winning one( and more) over Miki; making Nya-san the ultimate ‘loser’ in the show with zero wins.


  6. One poisoned serving of fried rice please.
    I like how even Toshiyuki whimpers when faced with Miki’s mom.

  7. I’d pay to see that deathmatch!

    I haven’t watched this yet, but the more I hear about it the more I need to.

  8. If not for the episode with the introduction of Kayahara-sensei, then this would of been the best episode of the series so far in my books, quite the funny :D

  9. Loved how Miki tries the blue shiny “amazonian pepper” on Megumi… twice! (“Dokumori!”)

    Next episode we’ll finally find out who the blonde bunny-cap girl is.

  10. Oops, I forgot!

    Cheer up Jason! Ganbatte!

  11. Try Ramen with slight touch of curry and cream of the mushroom soup. Add little bit, remember, just a little bit, or cooked grounded beef, green onions, and perhaps shredded tamagoyaki ( this is actually the Korean style where you make thin noodles from just eggs and use it to add color and flavor to your dish ) and then try it. The key is not over do any of the ingredient and have some cold steamed rice handy to cool off the hot ramen and finish the remaining broth.

  12. I thought that the discussion of the show’s formula through the audience-within-the-show was pretty funny… not MoSH 01 funny by a long shot, but a good gag nonetheless.

  13. When are Miki and Megumi gonna realize that their open hostility towards each other, is actually caused by a denial of their mutual but deeply buried sapphic attraction.

  14. ^Hmm..

    Miki and Megumi yuri doujin… I have to find one.:p

  15. Megumi was so well presented in the ep.7 that, since I was already weak in that area, I started rooting for her again despite knowing that she is an antagonist and thus has to fail. It was a big relief when the first half ended.

    Megumi, naturally, needs a father in the bakery, to balance out Miki’s mom. His absense injuries my sense of symmetry.

    Curiously, Miki enters the bakery to twart Megumi, whereas Megumi only enters the hanten to observe. She is obviously not suicidal enough to try anything within the reach of M. Onimaru.

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