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ENOZ Zone has various fan-created instrumental versions of God Knows, various YouTube clips, and lyrics/tabs for God Knows and Lost My Music. Their cover version of Densetsu no Mikuru-run is… uh… interesting [mirror for Mikuru mp3].

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  1. O__o

    Interesting… indeed…

    *Downloads all of them*

  2. my ears bleed after hearing this song…

  3. About Mikuru Densetsu: I got the feeling they were trying to fix something that is supposed to be enjoyed “broken”.


  4. I think we need a Kyon “Hmm, YEAH!” meme as the cover for the new Mikuru CD. Mi-mi-Mikuru BEAM!

  5. How does this sound? It’s a mix version of some tenor and squeaky pitches.

    ‘Mikuru Beeeeeemu!’
    (Koi no Mikuru Densetsu (TV Sized remix))

  6. Ha ha, the Legend of Asahina Mikuru sounded better when Yuko Goto sang it out of tune. Fixing it is just… Wrong.

  7. hmm for some reason I feel that God Knows could sound like an OP and Lost My Music could possibly be an ED for another season. It just has that feel and sound to it…

  8. I don’t think they tried to fix the Mikuru Song at all. In some of the covers, it sounds like they’re purposely singing crappily. Actually, I am sure of it. (Listening to it right now)

    I am strangely addicted to the real one and these covers. :3

    And I’m lovin’ the piano cover of God Knows…. I wish Parallel Days by Hirano Aya was used in the anime D:
    That’s an awesome song as well. (Just like Lost My Music and God Knows…)

  9. Oddly enough, I thought that Kaze Yomi Ribbon would be great as an anime OP as well.

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