sky girls 1

Ooh I wanna touch the sky /
I wanna fly so high /
Oooh I wanna satisfy /
I wanna make you cry


Sky Girls is a new OVA from JC Staff, and, uh, it’s premise is so ridiculous, I don’t know what exactly to say. It’s the classic, “Earth is under attack, and only three grade school girls can pilot Earth’s ultimate weapon: mobile suits. Only the girls must wear bikinis or plug suits at all times.” Instead of going down mindfuck lane with Evangelion and Rahxephon or romance angle like Iriya no Sora or even harem like Lime-iro Senkitan and Sakura Taisen, Sky Girls‘s strength is pure fanservice… and mindless entertainment.

Good: Karen
Better: Otoha
Best: Eika

The plot’s Yumaria-level bad… don’t expect much: Earth is ravaged during its war with the invaders, and now Earth employs grade school girls to do much of the fighting. While on alert near Japan, a warship encounters an alien. They try to beat it with traditional firepower but loses, so it is forced to deploy Eika, Otoha, and Karen– their Sky Girls. That’s basically it… mindless entertainment.

The creepy part is that they’re basically all surrounded by military guys… towards the end, one of the guys, Tachibana, tells Otoha that she did a good job in winning the battle, and she calls him a liar… but while they’re having this conversation, he’s totally checking her out. Then there’s the scene when command is deciding whether or not to deploy these loli test pilots, and they’re watching the girls in their swimsuits on the monitors.

Beyond lolis in bikinis and plug suits, there’s other stuff to like. Sky Girls has a fantastic VA cast. Ayako Kawasumi voices the Otoha, and Wilhelmina ‘s seiyuu voices Eika. Since they’re in the military, Eika does say “Youkai” quite a bit. Good times. Horie Yui even has a minor role as the megane bridge bunny. The animation is fluid (but below average for an OVA these days). Though it is not in widescreen for some odd reason… considering JC Staff’s other recent shows are all widescreen, I’m curious why Sky Girls isn’t.

The mecha design is ill-fitting. Not that they look awful, but they look more like they were created from an Erector set than being save-the-world worthy. (Reminds me of Virtual-On foor some weird reason.) World-saving mechs need to look, uh, more armored. They’re tossing out grade school girls… they’re not just barely wearing any clothing, they barely have any armor. I’m surprised that when Otoha got shot down, she didn’t lose a limb. Save-the-world mecha should look studier. Meaner too. Also, I love how such a small frame can toss out so many missiles. Oh, well, mindless entertainment… mindless melonpan.


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  1. We were busy tonight I see.

    The entire time I was watching it, every time anybody said “Otoha-san”, my brain had to cut in that they weren’t calling her “father,” though I really think that heightened my enjoyment of the show. That aside, JCStaff really does love their thighs, don’t they?

  2. Off topic: Did I miss something or has it already been mentioned somewhere, but the animation for Kanon 2006 is freakin orgasmic.

  3. im sleepy

  4. This stuff reminds me of when I first stumbled into anime & was discovering the different genres. Third time out I randomly picked up Idol Defense Force Hummingbird. Farewell, Kansas.

    And”Yumeria bad”? Ouch.

  5. uh..they are not grade schoolers.

    i was suprised to, but they are 16 year olds (karen and otoha) , while eika is 17.

    and apparently karen is somewhat of a mechanical genius – stuff i can pick up here and there from the anime.

    you can chek out their stats between minutes 11:07 till 11:52 ( the display of their stats on the first officer’s PDA)

  6. Widescreen version for the DVD?

  7. The proportion of mecha armour is relative to the hotness of the pilot’s physique. Hence, the less mecha armour there is, the more human female skin they’re able to show.

    Not that I’m complaining. :3 *looks forward to Strike Witches*

  8. >>That aside, JCStaff really does love their thighs, don’t they?

    Oddly enough, this reminds me of that Gadget Trial strategy/rpg. Moelicious girls strapped with the latest bleeding(?)-edge tech who kick butt.

    Cheers. :P

  9. this is so charlie’s angel with robots.. =X

  10. Do you know I think this is trying to bring a new aspect on the tentacle rape hentai stuff. This one of the pictures
    looks to me like nothing but mechanic reptiles doing it to the children (doesn’t matter what there stats say, they don’t look it, especially the girl in orange in that shot) from the back.

    I am sure it will fly off the shelves on that strenght alone *ubersarcastic mode off*

  11. The monster resorted to using hookshots (that didn’t explode) instead of body slamming that one lonely ship… and when it recovered when underwater, it could have easily subverted the ship from down under. As a matter of fact, they couldn’t have done anything if the monster stayed underwater and hookshotted the ship from there since it seems it really likes its hookshots.

    Oh well, I got my loli fill for today.

  12. i was spending half hr deciding wether to watch this (at the moment, since i obviously would watch it eventually), bt decided against it ~.~ but from the SS it seems i made the wrong choice ; ;

    Beowulf Says:
    August 27th, 2006 at 1:42:44 AM
    Off topic: Did I miss something or has it already been mentioned somewhere, but the animation for Kanon 2006 is freakin orgasmic.

    yeah i did somewhat in the 4in1 post a couple days back

  13. Damn, now I have to make a really difficult decision.

    Should I waste around 20 minutes of my life to watch a bland plot filled with tons of loli fanservice?

    I think I’ll go for it. ^^

  14. >> That aside, JCStaff really does love their thighs, don’t they?

    Thigh meat: the other moe meat.

    >> The proportion of mecha armour is relative to the hotness of the pilot’s physique.

    Funny thing is that Giroro told Natsumi that “the closer you are to being nude, the stronger you get” when she asked why Powered Natsumi wears a swimsuit.

    >> Widescreen version for the DVD?

    This is the DVD version.

    >> uh..they are not grade schoolers.

    And Shana is 500 years old.

    >> i was spending half hr deciding wether to watch this

    You could have just watched this in that half an hour. o_O

  15. hmmm… does this thing have any subtitles?

  16. Is loli the new “it”? Washboard jailbaits left and right in the recent shows, and taking the leads in many of them. What happened to the melonpan love? If we had a Love Hina remake, would Naru be as endowed as Shana?

    This and the Yaoi explosion, guess I can’t keep up with the times…

  17. if we had a love hina remake we would have tons of shinobu

  18. @ zomglazerzpewpewpew:

    Theres really no need, its lolis and mechas, use your imagination.

  19. “the closer you are to being nude, the stronger you get”

    That was the rule in Ultimate Girl as well.

  20. Well, just watched it.

    Not bad, but these girls still have nothing on Nanoha when it comes to aerial dogfighting.

  21. Laaaaaaaaaaaame. I want my mecha musume to be fuckin’ creepy, like a loli with a Kriegsmarine battleship coming out of her ass. Lolis pilotting the powerlifter from Aliens isn’t good enough!

  22. Wow, I guess they chucked the defensive armor idea out the window when they constructed those things. ^^;

  23. What! you have not heard of Cheesecake of Protection +5?
    It’s a rule, the cuter the female character, the better their protection improves with more skin showing.

    Don’t expect plot…. this was a quick couple of Yen for the voice actors.

  24. I’m late in saying this, but it must be said nevertheless:


  25. okay, i’m watching this now =)

  26. Shuei Approves

  27. When you title this post “Sky Girls 1”, do you imply that further installments are planned already? Not that the end of the episode left us with any sense of completion, but the website doesn’t seem to confirm whether more is to be expected, let alone give an ETA.

    Which is a shame, really, because I absolutely loved that half hour of unadulterated loli fanservice (they found a way to make me watch a mecha show and actually enjoy every bit of bit; that’s quite a feat), and really wouldn’t mind some MOAR. Come on JC Staff, I don’t care about plot, just bring on the lolis!

  28. uh…i dont really post anything so i dont really know what to say…but can someone please tell me where i can watch the ova with english subtitles? i’ve looked on “Veoh” and “Youtube” and i have searched google also…so can someone please tell me?

  29. @Ciana

    Yeah, try looking for a torrent, I would suggest Froth-bite, they have a good fan sub

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