higurashi no naku koro ni 20 (meakashi 5)

SODA aji no ICE CANDY gira gira na ohisama no shita hanbunko.

These first two images are recycled from Watanagashi 2:


Shion calls K1 and gives him the rundown… (though since it is 1983 or whatever and there’s no caller ID, it gives the possibility that it’s Mion fishing for information)… Takano and Tomitake were killed. Unlike the previous arc, Takano was burned alive, thus not satisfying Oyashiro-sama’s “kill one, demon away one” requirement. (Of course, this was unfulfilled in the previous arc when K1 kills Mion, Rena, and himself… but whatever.)


In a mistake worthy of New Coke, K1 goes emo and chews out Shion for risking his life. Uh-oh. First, pissing off the one person who could possibly help you is dumb. Second, pissing off a hawt, winking twin who possibly wanted to make out with you makes you major of dumbsville. Lastly, admitting everything when it could be the hawt, unwinking twin on the other side (or even just Oyashiro-sama overhearing) just clinched the king of dumb title for you.

Okay, new content:


Correcting myself, (1) Shion doesn’t like K1 (2) Shion hung up on K1 not because she was angry with him but because he was babbling on like an idiot and (3) Shion is the mastermind behind everything. But all of that are irrelevant. The most important thing is (4)…


… sharing a soda-flavored popsicle under the glaring, glaring sun.

(I award Shion a twelve out of ten for the seductiveness of this pose. I fully support the inclusion of more popsicles in anime… can you imagine Zero no Tsukaima‘s Jessica licking one? Can you imagine Mikuru-run enjoying one, only to have some drip on her?!? Okay, that’s it. End of post. Nothing can top this thought. Why even bother?)

(Ruv-ruv daay-a-to! Dammit, I can’t get this damn song out of my head now.)


Shion calls K1 “baka” and complained that he made her popsicle melt, which was awesome. And calls up the Hinamizawa council and have them start looking for the Village Chief. They may want to start with the Sonozaki house first… but, again, that’s not important. I can only imagine the animations going, “Mmm… our story is going nowhere, we’re out of money for our animation budget, oh screw it, I want to see Shion with a popsicle.”



(I take back everything non-flattering I have ever typed about Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. This show is better than Haruhi Suzumiya, Trigun, and Keroro Gunso combined.)


(Just kidding.)

Shion here is preparing to show the Village Chief what’s behind door #1… tell him what he’s won, Cliff! Well, he’s one an all expense paid trip to pain and suffering! Staying at the luxurious torture suite of the Sonozaki family, he gets to enjoy the wonderments of 14th century implements of torture. Afterwards, he gets to enjoy eternity in hell after he gets hanged/stabbed/sliced/eviscerated.


Shion tries to get information of Satoshi’s death out the Village Chief, but he doesn’t seem to know much. But he does confirm that pretty much everything is dictated by Onibaba.

(The best part of this sequence was when Shion goes “Kowai! Kowai!” So kawaii. For a serial killer. Yes, I’m on painkillers right now.)


Why, I wonder?

(Classic phrase. I think it fits this series better than “Uso da!” and “Gomen nasai…” but that’s just my opinion. Why hasn’t it lived up to its potention? Why, I wonder? Why haven’t we seen K1 in his meido punishment outfit? Why, I wonder? Why can’t they toss in beach episode? Why, I wonder?)


Shion (finally) realizes that if Satoshi was dead, he’d probably be in the well with all the other demoned away people. She then screams, “Satoshi! Satoshi!” into the well, I mean, it’ll be awfully creepy if he did respond. Wasn’t that like a year ago? Either his spirit responds or Shion is hallucinating, but she wants to join him in death. As I keep pointing out, Shion completely ransacked her family and now is contemplating suicide for a wussy boy who may or may not be gay for Shinji Ikari. She’s talked to Satoshi for a total of five minutes!!!


“I want to be with you! Together! Forever!”

(It’s a bit romanic when Morisato says it to Belldandy. It’s damn hilarious watching Shion here saying it to Satoshi’s hallucination/shadow/spirit.)


Shion becomes even more enraged after getting some closure on Satoshi’s death, so she goes to confront Mion to see if she has anything to do with it. Mion still sings of her innocence and proclaims that if she knew about the order to kill Satoshi, she would have vigorously protested it… just she never received an e-vite to the Houjou Inquisitions.



(I don’t think Shion’s is buying it.)


At this point, Mion is pretty much broken by Shion. No wonder when K1 finds her, she’s a mess. Still, everytime I see Mion in the cell like that, I can’t help but think, “This isn’t an h-series, is it?”


The next day at school, everything seems normal. Rika even breaks out a “nii-pah!” The first one I remember he saying as less-loli Rika.


Cue Rena’s kawaiigasm. Doesn’t she have one later that day as well? Definitely need a kawaiigasm deathmatch between Rena, Touka, and Azumanga‘s Sakaki.

(BTW, anidb’s current rating for Higurashi is 8.97 while Azumanga is 8.67. Um. Wow. Let’s just move on.)


After school, Shion pulls Rika aside for a talk. As the head of the Furude family (as well as possible carrier of Oyashiro-sama), Shion demands to know how they’re going to punish the other two people, uh, Shion herself and K1, for tresspassing on Oyashiro’s storage shack. Rika argues that as long as they’re sorry and repent, it’s okay. It’s not like they had a drunken orgy in there or anything.


Shion disagrees and insists on a punishment. I have no clue why Shion would beat up poor Rika… besides being the head of one of the three houses, did she do anything wrong? Rika seems to be the most level headed character in this show. Shion is now in Kill Bill mode… nothin’ but vengence on her mind. Quick! Someone get her a Hattori Hanzo blade!



Make up your own dialogue:

1. “I don’t know anything!”
2. “Stop it– you’re scaring me, Mi-chan!”
3. “Does my ass look fat?”
4. “Nii-pah!”


Rika is garnering a lot of sympathy from me. Those puppy dog eyes are fearsome.


Shion has really gone off the deep end. She’s stewing and overboiling with thoughts of revenge. Why did Satoshi have to die? Why can’t that worthless Satoko die instead? She’s really lost it… she’s like Anakin in Episode III. At least Anakin was going emo for his mom and wife… Shion is going emo for a boy she hasn’t even maintained a ten minute dialogue with (and whenever they talked, for the most part, Satoshi thought it was Mion). Yeah, that’s right: the writing for Higurashi is making George Lucas look like Ang Lee.

(Oh man, I was hoping that Shion would stab herself in the leg. That would have been hilarious, but, alas.)


So Shion’s big plan is to have Satoko dead and then, as Zap Brannigan would say, “score Satoshi on the rebound”? I have a better one. Instead of slapping his sister around school, maybe Shion should have just sucked on popsicles next to him. If that doesn’t get him going, it’s official, he’s gay.


Shion’s emo brooding time is interrupted by Rika, who comes over with the pretense of needing soy sauce. I loved Rika’s “I’m good at funneling liquids” line. Almost as enjoyable as “You made that grace your bitch, dad!” Remember, in Watanagashi, Rika tells K1 that she’ll protect him… but she’s found dead with Satoko later.

(Is there anything Rika can do and not be cute at it? She could be organizing a stamp collection, and it would probably still be cute.)


I think this is Rika’s cutest scene as she follows Shion through the house holding that huge soy sauce bottle, only she’s creeping Shion out. Watching Shion creep out is kinda disarming… she’s the one who should be creeping Rika out, but the loli is holding her own. Good girl. Plus she made that cute “mew” noise when she bumped into Shion.


“I’ve had it with these MUTHERFUCKIN’ killer lolis on this MUTHERFUCKIN’ plane! I want these MUTHERFUCKIN’ killer lolis off this MUTHERFUCKIN’ plane!”


Rika begins her attack on Shion by gassing her with what appears to be Raid while Shion reaches for the soy sauce. How did Rika manage to hide that bottle of Raid on her without developing unsightly budges? Probably using the same Doraemon-class pocket that Shion uses to hide her taser.


LOL. Grabbing Shion by her ponytail. I knew that hairstyle had a downside… they’re not just moe… they can be used by those MUTHERFUCKIN’ killer lolis against you.


Are we about to get it on? Let’s rock.

(I’m surprised that Rika didn’t bring a gun with her… what chance does a 60 pound girl have against a 120 pound girl? How is Shion even struggling her? Wouldn’t she be able to easily overpowah nii-pah?)


In the green corner, sporting 38DDs, it’s Shion Sonozaki, the hawt n’ crazy chix0r! She’s killed Onibaba already as well as imprisoned her sister and the Village Elder. Her weapon of choice? Her trusty taser.


In the blue corner, the priestess of Oyashiro-sama, the caretaker of the shrine, the cutie of “nii-pah,” it’s Rika Furude! Rika is fighting to stop Shion’s madness and to save that other loser, K1. Her weapon of choice? A can of Raid as well as some drug.


Shion attacks with a brilliant tactic. For a brief second, it reminded me of Kenshin’s first battle with Saito. Then I realized the ridiculousness of this fight… seriously, what are they fighting for? K1 and Satoshi? Revenge? Soy sauce? ICE CANDY?


Flawless victory: Shion!


Finish her!


Getting pwned by your own weapon? It’s like raaa-in on your wedding day… it’s a freeeee ride when you’ve already paid… it’s the good advice that you just didn’t taaa-ke… it’s finding snaaa-kes on your plane…

(The grammar snob in me feels compelled to link to this, this, and this.)


Freaky drug. Usually a girl that small getting tasered like that, she’d be out cold. That drug must have really woke her up. Poor Rika. Kawai sou.

(I loved Shion’s “Let’s change the venue to the tanoshi-tanoshi torture center.” She’s completely lost it. I don’t think it’s for Satoshi anymore… she’s seriously getting off on this carnage.)


Oh yeah! Killer loli! Oh yeah! Boo-yah! Stu yeah even!


Emo ages you, Shion. Shion can’t wait to get Rika into her torture chamber, and Rika doesn’t seem able to do much… didn’t K1 kill Rena and Mion/Shion after he got injected with this drug? Where do they get this drug from?


Round 2?


Best of 3?


We all know what’s coming. I’m clenching my teeth.


Rena doesn’t want to be Shion’s torture plaything, so she decides to take herself out… gruesome… she couldn’t just stab herself in the heart or slit her throat… my gosh… those crazy MUTHERFUCKIN’ killer lolis… that’s all I have to say.


Fatality. Shion Sonozaki wins.

“I won! I won!”

(How can you not like Shion? She’s the only one making this series go right now. Shion’s Satoshi emo mode >> K1’s emo mode.)


(Yeah, I get the feeling this show won’t ever run on CN after One Piece or IGPX.)

Afterwards, Shion gets a call from Satoko asking about Rika. Of course, Shion invites her over to the den… oh, man, this show is nuts.

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  1. I am HATING Shion right now! (RIKA!!) However, gotta love Shion’s “slurps”. :)

    Things get more clear… and more confusing at the same time. The show is getting better for me, but let’s see how they wrap this up.

  2. Ah, now THIS is the show I started watching all those months ago. Nasty gorey battle to the death between cutesy, poorly drawn girls. Huzzah!

    Anyway though, the whole vendetta over a guy she knew for 5 minutes is a symptom of the main flaw with Higurashi’s writing. Pretty darn consistantly, people have reactions to things which are wildly out of proportion. “You gave someone else a doll? KILLING TIME!” (yes, that one was retracted, but still) “Your uncle hits you? KILLING TIME!” “That guy I said hi to is missing? KILLING TIME!”

    It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if in the next arc, someone ends up on a killing spree after someone trips them, or says an outfit makes them look fat. Of course, if we’re re-examining the first arc, it’ll be more like putting a hit out on someone for cheating at Old Maid.

  3. I choose Option 4: “Nii-pah!”

    I just have to say that the fact they finally showed us the first 5 seconds of episode 5 again allows me to enjoy this show once more.

    Also since the subbers mentioned it and I don’t want you to feel left out, check out 9:33 of Episode 2.

  4. >> I fully support the inclusion of more popsicles in anime …

    Reminds me of that eyecatch from Maburaho. The one on the beach? You know what I’m talking about. lol

    >> Yeah, that’s right: the writing for Higurashi is making George Lucas look like Ang Lee.

    Oh please, let’s review Ep 3 again, shall we …

    ANAKIN: You are so beautiful!
    PADME: It’s only because I’m so in love …
    ANAKIN: No, it’s because I’m so in love with you.
    PADME: So love has blinded you?

    I’ll take Shion and Satoko over this anyday.

    >> Is there anything Rika can do and not be cute at it?

    How about stabbing herself with a knife? lolol

  5. >> Rena doesn’t want to be Shion’s torture plaything

    Don’t you mean Rika?

  6. > Anyway though, the whole vendetta over a guy she knew for 5 minutes is a symptom of the main flaw with Higurashi’s writing. Pretty darn consistantly, people have reactions to things which are wildly out of proportion.

    This is not a flaw in the writing; it is actually a clue to the mystery. In every arc, there is exactly one character whose mental state is out of whack while all the other characters are quite still level-headed.

    In the first arc where K1 was the unstable one, a syringe of some drug was attempted to apply to him; and in this arc where Shion is the unstable one, another syringe was attempted to apply to her again.

    I’m suspecting someone behind the scene understands the symptoms of “Oyashiro-sama” and has developed a treatment in the form of an injection of some drug.

    Possibly a medical experiment being conducted in the village of Hinamizawa?

  7. >This is not a flaw in the writing; it is actually a clue to the mystery.

    I think you might be giving this show too much credit….giving clues to solve the mysteries doesnt seem to be the strongpoint of this show.

  8. The sight of Shion licking her popsicle is disturbingly erotic. Disturbing, if we remember what kind of anime we are watching.

    The scene nearby the well kinda made me feel sorry for her.

    I finally think that Rika stabbed her own throat.

  9. I’ve finally figured out the secret behind Daddy Sonozaki’s buttonless suit from Himatubushi-hen 1, and it’s obvious if you look closely at the 14th image.

    Shion = Trap Keroro.


    Daddy Sonozaki’s buttonless suit = Pekopon-jin suit.

    Mystery solved…

  10. This is why I love anime.

  11. >>>I think you might be giving this show too much credit….giving clues to solve the mysteries doesnt seem to be the strongpoint of this show.

    I’m afraid this show doesn’t work like: “Hi kids, note this, here is a clue”.

    There were many, quite coherent clues given to us to this point of anime. For example:

    Rena, Satoshi, Keichi and Shion have the same symptoms. Rena gets some kind of treatment and is now ok. Shion didn’t get any treatment and ended up on killing spree. Keichi’s case is not “clear”.

    Keichi and Shion’s seeds of madness were planted by Takano and Tamitake, their mistrust started after their thoughts were “directed” by them.

    At the end of Watanagashi, Oishii clearly said that except Shion’s victims, there were no other bodies from last ten years.

    Watanagashi explains why Rena knew so much about Keichi, (she is just the goddamn Batman).

    Tatarigoroshi explains that Rena is traumatized by “Oyashiro-sama’s curse”. Topics like Oyashiro-sama and Satoshi’s disappearance make her panic and act strange – that explains most of her behavior during Onikakushi.

    In Tatarigoroshi, after Keichi killed Satoko’s uncle Takano appeared and acted rather suspicious, she has something in common with Tomitake’s death – she had his bike in her car, probably witnessed his death and she didn’t act like she was afraid for her own life. At the end of Watanagashi Oishii said she was dead before the day of Watanagashi – body was burned and its identification was based purely on dental records. It’s not too hard to fake her own death, especially if she had as a nurse free access to those records.

    At the end of Tatarigoroshi, bodies of Oishii and his people weren’t found. They were well trained, armed cops, they were investigating Hinamizawa’s region.

    Tatarigoroshi: Keichi fell close to a place where poisonous fumes were supposed to start leaking; he was for the longest time influenced by those fumes. He is the only one who survived. Why official explanation for Hinamizawa’s disaster doesn’t match reality?

    Himatsuboshi explained that Rika is able to foresee the future (I think we can assume she can see most probable outcomes, like she predicted Akasaka’s wife death), she also believes the future can be changed (pebble and pond metaphor), in episode 20 she said she is able to talk to Oyashiro-sama. She believes Oyashiro is not an evil being.

    At the end of Onikakushi Rena and Mion tried to inject Keichi with some kind of drug, Rika now had the same syringe. What is the meaning of those syringes? I believe it is clear that this “drug” may be one of two things – a medicine or poison. What reason would be there for Mion and Rena to kill Keichi? None. If it was a medicine, why would Keichi kill girls after the injection? He was sure that this drug killed Tomitake. Basing on Keichi’s and Shion’s behavior we have a clue that they are very easily influenced by suggestions. What if this drug doesn’t have immediate effects?

    We don’t know, but if we assume it was a medicine it is possible to think that Irie is the one who knows most about Keichi’s and Shion’s disease (end of Onikakushi). Why did he commit “suicide” before Hinamizawa’s disaster?

    What reason would be there for Rika to kill “Mion” – answer is – to save Keichi. But she is also a friend with Mion, if syringe from Onikakushi was a medicine then this one was also a medicine. If there is a disease in Hinamizawa, she probably, thanks to her abilities know how to cure it. Why didn’t she act earlier? Why didn’t she prevent tragedy earlier? Probably because her knowledge is strongly restricted, it wasn’t yet explained. After she failed she foresaw what Shion would do to her, that’s why she killed herself. Why did she go alone to Shion’s house, why Rena and Mion didn’t wait for backup? Here I don’t have any clue.

    There is much more, but I’m not sure what would be the point of listing everything. Much more is explained in Tips, which are also an official part of the anime. (tips are included to dvd release).

  12. i need a gif of rika getting slapped looped.

    great voice acting is screaming at a high pitch.

    it keeps switching between kawaii and fucking scary, awesome.

  13. It’s a little late, but it seems to be coming together in some weird way. This arc seems to be filling in all the blanks during the other arcs, although I’m half of the thought that its a little late now…I’d have liked to know about all this a lot earlier.

  14. “Ni-pah…”

  15. Say bye-bye to anime, if this show gets ever licensed by an US distributor.

  16. Anyway, I question the directors of Higurashi when they start killing off all the elements that made Higurashi good i.e. Rika and “Ni-pah” and possibly melon-pan. It’s like if George Lucas was killed half way before he was done with the recent Star Wars movies. God knows they will still sell, but then again, now that I think about it, maybe that’s…exactly what happened. All starts to make sense… Nah, Rika dead is like why poodles go ot heaven.

  17. Someone said it before, but I’ll mention it here again: Jason, you’re the king of screenshot captions. Never have I laughed so much today.

  18. Don’t worry about it Chris. Elfen Lied got licensed and everything is still fine. Higurashi is still a small fish compared to that show.

  19. I love Shion, she’s awesome. And to think I disliked her at the beginning. Her arc totally redeemed the show, cause the pacing was getting a bit slow.

  20. Series…….SAVED! I’m feeling like these are the Demoned Away/Watanagashi days again. The lolinesss, the popsicles, the innocence, the killer-loli-bitch fights, the msot disturbing death scene in an anime ever, they can’t sub these fast enough! I just hope they saved the best for last.

  21. >>“Your uncle hits you? KILLING TIME!”

    We’re not talking about a simple slap the the rear of face. We’re talking about intense physical, mental, and possible sexual abuse. So much that Satoko became physically ill when she was touched by someone. Satoko didn’t freak out because Keiichi’s pat reminder her of her brother, it was because she was repulsed at having someone touch her. When you abuse someone to the point where they become repulsed by the touch of another person you really fucked that person up bad.

    >>I’m afraid this show doesn’t work like: “Hi kids, note this, here is a clue”.
    There were many, quite coherent clues given to us to this point of anime. For example:

    You know it’s nice to see some people actually giving some thought to this show. Instead of “This show isn’t meeting my expectations and isn’t explaining everything clearly like I’m four years old. Therefore it sucks.”

    My take on the whole syringe deal is that it’s either sedatives(so Irie can check them over to see if they need any treatment for any mental disorders they may have) or an antidote to whatever causes the Higurashi craziness. I also believe he was killed because of that. Someone didn’t want him curing whatever disease they were trying to spread around Hinamizawa. Which is another reason not to trust Tanako. She would be able to gain access to Irie’s files and know what he has been working on.

    I don’t think that Rika can see into the future. Giving the fact that she knows certain events before they happen and that we’ve seen several different versions of the same world my conclusion is that whenever Rika dies she gets reborn back in time and is able to re-live her life. That’s why she has knowledge of things that haven’t happened yet, she’s already lived them. She also wouldn’t know everything because each life would have it’s own set of variables. Variables that can and do make each life vastly different from each other. In one life Shion had gotten over her infatuation with Satoshi and has stated dating Irie. In another life Shion is a psycho bitch who tries to kill anyone who she thinks wronged her dear precious Satoshi. In a third life Shion chocked to death on a ham sandwich.

    But if any life happened to similar to a previous one she would recognized it. Like how Watanagashi and Meakashi are similar to each other. When Rika realized that things were happening the same as in Watanagashi she chose to kill herself rather than be tortured by Shion. Oh yeah, Rika didn’t commit suicide in Watangashi, she was killed by Shion.

  22. Speaking of which, anybody else spotted Rika’s skin tone change at 18:11? It’s like half her body suddenly turned pasty white. I guess loli haet Raid.

  23. I think giving the series credit and taking a lot of the strange or crazy actions of the characters as a clue is the right way to go. The doujin game didn’t become popular for nothing. The pictures weren’t that great so you can’t blame it too much on cuteness or premise. There are logical explanations and they are explained. Mostly in the 7th arc that won’t be shown in the anime. Though the anime displays time badly Shion also went to see Satoshi several times and over the course of several weeks in which to create her crush. She saw him play baseball every sunday or another day every week for a month or so including days she acted as Mion probably not shown in the anime.

  24. shion is what emos these days should worship

  25. ah i’m lovin this series regardless of all the ridiculousness. i actually blogged this episode earlier today cause it was so entertaining but you way outdid me lol

  26. I thought the same way about that tatic when Shion kicked the papers into her face and then BAM your boned kiddo cuz I just pwned you with the motherfuckin TASER AHAHAHA. After that the rest was pretty self explanitory. Everything now is fitting together…somewhat. Still I was her boyfriend and I saw dead bodies on the floor while she was cooking with a bloody knife and I told her what she was doing and she said…oh nothing sweetie just taking out the trash…I’d hit that XD (J/k I have a girlfriend myself and shes nothing like shion).

  27. Errata: “Still I was her”

    Changed to “Still if I was her”


  28. casey and friends is getting good again.

  29. “I’ve had it with these MUTHERFUCKIN’ killer lolis on this MUTHERFUCKIN’ plane! I want these MUTHERFUCKIN’ killer lolis off this MUTHERFUCKIN’ plane!”

    best line. ever.

  30. the drug that was injected into k1 and rika is probably an anticonvulsant

  31. Why did Shion go all the way for Satoshi? It’s because she hasn’t had a full conversation with him for 10 minutes I say. Maybe people tend to get blinded regarding his/her first love since Shion don’t know anything about him yet so she regards Satoshi as a very perfect person. Almost all relationship tended to get sour after they get along, don’t they?

    Imagine if Shion got together with Satoshi and she learned that Satoshi isn’t like what she has imagined. She might probably torture rape him on the spot.

  32. It would have been nice if they could have done a quick montage with Shion and Satoshi to explain her falling so badly for him.
    Still, this series is just great because its so different.
    It’d love to see someone license this but I’m not holding my breath.

  33. >> It would have been nice if they could have done a quick montage with Shion and Satoshi to explain her falling so badly for him.

    Amen. I think someone should go back and time it to be sure, but I’m pretty sure that if you take all the time Shion the anime has shown talking to/with Satoshi earlier in the arc, and add it all together, it doesn’t equal the time she spent this episode talking to her shadow.

    Now, it does seem to be implied they have spent more time together (nearly the entirety of it with Shion posing as Mion) between scenes, but it was not implied very well. They should have at least shown anything that might have given her the impression he had any feelings for her (besides the head pat when they first met), so there could be at least some deviation from the standard unrequited psycho stalker love angle. Any complexity in these things is good.

    Of course, said psycho babe licking an ice cream bar, tormenting her half-naked, slightly less psycho twin sister, and laughing maniacally while covered in loli blood has it’s merits as well…

  34. >> It would have been nice if they could have done a quick montage with Shion and Satoshi to explain her falling so badly for him.

    How much hand-holding do you need really? Like someone had asked already, are you guys 4 years-old? Try to add 1 and 1 together, please.

    First, Shion has always been the outcast even by her family. She was locked away in a boarding school almost since birth. Her only friends were her sister, her bodyguard and her uncle, but all these people could not help her at all since they’re all afraid of the Sonozaki head. In short, there was never anybody there for her — she had to fend for herself.

    Next came the bikers scene. For the first time, someone unafraid of other people stood up for her. Do you have any idea what this means to a teenage girl who’s been deprived of love and caring all her life? Is it so hard to imagine how eager she was to find a hero in her life? Really, even normal teenage girls do not need a lot to fall hopelessly in love with a boy.

    And don’t forget Shion has been attending the baseball games and watching Satoshi play for awhile too. During this observation period, she saw only the competition and determination of his spirit on the field. This just build more admiration from her.

    So far the image she had built of him was of a hero standing up against 3 bikers to save her, and a determined and competitive person on the field. She knew little else of him.

    In fact, like Gains had said, it *is* because she had not interacted with him long enough to find out who he really is, that she had fallen hopelessly in love. She had fallen in love not with Satoshi himself, but rather someone she had desperately conjured up from her experience with Satoshi and superimposed onto him, rather or not that was reality or not.

  35. let’s stop playing with matches kids

  36. Okay, this has probably been linked before, but XD


  37. Oh man this was a good watch.
    Finally get to see the lolis duke it out.
    Though, this series could use more Rena, the expert in Billhook Cleavers.
    Imagine it now, Taser vs. Knife vs. CLEAVER.

  38. Thanks for saying that 7 47 4.
    An honest observation should not by answered with childish name-calling.
    I guess I’m not deep enough- silly me.(:P)

  39. Alright, I do apologize for my choice of words. I just feel very frustrated why guys can’t seem to understand girls better.

    I can very much feel how Shion, given her background, could’ve loved Satoshi so eagerly even if so blindly.

    PS: yes, it is that time of the month.

  40. ^ Don’t worry. The reoccuring message here is “Love makes us do crazy things”

  41. lol shion won the internet!

  42. This episode has made me a lot more secure in my “Its all a conspiracy/Nothing supernatural involved” theory. Traditional Japanese gods don’t make syringes appear, therefore Rika must be in on some sort of cabal, therefore there might be a rational explanation to her knowledge of future events.

  43. Let’s recap shall we?


  44. >> Let’s recap shall we?

    You basically cut and pasted my post and cut out the best joke? Snaaakes on a plane… *sigh*

  45. Would like to respond to the uber long post….

    Firstly in Higurashi there is always 2 sides to answering the mystery: Supernatural and Rational.

    So its like a lit arguement. To have a balanced point of view you have to argue from both sides. This is why Higurashi is good. It doesnt work on simply giving out clues for one side only.

    For example in Hinamatsubushi-hen we learn that Rika can forsee the future. But you gotta question whether she really can see the future.

    The Supernatural explaination to this is: Rika is a reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. Thus she is capable of seeing the future. Support for this includes how she is the last remaining member of the Furude Family, and she is also the shrine maiden for the Watanagashi festival. The reason she killed herself in Watanagashi-hen is because she cannot handle the stress of constantly changing between being Oyashiro-sama and a little girl.

    However the Rational explaination for this is: Tomitake has already visited Hinamizawa in the past, so saying “Tomitake N0.2” is not predicting the future directly. Also, we can see the Rika is present in most Sonozaki family meetings, so she could have done a huge deal of eves-dropping. From episode 20 we can see Rika’s true nature, and that allows us to say that Rika is extremely cunning in nature and probably has excellent acting skills. This all says that she could not be a reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama and she cannot predict the future. Thus she killed herself in Watanagashi/Meakashi-hen because she knew what the drug could do to her.

    If you look at both arguements, they are both possible but it isnt clear cut. This is what makes Higurashi an excellent anime, and not juz a cheap horror production.

  46. I would like to respond to that huge post up there by marmoo.

    Higurashi is a fascinating anime because nothing is clearcut in it. There are always 2 schs of thought to explain anything in Higurashi: the rational one and the supernatural one. Any apparent mystery in Higurashi can only be solved properly by forming a balanced arguement, much like in lit.

    For example lets look at the case of Rika. The normal supernatural arguement to her behaviour would be:

    She is a reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama, thus it is easy to explain why she can see the future. This is revealed in Hinamatsubushi-hen when she became really strange and kept revealing crap about people dieing. She probably killed her-self in Watanagashi/Meakashi-hen because she could not take the stress of switching between being Oyashiro-sama and a small girl. Further evidence for this includes how Hinamizawa is overun by the police or destroyed in Watangashi-hen and Tatarigoroshi-hen when Rika is killed. This supports how Rika is the guardian of Hinamizawa, because in Onikakushi-hen and Hinamatsubushi-hen when Rika is still alive, the village of Hinamizawa is not destroyed by the demons in the blood of the Sonozakis.

    However the rational explaination to Rika’s behaviour would be:

    She is extremely cunning little girl. We can see from Hinamtsubushi-hen that she probably attends most of the Sonozaki family meetings where she acts blur. This could be the source of her information for all the killings from eves-dropping, because she is always acting blur during the meetings so the Sonozakis dont suspect anything. To support her cunning nature, we can see in the earlier part of Watanagashi-hen that she “seduced” a boy so that she could get closer to winning the card game. She killed herself in Watangashi-hen/Meakashi-hen because she knew what the drug would do to her, but instead lied to Shion that she doesnt want her to toture her.

    As you can see both arguements are very feasible and it is very debatable as to what kind of person Rika is.

    This is what makes Higurashi an exceptional anime and not just some cheap horror/mystery production.

  47. I would like to reply to the above long post done by marmoo.

    Would like to say nothing in Higurashi is clearcut. There are always 2 schs of thought to solving a mystery in Higurashi: The supernatural one and the rational one. A well argued answer would actually consist of both sides, much like in lit.

    For example lets look at the case for Rika the SUPERNATURAL explaination for her behvaiour so far is that:

    She is a reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. This is very obvious from Hinmatsubushi-hen, and thus explains how she can forsee the future. This is supported by the fact that she is the last surviving member of the Furude household, and she is also the shrine maiden during the Watangashi festival. She killed herself in Watanagashi/Meakashi-hen because she could not handle the pressure of switching between being Oyashiro-sama and a small little girl. She is aware of things that cannot be explained, for example Keichii entering the festival storehouse. This is further strengthened by the fact that whenever Rika dies, Hinamizawa falls. So if the guardian is absent, the demons of the Sonozaki family will destroy Hinamizawa due to their instability. This is apparent in BOTH Watanagashi-hen and Tatarigorosihi-hen. After Rika died, the police stormed the Sonozaki household in Watangashi-hen. After Rika died, the gas fumes from the Onigafuchi swamp killed everyone except Keichii (we can say that Rika sacrificed herself to protect Keichii as a last ditch effort against the Sonozaki demons) in Tatarigoroshi-hen.

    However, the RATIONAL explaination is:

    Rika is an extremely cunning and intelligent little girl. She uses her small size and cute outer appearance to fool people in thinking the way she wants them to. She does not actually predict the future, but obtains her information by eves-dropping during Sonozaki family meetings which is also revealed in Hinamatusubushi-hen. She acts blur during these meetings so that the Sonozakis think she is unaware of anything. She deciphers what they say and is thus greatly disturbed due to her age. This thus makes her behave the way she does in Hinamatsubushi-hen (who is not afraid of dieing?). She kills herself in Watangashi/Meakashi-hen because she was aware of what the drug was going to do for her (rip out her own throat etc.), but lied to Shion that she does not want to be totured. Further evidence to support this includes how she used her cuteness to “seduce” a guy in order to come closer to winning a card game. She was clearly aware of this, back in Watanagashi-hen. Also if she is really a god, why does she have to kill Shion manually?

    As you can see from the above 2 arguements that nothing is clearcut in Higurashi, even close the end of an answer arc. This is what makes Higurashi an anime above the rest and not just a cheap horror production.

  48. anyone else notice the fact that the mion suit comes with it’s own complementory hand gun strapped around her left arm?

  49. eh sorry abt the duplicate posts… i tot it wasnt posted XD

  50. I hate Shion right now…..Rika is so sweet…she doesnt deserve that :(
    GRRRRRRRRR…..i will hunt down Shion and inject her….see how she likes it :S

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